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The Magical Child in Exile. Why does the Creative Well-being run dry?

Posted by carolom on June 21, 2017

E6FFE33C-344B-40D9-BB71-356EB888D386Every child is born an artist, the problem is how to remain one. Pablo Picasso

The Magical Child in Exile is a dramatised story written for people who have yet to reclaim their creative Magical Child in order to experience the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of the naturally free flowing creative state.

While the story makes sweeping statements about  the competitive education system for the purpose of dramatising the impact of how we can lose  connection to our innately creative state, I would  like  to acknowledge the wise, creative, fun loving  teachers who recognise that creativity should not be left behind in the eclectic  gallery of  kindergarten and  continue to value it as an important component of the learning process. These teachers  are the gate keepers for the Artists Soul.

Where does the unlimited imagination, the energy creativity and passion of childhood go? 

The Magical Child in Exile

Once upon a time there was a Magical Child who loved to draw and dance and sing and paint and laugh and play. Some days the Magical Child just twirled and swirled in circles for the sheer pleasure of it all.

The Magical Child even had an invisible friend and all the grown ups thought that was very cute, just as cute as when the Magical Child played ‘make believe’ and “I can do and be any thing”.When the Magical Child was sad, tears flowed. When the Magical Child was happy, laughter cascaded.

When the Magical Child was angry there were big yells and sometimes a full-body splat onto the ground as the tsunami of outrage and disappointment is just too much for a  little person to contain. However as soon as the moment was processed the discordant energy left their body leaving the cells free to breathe and grow and remain in their healthy natural state.

But by and bye-bye something happened one day!

The Magical Child was in the midst of telling one of the grown up’s about a funny little make believe story when the grown up said, stop being silly! You can’t keep pretending like that! You are a big girl now! 

They had said the same thing to her brother not so long ago. You are a big boy now. Stop crying. You’re not a baby! STOP IT.”

The Magical Child was shocked and her shock was accompanied by an unpleasant feeling inside of her tummy that took a long time to go away. It was a shaming,  conforming moment. A matter of fact moment that began to alter the course of the Magical Childs life forever.

A shaming moment that would seep into the recesses of the subconscious mind and like a noxious weed, eventually choke the fertile magic-making  soil as surely as if a nuclear land scape  had been dropped in the new’clear landscape of the Childs mind.

And so it began. The artist, the story teller, the dancer , the scribe, the prophet , the mystic all living and breathing through the imagination  – the I’magi’nation-  of the Magical Child was told to stop!   Be quiet!  Don’t dance on there you’ll fall!   Sit down.   Don’t be silly.   Stop fidgeting.  Stop asking so many questions!   STOP!

On and on the commands continued. All the way through school where the Magical Child was now only permitted to create only between 10 am and 11 am (art lesson), to tell stories between 2 and 3 on Tuesdays. (English lesson). Creating whilst remaining as motionless as humanly impossible.  Stop fidgeting! Stop day dreaming! Pay attention! A’tension indeed!

Facing the front board, often bored inside of a square box   they called a room, a box  where whirling, twirling, playfulness no longer came through the door,  banned from ever mentioning invisible friends lest you invite the horrors of medication and mislabeling before you have even learnt how to tie your shoes up properly, the Magical Children sought to become what was expected of them and learn about things beyond their Magical, creative realm.

The Magical Child quickly learnt not to show sadness, anger or confusion and to repress inappropriate eruptions of joy, fear or insecurity in the class room.

Of course eventually the Magical Child stopped completely. Making sure instead to h~o~l~d~It~In!! Sit Still! Eyes to the front…STOP whispering, laughing, talking. Stop. Stop. Stop.

A kind of who-I-Am-amnesia set in.

Forgetting about the art, the magic, the songs, the dances and the stories and instead replaced those Magical currents with learning the things that the teacher insisted was important to their current learning, competing with the other lost Magical Children in the sports yard, in the academic arena and eventually in the work place. If they were able to still function that is.
Magical Children are resilient and they are able to forget if it means freedom from the shaming, the naming, the labeling and the ire of the grown ups but some succumbed to their true self in spite of the challenges and sometimes became known as disruptive, troubled learner, withdrawn , different and uncooperative and  other such names that reveal an inability to conform to the lost-Magic around them.

So was born the latest generation of leaders, lost Magical Children, who will perpetuate the lost-magic and creativity of the system. A system saturated with lost Magical Children, living unreal lives, not even realising – real’eyesing – that who they have become is not who they were meant to be.

Not. who. they. were. meant. to. be.

Many of the Magical Children, now groan-ups themselves are still h-o-l-d-i-n-g—i-t—-i-n. It is not surprising many of the once-magical-minds of the grown up’s  became choked with the weeds of mental illness, alcoholism, drug dependency, neurosis, psychosis, anger, depression, boredom and frustration, competition and back biting and preoccupation with celebrity lives and drama!

Magical Children are full of pure, free flowing creative energy and energy can not be destroyed, it simply transforms, turning toxic, creating tragic from the magic.

Millions of grown up’s are lost Magical Children in varying degrees of exile though a few do escape and return to their natural state I hear. Perhaps this is  why a nation can be preoccupied reality television and obsessed with the lives of the stars! The gods and goddesses of magic and creativity who not only stayed connected to make believe and pretend but are richly rewarded for doing so. They delight audiences who sit still in their chairs, immersed in intrigue and adoration, seeing the world of possibility in the magic-mirror of television.

No longer creating and producing their own stories and art and dance, the need for fantasy and magic nevertheless remains ever strong. Indeed when Magical Children in exile see others leading a “magical life” something within their own self may yearn to return to that place of Magic, creativity and infinite potential for love and connection.

How many people are sighing their day away, feeling that something is missing not realising that ‘Something’ is their free flowing creative Self. It even has been given names the mid life crisis  and the seven year itch and finding meaning and purpose in life.

Like the kind of meaning and purpose we knew as creative children.

Sadly though the lost story teller may now be churning out reams of tragic rather than experiencing that once familiar creative magic. Workplace gossip, chaos and unhappy relationships, forever telling wounded story teller tales to friends and family, occasionally plummeting into the deepest chasms of depression and despair, overwhelmed by the tragedy of an uninspired life.

Depression is on the rise in the western world and there must be a reason why.

I know a lost artist who now  obsessively cleans a clean house and a former magical child inventor who  weeds a weed less garden seeking to create something of note in their world, processing those ever-flowing creative energies towards their small boxed in life.

If it is true that in order to experience heaven one must become like a little child then it might well be that the Magical Children who are no-longer-in-exile, those who have recovered from the amnesia and remembered who I Am, will be the ones to remind us  how to begin the wonderful journey back to our authentic, creative  self and to reclaim what was always within.

After all the word reclaim is simply the word miracle in anagram disguise!



27 Responses to “The Magical Child in Exile. Why does the Creative Well-being run dry?”

  1. Carol, great synergy here! Reclaim/Miracle–WONDERFUL!

  2. carolom said

    Thankyou and You are welcome….

    MIRACLE is also an anagrOm of :

    MIRACLES occur when “I’M~CLEAR” about Who I~Am…and RECLAIM my co-creative Divine Self…….;-)

  3. Sangita B. said

    thanks for the information its very helpful
    check my alcoholism related site http://alcoholism.20m.com

  4. Beautiful, and so true; I will be passing this lind on to another OM friend, Tee, dear Carol. Nice to know your other name, too. Outstanding blog. I love the cloud photos, love you, dearheart.

  5. carolom said

    Glad you enjoyed the piece Lynn and Welcome form Daily Om….see…my name really Is OMer!….;)

    So you can imagine how delighted I was to see everyone over on Daily OM refer to one another as OMers…
    Thanks for calling by…..

  6. Parise said

    I was so captured not only by your creative writing, but by the truthfulness of this Magical Child blog!
    I went ahead and forward it to all the people I know including my two teenagers.

    Not too long ago, I would have shed a tear as I saw myself completely as this Magical child that had lived an exile live for quite a long time. But I didn’t. Could it be that I’ve returned from this amnesia and have also forgiven myself for failing to see the Magical Child in my children? I think I have as in the past 7 months – after viewing the Secret – I’m more and more in tune with what I want and am now progressively “attracting” opportunities…of reminding others that the answers are in fact within. (that is my soul’s purpose..that I know for sure)

    Quite a peaceful thought…I appreciate you bringing this beautiful energy my way…or did I attract it..hee, hee.


  7. Grace said

    Thank Godd for all the wonderful healing modalities out there to help us recognize and embrace our Magical children…including writing such as this. AWESOME post!

  8. JD said

    Beautiful piece of work Yami!!



  9. carolom said

    Thank you so much Parise, Grace, JD and Serenielle…;)

    I have sometimes thought that if I was to make my exit from this world and someone said…”You can leave just ONE piece of your heART work behind for others”…it would be The Magical Childin Exile…

    I say that because it is a piece that has inspired both Mothers AND Fathers to say to me:
    “I know I have been shaming my childs Magic without realising it…but now I know differently…”

    To me, that is the greatest gift ever…to be able to make a difference for the Children.

    We are indeed all ONE…ONEderful!

    Welcome back from the Who I~AM~AMnesia to us ALL!


  10. muriella said

    Very moving…thanks for the comment you left on my site

  11. Jo said

    I have always felt that most of my days as a child in Catholic school damaged my inner child and changed me into a very shy and unhappy person later in high school. When I was just in third grade, as I was sitting in class a kid sitting across from me burped out loud, this caused me to do something really bad , I giggled, as kids normally react to others burping. The nun saw me smile and assumed that I made the burp sounds. She dragged me out to the hallway and asked me if I made the burping sound. I said no, it was the truth and felt no shame or fear. That was until she slapped me, full hand, across my face so hard I was lifted off my feet. She then grabs me with both hands ,shakes me and proceeds to slap me just as hard as she could a couple more times. For no reason , because someone burped and I laughed at it. I became damaged , , I learned how to feel afraid and ashamed to smile.

  12. carolom said

    You are most welcome Muriella….thankyou for your link.

    Jo the wonderful thing about realising…Real~eyesing…..that we are Magical Children in Exile, is that we can begin to plany and play our way back to where we started, before the pain and shaming an ddisconnection began.

    Holding a strong Thought for you Jo for the peaceful recovery of your Magical Child who is emerging from exile….

  13. Claudia said

    Hello and thank you for your Magical Child piece and your thoughts on losing our child-like qualities throughout life.
    Having two beautiful girls, 26 and 23 years ago, brought so many memories back of childhood; swinging, flying kites and blowing bubbles. What a wonderful time. But these two girls had to grow up and both live away, and it is hard at first and you find yourself an adult and married to the same gentleman for 32 years. I had to find it again for myself. I buy flowers for my living room, buy bubbles, give away angel stones, and love to giggle as often as possible.

    Its too bad that some of us have to lose that child-like quality, thru’ schooling, working etc. It really is a blessing if we can re-discover it.

    Thank you – I needed to read this!..We have had a legal battle going on in our home regarding our property for two years and I strive to keep that child alive in myself thru’ all the bankers and lawyers.

    I discovered you thru’ the Secret Scrolls..once again, God bless and thank you!

    Claudia Sutton
    Forget-me-Not Herbs n’ Flowers
    Summer’s Garden Aromatherapy
    Ontario Canada

  14. Michael Henning said

    Thank you Carol,

    This about says it all- its starts with the normative abuse against us a magical children and it rarely stops – to break out of this conditioning is akin to trying to run in wet cement.Its taken me 10 years of all sorts of therapy to find my way back to this magic.



  15. jayne said

    I loved the magical child in exile.
    I could almost feel my inner child as it slipped away as I grew up, leaving me empty and useless. I don’t think I can get that feeling back, not how it was. But we can substitute it with other passions. Mine is knowledge, I crave to expand my knowledge of everything that takes my interest, that’s how I ended up here. I can live some of my childhood again through my children by going skateboarding which I didn’t do as a child and roller skating that I thoroughly enjoyed as a child. I think the most important thing that we lose as we get older is our ability to take a risk. Take a risk, try something, you never know you might just have fun again……

  16. Monique (Monafee) said

    I loved it to to read , also what i was reading by Jayne Says, i see that learning each day something new is a way for me to feel good, and kinda of passion aldo i am not sure it doesnt give me that feeling of bliss to do nothing and be with the magical child in me.

    i see or maybe would like to see your story in book with pictures ART

    smile So more children will be reached
    thank you again
    Monafee Monk ( that was my nickname by my beloved teacher in my childhood that i had one year
    when i was 7 years old

    leaving you with

    chocolate from heaven
    ( free off charge and no calories)

  17. Kym said

    Carol, thanks for sharing this with me, it was wonderful! I am always apologizing to my husband because I am, truly, a child who never grew up! I sing loud and offkey, I still play with bubbles, when we walk if there is a cut off tree stump or big rock, I have to climb it! I cherished my children’s childhood as it let me be a child again….and I absorbed and adored every minute of theirs for the precious gift it was! After reading your blog, I realize how lucky I am and instead of apologizing for the child in me, I am going to embrace her and let her sing even more loudly and offkey! You were, truly, a Godsend to me today! Isn’t it funny how things like this work? Much love, Kym

  18. angelina said

    Carol,you know sometimes the magical child peeks through the armor which is adult stiffness, in particular, I see this when adults are around their parents. Fortunately, I think for me, being the second youngest of 16 children, and the youngest girl in a family of ten brothers, I found no matter how old I was my family always saw me as a kid. And in turn I acted like one, being silly, spontaneous, and creative. The humor happens sometimes in the most unusual places, and circumstances. One time one of my brothers called me at work, I was working with the Government, and without thinking he starting, (he always started his calls to me this way) “Who’s Canada’s sweetest baby girl?” What he did not know was that the phone was on speaker and I was in a meeting with some very high level officials. After that I was the baby girl of the office even though I was the boss. When I think about certain incidents I realize that the energy in that space flows easily between everyone. And showing the child in you is always good for the soul.

  19. it is a great idea to take your kids in art lesson workshops because it helps them develop ‘

  20. liv said

    Thank you, you said so many wise things.

  21. R. Bowen said

    Quite beautiful.

  22. […] Read this story and see if you might actually just be a Magical Child in Exile? https://carolom.wordpress.com/2007/01/02/the-magical-child-in-exile/ […]

  23. Paul said

    This summarises what is wrong with a world image based on survival of the fittest and praising competition above cooperation. This speaks to me on so many levels – I meet so many people who are searching for that magic again. I discovered an organisation that deals with parenting magical children and they rock- http://www.Babiesknow.com mostly work out of London but they are coming to bath- yay! I am going to start a magical school…

  24. Sandy Barber said

    I’m so happy to read this
    I was in a meeting the other and after discussing things I came to the conclusion that we have forgotten how to learn through play and experiment due to the enforced rules of compulsory schooling not the there is anything wrong with school in itself but the structure is one of competition not participation
    It is my belief that we learn best through doing and speaking with give life to word through our breath
    Our bodies are nothing without the breathe that’s why it’s called the breathe of life
    We need to go back to the child within and learn who we were born to be
    The answers are within us
    Lets stop con forming and start living from within

  25. Lynda said

    I always thought I was magical when I was young and I have the feeling I still am deep down. Thanks Carol for the wonderful story.

  26. Kelly Wiseman said

    Fabulous reflection of truth! Let us help everyone reclaim their magical selves.

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