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Yami and Purrl fighting for Gold!

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2007

In my Christmas Day blog I posted an image of my Boy~Cat~Yami and his new found pleasure of laying on the discarded gold-paper wrapping.
Click here to see him..

Purrl, the ragamuffin little Girl~ Cat has been watching with interest every time he moves because the paper is very crinkley and captures the light at certain angles.
Purrl is not much older than a kitten and Yami has 15 years on her…so she is definitely not the alpha~Girl she would like to be in their cat~pack of two.

Yami left the lounge room earlier and Purrl took the opportunity to pounce on to his golden~throne…

I knew that as soon as Yami returned to the room and saw Purrly in his spot, there would be one of those psychic dramas that only cats can do….lots of staring with ears flat and furrowed fur~brow and tail flashing…and as soon as I leave the room Yami would pounce her and evict her from his spot.

Purrl was purring way too much for me to be able to evict her, so I acted quickly and put out a new throne for Yam…

He came in shortly after and surveyed the couch…jumped onto the new Gold cushion and lay there staring at Purrly anyway, tail flashing and furrowed brow!
I think he realised it was not his original cushion because there were no crinkly bits on there…and it was at the wrong end of the couch!

People who live with two strong willed felines will understand the politcats of this post!

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A Bush Picnic for Boxing Day…

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2007

We decided to spend Boxing Day in the hills around Adelaide and went to Para Wirra (a word made up from two Aborginal [Kaurna]  words meaning ‘water’ and ‘forest’). 

We encountered an Emu, a Kangaroo (look closely in the photo for the ‘roo who was watching us from the bushes)…a Duck who had me eating out of her hand…a big Lizard Rock…

With yummy~delicacies picnic of  Christmas left overs and a thermos of tea and coffee..Sal and I spent the day breathing the Eucalyptus air of the Australian bush.

I was in London a few years ago for the ice~Christmas and would not trade the ‘traditional Christmas’ climate when we can enjoy salads, stone fruits, sea food and crisp cool wine for Christmas down~under!…

This is  the Lizard Rock Story:

Sal in the ‘mouth’ of the Lizard… 

Kangaroo keeping an eye on us from behind the bushes…kangaroo.jpg  

Very Big Emu casually strolling across the car park on the way to the bushes on the other side…

Gorgeous and not-scared-of-humans Duck joined us for lunch…

 Duck was so cool and relaxed that she even took to jumping off the ground to reach the bread I held up for her!

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Peace, Prosperity, Passion and Power~of~Love for 2008

Posted by carolom on December 25, 2007

May all your Dreams Come True…Christmas 2007


Mum and Dad…50 years married and still laughing and playing together…

Our beautiful twins…my Niece and Nephew..Ben and Louise…born in 1989 bringing infinite Love into our Family…

Louise and Aunty Carol

Ben and Aunty Carol

My lovely sister Chris and her gorgeous partner Greg..

Ben and Grandma fought over the Kris Kringle Bubble Maker…Ben overpowered Grandma with his youthful zest but Grandma put up a good fight!

And my gorgeous old, beautiful cat Yamatji (Yami) found a piece of discarded wrapping paper and settled down for a looong nap -as cats do! 15 years old, blind in one eye, Yami moved from the gold-wrapping long enough to munch on prawn scraps and ham-skin before returning to his crinkly-gold cushion where he remains as we speak!    

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Woo~Hoo! I won an I~Pod Shuffle

Posted by carolom on December 18, 2007

We were all given a lucky ticket when we entered “Interact”…  and I thought….stated, decreed AND affirmed……. “I am going to win…I am going to win”!!

(Interact is  a very well catered for technology and media industry event here in Adelaide) 

When they came to draw the door prize I focused my attention on the ticket-basket   ((((@>@))))   and repeating  “Lavendar Ticket 15…Lavendar Ticket 15”  When the m.c. called out  “Ticket no 15….Lavendar”… I said  “YES THAT’S ME!!”…(and noticed he said it the wrong way round!)

My co-I~pod winner on the left there was also very pleased with her I~Pod shuffle but the Wine winning chap behind us was not so satisified (despite his winning smile) and spent quite some time trying to convince one of us to do a swap. 

No siree…a swap was not in my “I win the shuffle plan!”…….;-)  


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Creating Art in Hospitals…

Posted by carolom on December 15, 2007

A large part of my life is spent creating Art with people who are walking the journey of healing and recovery I experience  first hand the power of ART as a vehicle for connection and change.  

I came across the following video created by the Foundation for Hospital Art…it is an inspiring and up lifting testimony to not only the power of ART …but the necessity for people to have a creative, uplifting outlet during times of trials and tribulations…  and this includes the Staff as well as the patients / clients!

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Farewell Beloved Apricot Tree…

Posted by carolom on December 15, 2007

Christmas down under is defined by sun, stone fruits, sand and summer…

In the garden of the now-vacant house next door a wonderful 60 year old Apricot Tree, planted just after the war, has produced magnificent organic, juicy fruit for the ten years I have lived here..Sal has made many pots of jam and apricot deserts (all women should have a man who has his own set of cookbooks!) …and the abundance of rich, chemical free fruit has been something I look forward to from September onwards once the leaves have returned and the tiny fruit buds begin to erupt all over the Tree in late winter.

Unfortunately the Apricot Tree has been slowly dying….a branch here and another branch there…it seemed that this would be the last crop and I watched as the remaining branches became heavier and heavier with the summer bounty.Just when the fruit was about two weeks away from ripening…CRASH!!…down came the branches, too heavy for the old dried trunk to support.You can see how it looks here… 


 Well in a true demonstration of Mother Natures resilience and in spite of the split where the branch meets the trunk, the limb has stayed alive, the leaves still green and shiny and even though the fruit is on the ground it is still ripening. Tonight we gathered two big buckets with more to come over the next few days.Sal made that yummy desert, ‘Kafootie’ (not sure how to spell it…it is an apricot and creamy-egg pancake type mix, cooked in the oven and served with cream).I have great sentiment and appreciation for this dying fruit tree, it featured in our first short film and has weathered many storms, including unruly tenants who neglected to prune and a dry winter with less water than years passed.I gave the Apricot Tree a heart felt hug this afternoon and when I stepped back over my side of the fence…something caught my eye!  This is what it was: 


A tiny little new Apricot Tree (and another a few feet away), sprouting unexpectedly in my garden, birthed by the big old Mother Apricot tree leaving a reminder that death is indeed a new beginning and the passing of anyone or anything is simply a ripple in the Ocean where we are all interconnected at the deepest level…I will miss this wonderful old Tree creaking alongside my fence line and producing tiny golden “suns” like clockwork in late December…

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Aboriginal Elders in Australia are calling to the world for help…

Posted by carolom on December 9, 2007

Thankyou to filmmaker Sinem Saban – for empowering the voices of Aboriginal Australia that are not being heard…

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