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Parents influence on a Childs Reality….

Posted by carolom on November 25, 2006

An event occured recently when I observed a gorgeous little girl carefully and with focus carrying two empty glasses to the counter in a busy cafe……a demonstration of her willingness to help and show her capabilities as little kids like to do….We are coded to serve yet often over the pathway of years, the external world can negatively impact our core impulse…but it is deep within us to contribute…little children yearn to ‘help’….

I was right there with the little girl, supporting her energetically…seeing her successfully navigating through the lines of tables and we were going really well until her mother spotted her and called out. in a shrill voice with tsunami-type currents…:


Crash!!..smash!! Her mothers shrieking voice cut through her focus and concentration in an instant.

“SEE!!…….I TOLD you you would drop them naughty girl…now come and sit back down’

……..and so….and SEW… the little girl, only a few minutes ago SO confident of her abilities and focused on her vision of the glasses reaching the counter safely, now sat small in her chair, immersed in the feelings of clumsiness and swamped with shame”…

Parents. Dicing with their child’s inner peace and often oblivious to the impact of their projected expectation for ‘disaster’.
We are both the dice and the hand that rolls the dice...

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The Art of Change….what IS that about?

Posted by carolom on November 24, 2006

During these time of transition and change…many people are seeking answers…
Here is a poster I created to depict where some of the answers lay..
Unity in Community Unity……Connection…..Oneness

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