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Woo~Hoo! I won an I~Pod Shuffle

Posted by carolom on December 18, 2007

We were all given a lucky ticket when we entered “Interact”…  and I thought….stated, decreed AND affirmed……. “I am going to win…I am going to win”!!

(Interact is  a very well catered for technology and media industry event here in Adelaide) 

When they came to draw the door prize I focused my attention on the ticket-basket   ((((@>@))))   and repeating  “Lavendar Ticket 15…Lavendar Ticket 15”  When the m.c. called out  “Ticket no 15….Lavendar”… I said  “YES THAT’S ME!!”…(and noticed he said it the wrong way round!)

My co-I~pod winner on the left there was also very pleased with her I~Pod shuffle but the Wine winning chap behind us was not so satisified (despite his winning smile) and spent quite some time trying to convince one of us to do a swap. 

No siree…a swap was not in my “I win the shuffle plan!”…….;-)  


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