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An Ode to Creativity…

Posted by carolom on May 11, 2012

*Dedicated to Dr Jean Houston in Celebration of her 75th Birthday. Teacher my Teacher we danced in your Mystery School Class Room and New Possibilities were born.
Thankyou from the bottom of my ‘art.

An Ode to Creativity:

I have been tantalised by Creativity

Titillated, tickled, tricked and traumatised

by Creativity

Creative impulses have exalted, uplifted, transported, supported, delighted

and  then simply disappeared!

I have been courted and caught

and taught by that Invisible Force

In fact Creativity often visited me in the night whilst I was sleeping

It breathed magic into the mundane and tragic into some old pain

as I tossed and turned in my bed

of nails

And then it left, just before I awoke

like a one night stand who crept away before I could discover his last name,

leaving my room sparkling with the cryptic presence of that which was both

delightful and desperate at the same time


On Full Moon time, Creativity was a brilliant orb, sending tides of possibility

crashing upon each and every neuron

or not

After all Creativity is a close cousin of

exasperation exaggeration and expectation

and not a predictable relative at that.

Alas pre-Moonstrual tension has been known to send the ungrounded Soul

into a spin of restlessness culminating by a kind of lunacy

ah what might that old Luna see?


On a warm summers day Creativity is a fuzzy peach on a purple beach

and nothing makes sense to senses on fire that are crackling with words like

incense and desire

timeless love that will expire

Room for rent in a Mind for hire


There was a time, during the on again off again stage of our relationship

when neither of us were truly committed

and  Creativity and I parted ways

I had a fling with Apathy, that promiscuous partner who seems to demand far more

than what is given

It was a dark day of the summer of discontent and Apathy kept me very  busy crying and sighing

oh how I yearned for Creativity’s tenuous embrace

But then I awoke one day – Yes THE Awakening

and I found that Creativity had glued itself to my lungs and & every breath was like a brand new  Thought.

I breathed a sigh of relief…

From those tumultuous days of high tides and low rides in an ocean of Creative  uncertainty

We have found a new place

We set up home together

We are – dare I say and tempt fate – Happily Married


Tempted by no other  although Apathy has tried to come knocking once or twice.

Snug and perhaps some what smug in one another arms we have long passed the

I love you- I hate you- I can’t live with you- Can’t live without you phase that had us fazed

The illusions have passed and we have birthed


ruminations and


brought to life so effortlessly

no longer relying on cheap red wine, that elixir of creative angst and discontent

a familiar friend when drama and chaos seemed like the necessities of a Creative mind and altered state

As a committed couple who have worked out our differences, we truly understand one another now.

Resilient companions we know each has our own season and cycle, brilliant fruits, breath taking foliage, prickled thorns and tenacious weeds.

A garden we are co-creating together no longer baring pitch forks ready to spar!


Contrary to The Secret that whispered & shouted to millions “I AM the Creator” in my life

I have been joyously, painfully, recklessly, relentlessly shown -at long last-

that life here on Earth is  a co-creative journey!

Sigh. I don’t have to do it all alone and make it all happen anymore.

I never did of course but thats what The Secret said.

And no longer do I  lobby invisible Angels

or thank them for not answering my prayers during desperate heart and troubled mind times

because I know that Creativity is the life force and it is in every cell of existence

as we inhale and exhale one another through the eons of Time

Indeed we are Creations born of Creator

here to Create

so I no longer wrestle with trying to create that which is not yet ready to be born

or trying to Create with all what I think I know

I simply immerse myself, bask, swim & luxuriate in the

Creative Flow.


Yes I awoke one day and Creativity had glued itself to my lungs

slid down through the tendons of my arms,

moved into the muscles of my imagination and

proposed to me.

Of course I said “I Do”….

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He had a Vision & he knew he alone would have to make his leap into the Unknown…

Posted by carolom on May 6, 2012

This is a Story about a little cat with a Big Dream.

He knew there was more to life than the single beam he was walking on. So he walked forth with determination!

Alas at the end of his walk he came to a great canyon and he knew he had to make a decision…

If he did not cross over, he would forever remain on the shed most travelled…

So, like all catalysts of change who had travelled before him he leapt forth, keeping his eyes on the destination, ignoring the cold cruel concrete canyon below him.

Focus. Vision. Courage. These were the things that propelled him forth.

He landed safely, a little shaken but nevertheless happy that he had crossed the seemingly impossible divide.

Alas, once he reached his destination all was not what it seemed.

It was in fact a dead end. A flat expanse surrounded not by trees and balls of wool and fields of possibilities…

There was instead a thick concrete wall that prevented him galloping over the next shed shaped hill!

He was disappointed.       He miaow miaow miaowed in sorrow.

And his miaows attracted the attention of a young woman who was doing some traveling of her own.

Of course she offered to help him.

And at first he reached out to accept the help that she offered him.

But then, like Simba who has remembered something the Lion King  had whispered to him….

…he stepped back from her outstretched hands, determined to make this unexpected leap on his own, just like the first one.

It had given him assurance to know a stranger has offered to help him but he knew he had to refuse her good hearted offer.

“Please., let me help you ” she implored, her own hands now stretched open wide like a human trampoline, ready to break his fall.

“Please leave” he said “Go now…I must do this alone”.

So she left, a bit relieved truth be known as it had started raining and she had answered his miaw miaow miaow without her slippers on.

When she left he took a big breath and leapt forth…

He landed safely.

This had been a big adventure.

A day of taking risks, of contemplation and following Dreams.

A day rich in the kindness of strangers, the audacity to leap beyond the known.

And perhaps most importantly it had been a day when he realised that one cat /persons rubbish bin is anothers Victory.

Such is the nature of the ambiguity of Success….

That night he fell into a deep deep sleep, exhausted after the roller coaster of exhilarating possibilities and devastating disappointments.

And in his Dreams, he was back up on that beam, King of His Destiny. A little furry guy with the world at his paws.

His name is Junipurr. He asked me to share his story so that others may also  have the courage to follow  their dreams, to accept the kindness of strangers

….and to know when you must do what needs to be done without a safety net to catch you…

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