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Sun Dried Tomatoes ~ It’s as Simple as That!

Posted by carolom on February 6, 2011

Our Summer garden has erupted with tomatoes, beans, potatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce and lots of herbs and our first crop of grapes and figs.
Late rains, lots of sun and Sal’s Gardeners know-how has resulted in a rich blessing of organically grown vegetables.

I didn’t know that it is very easy to make sun dried tomatoes. We had our first small plate of them this weekend and have made some more.
I will update the photos as the tomatoes begin to dry.

All that is needed is:

Tomatoes, a knife, a tray and some salt


Wash the tomatoes…


Cut them in half longways, leaving them joined at the bottom


Sprinkle the tomatoes  evenly with salt.

Do they make your mouth water? It’s hard not to eat them when you are salting them…


Find a sunny spot in the garden and the sun will evaporate their moisture over  the next few days.


On the third day the two trays have shrunk to one and we can see the tomatoes begin to look like the Sun Dried Tomatoes they are becoming…


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