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Cultural exploitation and the white-washing of traditional practices and tools…

Posted by carolom on August 31, 2008

I saw the following image in the entrance  of a major clothing store a couple of weeks ago.

Pale, thin expressionless mannequins dressed in clothing that is supposed to be Native American, surrounded by Dreamcatchers and ‘teepees’…

The scene caught my eye because it captured so well the normalising of the exploitation of Indigenous / First Nations cultures, so rich in art, craft, mythology, spirituality, law, culture and history but seen only for the commercial profits that can be generated by selling as a gimmick something that has no connection to the Culture what-so-ever…

Tall, thin white-women dressed as how Native Americans are interpreted through European eyes is guaranteed a “no sale’ for this blogger!

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Makinti Napanangka wins top Indigenous art prize

Posted by carolom on August 16, 2008

Winner … Makinti Napanangka (AAP: Paul Exline)

An artist from the Kintore community west of Alice Springs has won the country’s richest Indigenous art prize.

The winners of this year’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award were announced at the Museum and Art Gallery in Darwin last night.

Thousands of people converged on the gallery to celebrate the award’s 25th anniversary.

Makinti Napanangka from Kintore won the top $40,000 prize for her painting on linen.

The $4,000 general painting award went to Doreen Reid Nakamarra from Western Australia for her painting about a rockhole.

Last year’s top award winner Dennis Nona from the Torres Strait Islands won the Works on Paper prize.

More than 300 art works were entered in this year’s award and around 100 pieces which made the final cut are on display at the Museum and Art Gallery in Darwin until October.

Hetti Perkins from the Art Gallery of New South Wales helped judge this year’s collection.

Ms Perkins says the winning painting has a lot in common with the artist.

“It’s very dynamic and charismatic and I have to say that she, from what I know about her, Makinti is very like that,” she said.

“She’s quite elderly now but I think her enthusiasm for art making remains undiluted.”


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My Niece Louise reminds me…

Posted by carolom on August 14, 2008

…that youth is passion and that anything is possible……

Louise reminds me of what a wonderful Mother my sister is and what a great man she chose in her husband Wayne… and how the arrival of Louise and her twin brother Ben moved our family to a whole new place of insight and love that is such a long way from the post-war life of our parents era…

…and what a wonderful ‘Nan’ and ‘Grandad’ our parents have become…

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I LOVE books…so this was such a great sight!

Posted by carolom on August 5, 2008

I was born into a book loving family…which is very fortunate as my parents were born into the low-to-no-opportunities of a northern English factory town where education often stopped very early in life and menial work began.
Neither of my parents had the opportunity for higher education but that did not stop them from reading, learning, reading, learning…and passing on the passion for books to us..crossword puzzles, scrabble, big books, small books……libraries are a big part of our families external life!..:)

On the weekend Sal and I went to the markets at the Port Adelaide docks and as we strolled around the second level of these big old converted wharf sheds…this is what we saw.

A higgldy-piggldy mass of books, books, books…with such chaotic order, that I am sure some of those books on the bootom are never viewed, because their sole purpose is to hold up the pile!

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