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Drama Detox Unit open for Business…

Posted by carolom on October 19, 2017


A Cautionary Tale Dedicated to the recovering Dramaholic in all of us….well many of us. This is a fictionally true transcript from Dramaholics Anonymous, held at a venue ~ and a venyou ~ nearby.


Trouble ~ “Hi my name is Trouble and I am a Dramaholic.

Person A ~ Hi Trouble”
Person B ~  “Welcome Trouble”
Person C ~ Just nods head slightly…doesn’t like to welcome Trouble anymore

Group Leader: “Welcome Trouble. It is so good you have decided to come along and we’d appreciate it if you would tell us a bit about yourself”

Trouble: “Well I was born into Trouble. My mama was a Drama Queen and my daddy was nowhere to be seen.
Mama modelled Drama to us kids very well.

She taught us to always pick the wrong kind of guy, make sure there was lots of chaos in our life before getting rid of him and then go out and find another one and get on with the whole dang thing again!. Now I look for trouble and draaama everywhere and in everything people say and do. And I sure am good at finding it!

Person A~ Praise the Lord I think we had the same mama
Person B~ Heavens above…I think I might be your mama
Person C~ silence….no longer even looks Trouble in the eye…

Group Leader:  “So what has made you decide to come to Dramaholics Anon and apply to stay in the Draaaama Detox Unit Trouble?”

Trouble:    “Well there I was in the midst of wagging my finger at yet another person who seemed to just want to make my life more complicated..my latest boyfriend who proved to be just like the last three …and all of a sudden I looked up and saw my mama standing there in front of me”

Group Leader:   “Why was this a problem”?

Trouble:   “Well she has been dead for ten years but I tell you when I looked up in that bathroom mirror and saw my mamas familiar weary face and angry brow and recognised that disappointed look in her eye, barely concealing those unshed tears…….I KNEW I was in big Trouble!
I stood there looking in the mirror and remembered all the times I had fleshed out arguments in my life.
How many times I found myself bickering with people cause they were so wrong and I was so right and I KNEW I needed to make them see my point of view. How many times  I tore peoples words apart so I could find the perfect one to be offended by…too many times to count over the years!

After all the Trouble in me had a very strong calling to point out to others their failings and how to correct their words and behaviors so they would be just like me.
Then I remembered how many times I would get to a peaceful place and it felt REALLLL uncomfortable so I would start looking around and find someone to make a bit of Trouble with or criticise someone near to me for letting me down or not acting how I thought they should be acting!

Group Leader:  “Well Trouble..you have come to the right place and the first thing we would like to do, after the big group hug , is give you a new name. So from now on we will all know you as:


”We reckon you have had enough Trouble for one life time and with your new insight, because you have finally seen that you have been creating this Drama in your life for too long now, you earn your Brand New name…

Grown Up~ formerly known as Trouble (blinking modest tears of appreciation and realistion how lonely she had been for so long whilst she was Trouble):    “Well thankyou SO much for that. I am amazed that I only had to come here to Dramaholics once to finally really get the message that when I let go of looking for and creating Trouble then I really truly am all Grown Up!…

Group Leader:   Well the realisation is just the first step Grown up, that old draaaama addiction will still have a hold at times but at least you now have an understanding of your role in these things…

The End.

…and The BEginning of Trouble beginning to finally realise that we usually find what we are looking for and the wisdom of making sure we are looking to make a positive difference in the world rather than add to the tsunami of drama, gossip, irrelevant ‘news’ and media-machinations currently consuming the planet and the consciousness of its inhabitants with its currents of draaaama….

“Men occasionally stumble across the Truth but most pick themself up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”.

“The Magical Child in Exile – Why Does the Creative Well Being Run Dry? ” is related to the “Drama Detox unit” and can be read by clicking on the dots here…………

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Ode to the Rescuer

Posted by carolom on September 15, 2016

This poem is dedicated to the many women, especially those who I meet in domestic violence shelters, who really do believe:

If I just keep on loving him, he will change & we will have the relationship that I know is possible…


We hear the words “I thought he would change” so often inside of the walls of domestic violence shelters that I created the following dramatisation for our Talking circle so that the group of women who have sometimes had 2 or 3 relationships with violent men, could begin to unravel what keeps them there and how to recognise the pattern.

The following piece is not relevant for all women who leave domestic violence, but for those women who sit in support groups and say “I believed him when he said he would change” and “He is a really nice guy, he just had a rotten childhood”, this piece is for you.
And for Janet who was killed in domestic violence by a man who then killed himself, leaving four beautiful children behind.

Ode to the Rescuer:

There was something very appealing about his pain, it matched her pattern perfectly
and her pattern goes like this:

Give me a damaged man with potential and I will embrace him as my life mission
My personal quest!

I will claim myself to be his Rescuer and through my eyes he will see how sorely he has been denied Love

And with the love of this Good Woman, he will heal!

He will heal
He will heal
He will heal

With the peace of mind that I alone have brought to him, delivered to him on a sincere heart that pulses with conviction, his heart shall finally, after many troubled years finally beat with contentment in symbiotic rhythm with my own

Ahh..this future memory brings tears to my eyes and reminds me to be patient and the reward will come.
Of this truth I have created, I am sure.
He will change
He will change
He will change
I shall interpret his moodiness as poetic brooding,
his sarcasm as merely the shadow of his enormous artistic sensitivities and
his broken promises as the unfortunate repercussions of a busy, preoccupied man.
I shall deny myself my heart’s desires,
less they place too much of a burden on his already busy mind.
I shall desperately seduce him into security with words thinly veiled
with the false reassurance that I want nothing of him
After all he is the broken one
Not me!
I will prove to him that I am the one single woman
on this Earth who can heal his troubled Soul.
Because I believe in him like no other has in the past
or could possibly at any time in the future
As the rescue program gets under way I will slowly begin to allow
the duality of the situation to come to the fore
Actually I won’t have a choice!
Having ensnared him with my rescuers net
or having fallen into his
I shall wrestle with the duality of being drawn to his charismatic withdrawals
whilst also experiencing an awakening awareness
that he is indeed mirroring my own need to heal and rescue the wounded heart.
There is something painfully seductive about that wounded heart after all it’s in all of the fairytales and rom-com’s isn’t it?
Love that Beast fair Beauty for he will come good in the end!
In order to ignore the needs of my own hopeful
wounded heart
I will plunge into my rescuing role with paradox and passion
for I am drawn to the angst of tortured feelings
which I have misconstrued as Romance and Love
as haplessly as he is drawn to his broody silences
and the acidic observations he casts out to bait me every now and then.
And quite regularly at times.
And yes. He has hit me in the past but the degree to which he is so truly deeply sorry overwhlems me with compassion for him.
Every time.
Every single time.
Except the last three times when I only felt fear and loathing,
But I got over that!
Didn’t I?
Didn’t I?

or Did !?

Words that forge our bond like who else would put up with you or me and
we were meant for one another, we are as bad as each other
will be the hypnotic sound track of the saga of our co-dependence

He will be my co-star as my life unfolds according to the stories I believe
Stories that I have created, many that have piggy backed onto the romantic tales of how the good girl transforms the bad boy with exquisite mastery and tears.
Fictional stories that I will defend as

Alas it is a tired old script with no surprises in the Story whatsoever!

but it will take me a long time to understand that
to reinterpret and rewrite the lead roles
because most of this is new to me!

And I am a stranger to myself.

Indeed aren’t we all until we remember who we really are?

Therefore I will need quite some time to realise any of this
as this predictable Olde Story unfolds on a roller coaster of
drama and desire
yearning and conflict

Those old scenarios and inevitable cycles replaying themselves in the guise of Love.


No this is just unlearnt lessons in re-enactment!
I will come to realise this one day
though I do not know that yet of course!

Although my heart does skip a beat when he looks at me in that certain seductive kind of way
Surely that must be Love?

Though you may well think I am making a banquet from a few crumbs of moments of hard earned intimacy
You are wrong of course!

I know this banquet will be rich in the fruits of my desires so long as I am patient.
I will be Patient
will be Patient
will be Patient

My mantras give my life meaning and hope
They really do
Really really they do.

In the meantime I will deny that the toxins of this relationship are causing me great harm.
Souring my naiveté.
Poisoning the sweetness of my illusions whilst I continue to defend his lack of friendliness and warmth as justified

The increasing violence as a sign
that his love for me is so much he can barely handle the intensity!
I understand that and why he is violent
on account of the awful things he went through as a child.
The unresolved issues with his difficult father
The conflict with his troubled mother

There was just so much trouble that went into creating his troubled life
that I share

I am perhaps the only one who really knows that
and understands him and LOVES him
The only one

The lonely one


Love will conquer all. I think I am sure of that!

There is only one fixed rule in all of this apparent uncertainty
And this the rule I made and now obey:
I must Love him no matter how hard he is to Love.

I will Love him unconditionally
will Love him unconditionally
will Love him unconditionally

This one rule will make it all wonderful one day because

He will open up
He will open up
He will open up

Ultimately of course I will deny myself the right to move forward, to reach my fullest potential because I will be anchored defiantly to our co-dependence and staunchly courageously


refer to it as

This is what I know Love to be.

The End

I dedicate this to my lifelong friend Janet 1959 -2001 who was killed by her husband who then killed himself.

Your life mattered Janet, your stories are important to be told. I miss you dearly my friend.

Carol Omer
Certified Life Coach
Author of The Big Girls Little Coloring Book

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The Crow Came To Visit…

Posted by carolom on August 13, 2010

Purrly was eating her breakfast when a big Crow landed on the lawn.

She was surprised to see a bird as big as her and made of the same colour. She did not stalk it like she would have if he was a dove or a sparrow.
He stole her breakfast from right under her nose….

Then he flew onto the roof and looked down at her for awhile….

He wasn’t in a hurry to leave…

Then he flew to the tree and Purrly just sat there wondering where her breakfast had gone and who was the giant bird who took it?

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The Sha’manic. The Manic. And the Mists of Madness in between…

Posted by carolom on April 21, 2007

*This piece is shared here for my friend on the Lonsdale Street Tram who has asked many questions over the years about my view on “Energy Management” and why I think that energetic and Emotional Mastery of the often chaotic forces within is such an important part of our journey to reaching our fullest potential.

For a number of years I had several highly creative, highly emotional, charismatic people in my close inner circle. Some have remained and others have taken a different path.
During one particularly chaotic year three of my friends were diagnosed as having bi-polar (manic depression)..a state that highly creative, often emotionally unresolved people experience as the sharp side of the brilliant Sword of creativity and a highly imaginative Mind.
I have never experienced that place myself, though the mirrors of my relationships reflected back the choas that often accompanies the highly creative state and I sometimes had a “there but for the grace of god go I” perspective.

These days, unswayed, uncharmed and unconvinced by the hyper-energetic excitations of another’s “wow”, I am ever mindful that once sleeplessness begins, it is often followed by a gloriously seductive technicolour dream that is merely a nightmare awaiting to enter centre stage..

I read and researched widely during that chaotic time and have no doubt that much of the entertainment, paintings, movies, stories and ideas we enjoy collectively were birthed within and as a result of the hyper-manic realms and from the depressed and darkened place that most often follows.

Those books I bought are now boxed away and happily removed from my everyday life but I remember what I have learnt and am Thankful for the lessons though I have no need to return to that place of learning ever again..
Through those many journeys that I walked with friends and family and in my work in the areas of homelessness and welfare, I came to realise that there is a “Mist” of ‘madness in this realm of “mania” / hyper-mania, bi-polarities and chaos.
One of my friends ( we were Thelma and Louise in our teens) finally realised how seasonal her manic-eruptions were, that was the beginning to transcending the chaos that visited her every winter for several years.

It is not a ‘line’ that one crosses from ‘sane’ to ‘crazy’…it can begin with a little thought here or an odd reaction there droplet by droplet like when we begin to enter a fog that we can see in the distance and suddenly realise the fog has consumed us and we can no longer see a single foot in front of us.

What is ‘crazy’ anyway?
The Shaman and time travellers of Indigenous ways of old – and not so old – required the altered state to access their gifts and the Other Realm.
Our mental health system is one based on pathology and sickness not the Mythological state and individual giftedness, which is often defined by those ‘manic’ currents and imPulses.
Our visionaries, shaman, mystics and time travellers are most often sedated, mislablled, interned and squashed by medical practitioners and therapsits who are themselves uninitiated into those higher, precarious realms.

There was a time in my life when the seemingly Shamanic erupted into the Manic so brilliantly and outrageously that I barely had time to grab my floaties and goggles before the tsunami of a thousand volts of creative and chaotic currents crashed down upon my world and swept me to the outer realms of the human Mind…

At the time I referred to the “Demon” who entered our home and whilst I may not use that term today …I am not so sure I would not still refer to the Demonstration of such chaos with anything less than dislike and take great care in its unpredictable presence.





The Mists of Madness…
A semi-fictional Story remembering all of those who I walked with upon that crazy path over 10 years ago…

Remember how much I used to hate your snoring? Well I’ve never told you this but sometimes I welcomed the raucous rumbling with delight! I would prop myself up on one arm and smile as I watched you sleep. I’d stroke your hair and pull the sheets over your shoulders, serenity in the beauty of our Love.

It was at those times that I welcomed your snoring like a reliable old friend.
You see I had come to understand that you never snored when the demon was nearby.
Your snoring told me that you were resting deeply and your mind was not stinging with the relentless attack of whirlwind thoughts, paranoia and tormented thinking.
The raucous racket of your snoring told me that we were in for a peaceful night.

We laughed that time I video taped your snores as they went from a quiet hum to a hullabaloo. After that you didn’t doubt me when I said I had to leave the room in order to sleep. You even looked a little embarrassed that such an undignified racket was beyond your control.
We were both convinced that you had gifts from God and we were in agreement that much was expected from one to whom much had been given!
Snoring was outside of this dignified realm.

I knew that when the demon was nearby you would not sleep. You would be pacing the floor, bouncing up and down on a crazy see sore of euphoria and tragedy.
You might wake me up with that crazy secretive look that alluded to mysterious knowledge of far away thing – no time for sleeping, no time for eating and no time…absolutely no time… for me..

In fact unbeknownst to me I may have turned into the enemy whilst I was sleeping. That took some adjusting to!

When the demon was in our house you would watch me sideways, seeking out the signs that would confirm to you I was now foe and not friend..

I was a cryptic enemy to be decoded
When the demon was in our house even our animals were plotting against your Divine purpose and none of us were to be trusted.
Except our beautiful dog who walked tirelessly by your side.
When she panted with thirst you no longer saw the need in her eyes…all you saw were the things you thought were true.
Even when they weren’t.

When the demon wasn’t in our house I tread carefully lest it be merely slumbering and ready to pounce at us from behind the madness veil.

Although the demon spoke to you, spoke with you and saw through you …it was not you who stood before me…you had disappeared in the mists of time.
Where did my snoring, contented mate go when the monster was here?
The moments of brilliance and knowledge twisted in a frenzy of certainty and not.
When did they merge to become one big knot until your thinking confused you and your thoughts were like rattle snakes stinging wild monkeys in the prison of your mind?

Sometimes I found myself drawn into your swirling, twirling mists of madness.
It was easier to pretend the bizarre to be true, than to plunge into my heart break alone.
Then I would cry and beg you to come back, rest, sleep, slow down.
Return to me and the world we will never again share.
You looked at me with brash confidence.
Your new world was far superior to mine.
You said my tears were cleverly plotted to draw you in…you weren’t to be fooled by the hysterics of one such as me!
I lay there sobbing and watched the tears turn deep velvet red.
My heart had split open, broken on the bed.

You were euphoric in your mania, swinging recklessly through unexplored terrain.
You invited me to join you, oblivious to my pain.
When the demon was in our house there were messages in unseen things.
Sometimes we had to go to the bathroom to speak lest the enemies were listening through wires thread through neighborhood yards.

Your look suggested I was your co-conspirator but I misread you, I was so pathetically happy to be on your side again that I joined you in whispered secrets made safe by a running hot, noisy shower.
Whatever it takes!
And it took my peace of mind.
Puffed up with bravado and conviction you were ready to confront those spies who were cleverly hidden in a neighbor’s disguise.
You had begun to burn things and you abandoned objects in the street.
The mists of madness now consumed you in a swirling, fog in your head.
Not even the incense could rid our sacred scarred home from the acrid odor of fear and dread.

I called you and I called you ….“Please come back, don’t leave me here. .. don’t let them take you away”.
……and when I realised you were no longer with me I yelled at that demon to return you to me.
I thought it was too late, you had gone but then I saw a glimmer of you in your eyes.

Teary, weary, fearful eyes, I grabbed your hand and brought you home. You only stayed for a minute or two.

Your body quivered and shook from the tremendous bolts of energy that charged forth from the darkness and wrapped you in tentacle embrace.

There was fear and euphoria, confusion upon your face.
Electrical currents surged through the once peaceful, reflective place.

The demon barged into our scared home and wouldn’t leave
…so I had to call the police and have them take you both away.
I no longer had a choice.

And you looked at me with a little smile that said… “See, I knew I was right…you were plotting against me”.

And I stood there and I shattered before my own eyes and bled into tomorrow.
Much was lost and too little was gained when our home was invaded by the demon from the unrequited past.

Grandiose certainty lay shattered and smashed in the debris of our life.
The demon mocked all that we once believed in.
We were once so confident about tomorrow…but were left with shattered yesterdays.

Forever in my heart you will remain
and I close the door on that place knowing that
we all learnt was needed
for where we were
at that Time….


Finding our Sacred, Peaceful Pathway….spending time in Nature enables us to Breathe once again…

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Sisters…our Brothers are not all to blame….

Posted by carolom on March 24, 2007

Since opening up my suitcase and reading through 30 years of notebooks and journals….See here…… I have been reading things that I wrote at various stages of my years of working in human services. what an interesting expereince to say the least!

In the late 80’s and through the 90’s I was constantly coming across the ‘sexism in reverse’ trend of the very anti-male feminist right movement that was quite influential in the welfare sector, resulting in some of the very same exclusion by gender issues that women were rallying against in the first place.

I do not see myself as separate to or victimised by men, despite having had significant challenges in the male-female dynamics of our family in my formative years….
and living in a relationship that was hostile and volatile for a number of years.

After attending a public workshop one day I decided to pen my views , as a woman who is very not anti male and had never aligned with the feminist movement, preferring to focus on Human Liberation – recognising that the perpetrator is in their own prison too.
The following is the semi-fictional piece I wrote:
“Sisters, our Brothers are not all to blame”…. and although 10 years down the track it is a bit dated and has not been edited, my core belief in a much bigger story of Men and Women and the dynamics and politics remains as strong now as it did then….perhaps even more so as I understand the evolving nature of consciousness.


Sisters… Our Brothers are Not All To Blame!

She had been quite vocal for most of the morning. She was a tall lady, probably the oldest in the room and she commanded a certain degree of respect because of her age.
Those who were gathered were mostly white women without tribe and they responded well when a potential Elder was in their midst.
Some of the Archetypes are imbued with more power than others!
She was almost 6 foot and she had the equestrian look of someone who had ridden the hurdles and steeple chases of life in a manner that left her somewhat scathed…And when it was her time to speak, she proved to be very scathing indeed.
I had been doodling as the invited guests spoke. We had gathered from many walks of the working life to discuss the nature of addiction amongst women who are in pain.
There was only one man amongst us and when I saw him I experienced a ripple of trepidation that whispered words of premonition… “I hope this doesn’t turn into a blame all men session” I thought with more than a touch of apprehension…I had walked this path before.

I continued with my doodling…My subconscious tossed out the word BLAME…B-Lame, B, hyphen… lame.
“Hmm I like that. Blame. B-Lame be crippled by blame. Blame makes you lame”

I was beComing lost  in the lateral realm so I forced myself to put the pen down and pay attention to the tall woman.
It was her turn to speak.
Robyn, who had shared her story earlier that day offered her the microphone. She rudely dismissed it with a sweep of her hands.
I was in the presence of someone who had forgone politeness for purpose. She didn’t even notice Robyn’s slightly embarrassed smile…She was far too busy preparing for the attack.

She began to speak. “Women have been disempowered in all walks of life. In the Media, in Law, in Parliament and in the Church”
She launched into her interpretation of why the world is in the mess that it is. “The male structures are resistant to change and it is up to women to move into these areas so that the damage can be corrected”
I was unable to look up because I was in the midst of my premonition coming true and I was expending quite a bit of energy trying to thought-form communicate to the solitary male in the room.

Unfortunately the number of heads nodding in agreement negated my lone psychic cry. “Excuse me”, I projected his way, “Not all of use here believe that men are to blame for absolutely everything that has gone wrong”.
I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat.
“B-lame. Get stuck in blame.”
I went back to my doodling and sketched a cradle around the words. Underneath the cradle I wrote more words:
“The hand that rocked the cradle helped to perpetuate the myths”.
I was underlining it for the third time when I was compelled to look up.
A wise Elder would not misuse her sacred trust by imparting bias as a truth but before my very ears, she was perpetuating more of the victim-speak that had somehow become accepted as historical fact.

Her hostility brought forth the memory of a past learning curve. I had joined a forum of Youthworkers who had gathered to look at issues for young women who lived in shelters.…
Male workers were not allowed.
They were not allowed to participate regardless of whether or not they worked with the young women who we were discussing.
Excluded. Full stop. Excluded regardless of whether or not they were directly involved in policy making and that they may have had some very valuable contributions to make They were not allowed to participate because they were men.
I cast my mind back to the curve that strengthened my spine.
“Excuse me. Isn’t this forum concerned with issues for young women. Aren’t we being sexist by not allowing male Youthworkers to participate?”
The moisture in my mouth had undergone internal alchemy and was now pouring out the palms of my hand.
I was not used to asserting myself in the presence of overt separatism but I had done my research. I had checked with the Equal Opportunities commission first.
A male worker would be quite within his rights to assert that he was discriminated against because of his gender if he was excluded from this forum . I knew many good, kind, caring Youthworkers…and many of them were men!
Mickee, who was known as Michelle in the first half of her current incarnation, glared at me. It was not a politely concealed response. Mickee didn’t like men. She counselled female survivors of sexual abuse and she considered all men to be perpetrators.
No man was to be trusted! Betrayal by women who defended the rights of men was viewed as further evidence of the toxins of patriarchy…Mickee had read the book “Divas in Denial”.
I hadn’t but I knew that she thought I was in denial. She didn’t know that I used to partake of the blame-game.
I looked back on that time as a period of creative and Spiritual atrophy.
At that time I had not begun to understand metaphysics and the evolution of consciousness. The illusory nature of drama and pain were still unrealistic concepts …things had changed a great deal since then.

I thought Mickee looked very aggressive.
She was dogmatic and narrow minded.
She was angry and not at all compassionate or flexible.

She leant forward as she spoke.
“Look, we know that men are dogmatic, narrow minded, inflexible and full of anger.
I question why men want to work with young women anyway”…
Her sisters, my sisters rallied to her support…I was a misfit in my floral skirt.

I felt under attack by women who looked and acted in the manner that they attributed to the men who they despised.
Duality and paradox swirled before me as my learning curve stretched at my resolve and enticed me to back down. I didn’t.
The anti-male movement had been ruffling my feathers for far too long.

After terse debate there was a token compromise. Male workers could come along once every fourth meeting.
Alas, there was only one who was brave enough to come along and he was treated to the embarrassment of whispered intonations and looks that told him he was not welcome in this enemy camp..

He paid for the sins, real and imagined of all men who had journeyed before him.

The forum disbanded shortly after. The philosophical divide had created a chasm that could not be bridged and I had outed myself as a hetrosexual humanist in a flock of anti-male mostly-sisterhood- feminists who had little to do with men, unless it was to decry their flawed and vitriolic ways…

I brought my thoughts back to the room.
The speaker was drawing to a close. I knew it was time.
I had to respond to the attack that had lasted for half an hour and had left no man standing in it’s wake:
“Excuse me. I think that it’s quite sexist to make sweeping statements about men. What you have said is akin to saying that all women are bad drivers. It’s an archaic, sexist statement and it’s untrue.”

I knew my analogy was a little twee but she got the gist of what I was trying to say.

I looked at her with many other thoughts remaining unspoken.
Little boys who were told by their mothers, sisters, aunties and grandmothers not to cry. “Don’t be a sooky”. “Act like a man”. “Stop being a cry baby” “You’re acting like a girl”. “Don’t be a sissy”…”Boy’s don’t play with DOLLS!”
Suck it up!

Little boy artists and poets and dancers and writers who were laughed off the family stage and re-programmed to be tough, compete as urban warriors, providers for their flock.
The strong, silent type became a metaphor for the repressed, made-mute type.
Their fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers collaborated in these unenlightened beliefs…
Sugar and spice and all things nice…for the Girls.
Rats and snails and puppy dogs tails for the Boys.

We have all been involved in the machinations and messages that created the mess we are in.
Millions of boys schooled in the rigid discipline of removing themselves from the poetry and rhythm of life.
Millions of girls who were taught by their mothers and fathers to be nice, be a wife…don’t get a life.

Generations of blocked, angry frustrated men.
Generations of repressed, angry frustrated women.
Concentration camps for the Soul churning out damaged Men and Women, many of whom spend their adult lives wasting time and energy accusing each other of blame.

B-lame…get stuck in blame and we’ll never ever move forward.

Men who have had a shorter life span, higher incidence of heart failure and cancer and other Soul-bondage related illnesses.
Their Sisters, we women who suffered repression, depression, nest-internment, neurosis and an inability to reach our fullest potential …
We have all suffered…Let’s move on from the blame game say I!

My face remained expressionless whilst my thoughts embarked on my one sided debate.

“Life is one long conversation with our Self occassionally interupted by others”

The Expert on Addictions Elder looked down at me form her lofty height.

She spoke slowly because it was obvious I didn’t understand what she was saying.
“I was referring to the general state of things. The references I made to the male structures are to do with the patriarchal system”.

I did not respond. I didn’t want to debate in a few minutes her sexism of a lifetime. I dare not suggest that in order to address the balance we would have to look at the role of the Matriarchy in all of this. I wasn’t prepared to prod that sacred cow…not yet.
I did not want to take out the scales of injustice and weigh the grains of pain to see who has suffered the most and who was the most to blame.
I would not accept it when she inferred that a woman would be able to create positive change by virtue of the fact that she is a woman. The sceptre of my wicked step-sister loomed before me. Pauline Hanson. A paragon of the absence of insight and wisdom for multicultural reform.
I resisted the urge to request the tall woman to please explain!

The forum drew to a close. I tried to catch the eye of the man who had sat through the days discussion. He was nowhere to be seen. I heard later that he had not come back after lunch.

That evening I sat down to write a few words to the tall woman with a small view of a large and complex concern.
She was angry at all men and I crafted my words carefully in order to address her sexist views…….

“Dear Sister” I began, the internal alchemy now transmuting perceptions into the fluidity of words. “My Brothers are not to blame for everything that has gone wrong. To assume a person is a particular way because of their gender is something women have fought to have corrected. It works both ways……”.

I wrote about much of what I have spoken here and found myself writing late into the night.
I sensed that her blame was a mask that thinly disguised her own pain and the issue I was addressing was only a slither of much bigger story.
Nevertheless men had come in for quite a knocking that day, and it tends to happen a lot these days and I stand by my assertion that reminds us…
“Sisters, my Brothers are not all to blame”

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Thousands lose job because of Law of Attraction…

Posted by carolom on January 31, 2007

Breaking News from the Celestial Times:

27th January 2006


(NB ~ Root word of ‘Crisis’ is Opportunity).

The two most senior Celestial and Human Services CEO’s, Mr Omnipotent and Mr Diablo met recently to discuss the unprecedented situation happening on Earth, the largest Soul School in their jurisdiction.

Putting aside their long history of conflict of interest, the Omnipotent and Diablo had much to discuss as a Celestial crisis is looming.
It seemed that in the last 12 months between 750,000 and one million Angels had become redundant over night as The Humans began turning Within in large numbers. Some say this is a very conservative estimate and will reach millions by the end of 2007.

An emergency meeting was called to discuss the future directions of the Assistance to Humans on Earth Unit.
The unit is the largest Guardian Angel employers body this side of Neptune..
Urgent talks have begun now that many Guardian Angels, once fully employed on 24 hour-watch of The Humans were no longer needed. and people are rejecting the Guardian Angel concept in droves.

Apparently many of The Humans are now questioning if the Guardian Angels were really ever there in the first place which has come as quite a shock to some of the more sensitive Angels who always did their very best to answer all prayers (after selection and processing) as per their job specification of “Link between Heaven and Earth”

It seems that the much awaited and strategically planned expansion of the Law of Attraction information, released gradually by the Universal Laws Department (ULD) over many centuries has not been without its challenges.

There has been an unprecedented response since the expansion of the LoA information that was planned to coincide with the New Millenium celebrations.

Unfortunately an unscheduled terrorist attack, several bouts of sickness upon Mother Earths body resulting tidal waves, fires and earth quakes meant that the scheduled global “Ah~Ha” events did not actually begin until late in 2005….5 years later than originally planned.
Over many centuries the Universal Laws Department has been implementing a strategic expansion of the Law of Attraction Information and Application Legislation (LoAI&A) in a partnership project with the Universal Media Unit.

However it seems that the Strategic Planning and Developing unit who were contracted to work on the project, had been primarily focusing on the impact and infrastructure for The Humans, with no work-place agreements implemented for the Angels who would be out of a job overnight.

The Guardian Angels Union , headed up by Mr Michaels and his assitant Gabrielle (surname withheld) has called for urgent talks with Celestial and Human Services , the Awareness Transition Unit, and 5 representative of the newly formed Redundant Guardian Angels alliance within the next couple of days.

Due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, The Prayer and Meditation Unit representatives have also been invited to attend and contribute their group work skills when needed.

There are several agenda items which have been given priority:

1. Future prospect of the Guardian Angels now that Humans are taking responsibility for their own destiny.

2. Budget for relocation of Angels and soaring get~Real Estate in Heaven costs since Angels no longer needed on Earth, resulting in a buyers market .

3. Strategies to deal with issues arising whilst The Humans are in transition of Law of Attraction mastery and do not need to be under 24 hour Angel watch but will need some form of on going assistance.

4. Policies and Procedures to be implemented to enable Redundant Guardian Angels to have access to advice and planning for career and /or retirement options. A new “Angel Redeployment Unit” will be established with a Board comprising of representatives of the Redundant Guardian Angels alliance and Guardian Angels Union.
More on this story as the news comes to hand…

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Cyber Tribes and Diatribes

Posted by carolom on January 29, 2007

The history of human kind is brimming with the gods and goddesses, archetypes and sterotypes that make up the magnificent richness of the human experience.

We are in the pioneering era of Cyber Space and in the blink of an eye have gone from the relative isolation of home and community to having the means of journeying rapidly through space and into the realm of new relationships with the click of a mouse.

Miracles and Mirrorcles abound. We can stay at home and argue with strangers  like never before!

Cyber forums and discussion communities number millions and people can seek out strangers in space for the anonymous intimacy of connection and communication, without leaving the comfort of home, during office hours when the boss is not around from cafes across the globe, we are nattering and chattering, fighting flirting and hurting, sharing and baring across the ether.

Could Alexander Graham Bell  possibly have predicted where we are today?

I have been a member of several internet communities over the years and these are some of the types, typists stereo types and archetypes I have come across,

I have been on discussion forums that range in subject matter from the spiritual, philosophical. creativity to the literature, recipes and reflections and then there is Q&A!

Athena, Persephone, Venus, the King, the sage, the warrior and the magicians in suits. All of the great figures of story, myth and dreams can be found in their 21st century robe, sitting behind key boards imprinting Reality in the magnet of space.

Here’s a copy of my list of some of  the very predicitible patterns, types, archetypes and issues that occur right across Cyber Land.

Cyber Tribes and Diatribes in space.

Cyber communities are a gathering of people, strangers in “real life” and gatherings of people , share, celebrate, argue, bicker, support fight, bond love and mirror one another just like at the Office.

Accepting that this is how Cyber communities work, regardless of the initial commonality frees us to discern and withdraw when we feel it is “Too negative” or “too ” this or that and to enjoy the good stuff when it is there or create it.

People often think that because the commonality is perhaps an author / teachers of similar philosophy and belief or an interest in current affairs and thus  these “kinds of behaviours / views/ opinions/ arguments shouldn’t be here”. Well they are of course.
At any given moment across the net and as more and more disembodied people gather in the fonts and html’s of the cyber realm, the predicitible patterns and problems, camaradaire and conflicts become very easy to recognise.

We can no longer see the wine glass in the hand, the twinkle in the welcoming eye or the warm smile of a new stranger but it doesn’t take long to get to that place where familiarity breeds content and the other.

My experience of a number of Self-Development / Prosperity consciousness and Spirituality web sites is that the “type” of behaviours, disclosures, highs and lows that happen in one community are very common themes and experiences in cyber-space right across the web.

People often post very deep heart felt disclosures , feeling a secure sense of safety in doing so from a place of “anonymous intimacy” and it is often “The Page” that is witness to the incredible clarity and extreme despair and challenges people undergo on what Joseph Campbell would call “The Heroes Journey” (the call to adventure and change).


*On internet forums there is always a core group of regular posters who often have been around since “the early days” and check in every day.
They are defined by in-house humour and a shared history with the other regulars.
These posters sometimes have archived copies of previous discussion and the familiarity has bred content.
(Flirting, cajoling, teasing and predictable fighting  mark the intimacy of the inner core).

*The New Seeker, who is is very happy to have found a place where there are others who “think like I do”.

*The Helper, often offers random and practical support for anyone who is needing it, this person rarely argues with others and does peace maker roles when the Cyber community are fighting and having alignments.
This person is similar to:

*The Page Sage who also rarely argues and debates with the others. Some people seek out the Page Sages posts and others think their posts are predictable and irrelevant.

*The Stirrer (sometimes known as the Troll) who has a history of arguing and having heated debates with anyone who takes the bait if you rock and roll with the forum troll. -you only have your Self to blame..
Blame..there’s a reason why the word “Me” is on the end of blame.

*Those who hold opposite political and religious views. They speak for their self of course.

*The home-alone-drinker who sometimes goes back the next day and deletes their posts from their inebriated persona of the night before. They are often the charismatic crazy-makers we avoid in real life but might be tempted to dance in the hall of mirrors with in space.
Home alone drinkers osciallte between charisma and vitriol and are very skilled at manifesting the polarities of the devil and the divine….the nice and the nasty…the war and the warm.

*The Writer. The creative person who everyone tells is a very good Writer .
This person often dreams of writing The Novel but has not mastered discipline and consistency yet.

*The Alluring Woman who will post an inviting picture of herself as her avatar.
She is often a confident, don’t-muck-with-me-gal who can very easily move through the whole range of archetypes from the Goddess to the Vamp, the Hera to Athena….often as quick witted as the men folk, other women either love her or hate her -not that she cares of course.

*The person who has mistaken sacrcasm and rudeness for clever wit and arrogance for self confidence.
These people often get embroiled with The Stirrer or the Alluring Woman and The cool-confident Guy

*The Cool-confident Guy who does the straight shooting, tell it how it is posts , he is often attractive to some of the women and has a few special male friends he can banter with often goes in for a round of arguing with The Stirrer

*The Sincere Person who has little success in sustaining intimate, real life relationships yet but has many deep and caring Friendships in cyber land. This person if often still working through core issues of trust and over-coming-old-wounds-and patterns and benefits enormously from their cyber life.

*The Cyclist. This person has regular cycles of being very up beat and positive and then very down and doubtful.
The Cyclist often get severe pre-Moonstrual tension once a month…but they always snap out of it (often by returning to their books and notes from the workshops they have attended or the books they have read that brought everyone to the forum in the first place. Sometimes they take a Valium, but only if a walk through the Valley~Om has failed to life the Spirits.

Late addition suggestion by A Helper:
1) The Shape-shifter: the ones that blow with the wind wherever it’s going that day

2) The Lurkers: The ones that have been lurking on the boards longer than the oldest members yet never care to post

3) The Enabler: Encourages and supports the unaccaptable behaviour of one of the community, aligning with e.g. The Stirrer or The Victim rather than aligning with the greater good of Community Harmony.

4) The Draaamaagh addict who always manages to end up in fight no matter which community they join…the often end up on the banned list and return with a new name to continue the draaama and let people know how unfairly they have been treated.

And then there is the Q&A viewer. They are legends unto their own.


All of the forums I mentioned before have these and many other “types” of people and regularly go through periods of high energy arguing amongst regulars, peaceful periods of harmony and pleasantries, requests that someone be banned or modified and mutual support and discussion during times like 9/11 and the Tsunami, the war on Iraq, the elections etc.

Current affairs – (((currents))) generated by human affairs.

Another common theme is that the regular community members often say they have never found “anywhere else that is like this place”, it is so unique.

It is the kind of Magic one feels when dancing joyously in the Mirrorcle of space.

ALL of the self-development related forums periodically discuss the author / workshop leader and some of the discussions, hypothesis and questions are:
*Do they ever read these posts
*Do you think they have changed a lot lately
*Is it true that they were sued/ stalked/ divorced’/ getting fat/ drinking/ posting here anonymously etc etc
*He/she is not a guru you know but then again for many they are…

And blogging communities? They are a DireTribe, Cyber Tribe and DiaryTribe all rolled into One gorgeous bowl of alphabet soup!


And those Q&A posters?  An intellectually feisty lot indeed.

“Men occasionally stumble across the Truth but most pick themself up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”

I met with two of my CyberTribe Pals on a very windy day at a very gorgeous beach and we decided we were as warm and fun and raucous in real life as we were in the Cyber Realm where we met.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction…

Posted by carolom on January 14, 2007

WORDS SWORD…….same word…often similar in meaning when you consider that a Sword can both slash to ribbons or sculpt with finite precision.

If our Words, like the Sword are a weapon…..we‘a’ Pon……which we can learn to wield with power and influence….then it would have to be a good idea to consider the whole gamut of ‘weapons’ including those that will only move us away from our goal of connection, peace, power and prosperity so we know….sew we know…..when to exercise caution and redirection of Attention……..

This is my first draft of an A ~ Z list of Weapons of Mass Distraction that define what not to do /be/ think /reflect upon /speak/ say/ act/ beleive /visualise when consciously co~creating the life we were born to live…..

Weapons of mass distraction:
Cynicism and Criticism
Machinating Media
Quoting doom
Sexism and Sarcasm
Unforgiving of self and others
X partner issues
Zealous attachments

Interestingly the act of simply giving THOUGHT to ‘weapons of mass distraction’ creates a different feeling within than the alternate word list of words that construct and create in a way that keeps us connected to the source….LOVE.

I remember the informative scene in “What the Bleep” where it was explained that every single emotion has a chemical equivalent and how the chemicals associated to the list above would be of the kind that flood-the-blood with the chemistry of the toxins of disconnection and ill health.

Many people think and feel themselves into a state of ill health and sour-disposition….focusing on only pain and cruelty in the inner and outer world……..our hospitals are filled with that particular manifestering of the amazing way we humans are Creators.

…in no particular Order…..AWEder…..

More please
Show me the way
I Love you
How can I be of assistance?
Let’s share our resources……
Wow! This is a great opportunity


I took this photo of two bees doing their thing and simply BEE~ing….
Undistracted by extranneous thought or concern as to whether there will be enough pollen to go round, they simply get on with what they are here to do….to create the sweet elixir of life…..Honey…….they are not unlike us…..we are here to co-create the sweet elixir of life from the ‘ONE’y………;)

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~ Seeding and Sowing ~ Weeding & Growing ~

Posted by carolom on January 9, 2007

In 1998 my world came tumbling down- as in Crash! Over the few month prior to the Crash! I had completed the “The Artists Way”, Julia Cameron’s outstanding 12 week-study-at-home Creative Recovery course.

For 84 days and nights  I had been affirming & engaging in exercises that release limiting patterns and creative self-sabotage, not realising that making such big  bold statements would  result in big bold changes, many of them unexpected and hugely challenging,  arriving  as part of the Creative Recovery process.

The Artists Way is based on the principles of reclaiming the  free flowing, innate   Creativity that all of us are born with  and releasing the  learnt patterns and impact of a competitively oriented education system that  can disengage  us from developing our fullest creative potential!

Creativity can be likened to growing a Garden – Gardens teach us about  sowing and reaping, weeding and seeding, patience and time. Gardens connect us with Nature and the rhythms and cycles of the natural world. Popular self help  writings often  forget to mention the seasons and cycles of change that we are co-creating with and amongst…

In February of that year I very reluctantly left the home I loved so dearly, left a relationship and in that upheaval lost my big garden with the wonderful big Cedar tree.

It all came to this bare and barren place..

I was running personal development groups for homeless women at the time and knew that life was calling me to ‘walk my talk’ like never before and to move to a new level of ….everything.

Seeing the Garden of my dreams clearly in my mind, I began seed by seed and pulling weed by weed to plant my new Garden. I planted a Forgiveness tree, 4 gum trees to honour the Elements, the 4 directions and the Mind , Body, Spirit and Emotions which make up the wholeness of who we are.Lavendar bushes for my Grandmother’s memory.

I remembered the principles I had learnt in my readings of the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland and invited the nature Spirits and the elemental world to partner with me in my Healing Garden. How generous they were over the next few years!

My mother shared in some of the Healing Garden journey and planted a rose bush for her Mother, with a message of forgiveness and letting go in a mandala she created then  planted  in the baby rose bushes soil.

That first winter I did little other than weep, sleep and work and dig.

It was the ‘deep dark day of the Soul’ like I had never known before as I shed the layers of old patterns and life styles and beliefs  ~  beLIEfs  ~   and expectations that had taken me to a  barren garden and home without love.

In spite of the turmoil and sadness and loss, i understood  that I was in the midst of what Joseph Campbell refers to as “The Heroes Journey” and my call to ‘adventure’ meant that I had the choice to create a new garden seeded with the intent for a happy, loving, abundant life and that the s*it from yesterday was indeed the fertiliser for the new day and new garden.

The Spirit of my Garden grew and within four years my garden now looked like this:

I re-connected with Nature and  created a restful place of reflection and renewal

where I could sit under the stars and enjoy the fire in a lounge-room without walls or ceilings…

What my Garden has taught me is that if we affirm “I create the life of my dreams” and “I live a peaceful, fulfilling life”….then the circumstances and  things which are not in keeping with this decree will start to fall away (sometimes very quickly!) and  that might mean a period of enormous turmoil and loss and upheaval.

It can be pretty uncertain as we move to certainty.

But if we, one seed at a time, clear the soil, extract the weeds and water and love and cherish our Ideal.

And we no longer seek to mix oil with water by living in circumstances of chaos or drama or unhappiness whilst affirming that we deserve the best and blessings of  Life’s wonderful  gifts.  We release  that which no longer serves our life’s purpose  and allow a new vision to unfold.

Sometimes the transition from the old to the New can be a time filled with chaos and uncertainty, just like we see when the wild winds and heavy rains precipitate the gorgeous-glorious gardens of the Spring time – but it is worth it because the place beyond the uncertainty and the difficult times is a far more peaceful, creative place than the one we once thought we could never leave.


Post Script:

Regarding leaving the magnificent Cedar tree that I loved so much. A year after moving to the now-not-so-barren-house I noticed that a pot plant I had brought from my old home had sprouted a small Cedar tree from a seed dropped from the original “mother” tree.

Over the next few years it out grew the pot, splitting the sides and sending its roots down into the soil, eventually becoming a fully sized (15 feet) Daughter-Tree of the one I had to leave behind.

Not only that but a fig tree magically appeared along side, no doubt seeded by a bird in flight dropping magic-fertiliser on my garden!

The Cedar tree taught me that once we learn to let go and release, it will return to us! Not in the exact same way or even looking as we thought it would /could/ should but it will return once we have weeded out the things that have been keeping it away.

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Drama De-tox Unit open for business

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2006

We live in an age where much of the media content is produced by and for the adolescent mind set…”Brad and Ange”…”Brittney wears no undies”…”He did this she did that did not did too it was your fault – not it was YOURS”…
“You are the baddies and I am the goody”….Drama drama drama….

The LAW OF ATTRACTION states that “where attention goes energy flows”…and “THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY

Television screens are immersed in murder, mayhem, trickery, The Good-guys (usually America)… The Bad-guys (always the East)……newspapers have become gossip tabloids, magazines blah-blah books…and in the midst of this soulless-saturation…many people are fully , energetically-Law-of-Attraction engaged in creating and re-creating their OWN draaaamaas and endless patterns of chaotic lives….yet desiring a life of happiness and fulfillment at that quiet place of reflection when heads are laid on pillows and Thoughts rise about “what is happening in my life and why??”

The following piece is a light hearted reminder for us all that whilst “drama” often plays a role in our learning of Lifes Lessons and Bless’ns…..we actually have far more C.H.O.I.C.E.S about what we engage our Energy with than we might realise…….

I~nstead of


A Cautionary Tale Dedicated to the recovering Dramaholic in all of us….well many of us.

This is a fictionally true transcript from Dramaholics Anonymous, held at a venue….and a venyou…. nearby………..

Trouble“Hi my name is Trouble and I am a Dramaholic.

Person A ~Hi Trouble”
Person B ~”Welcome Trouble”
Person C ~(Just nods head slightly…doesn’t like to welcome Trouble anymore)

Group Leader:“Welcome Trouble. It is so good you have decided to come along and we’d appreciate it if you would tell us a bit about yourself”

Trouble:“Well I was born into Trouble…my mama was a Drama Queen and my daddy was nowhere to be found.
Mama modelled Drama to us kids very well. She taught us to always pick the wrong kind of guy, make sure there was lots of chaos in our life before getting rid of him and then go out and find another one and get on with the whole dang thing again!”

Person A~ Praise the Lord I think we had the same mama
Person B~ Heavens above…I think I might be your mama
Person C~ silence….no longer even looks Trouble in the eye…

Group Leader“So what has made you decided to come to Dramaholics, Trouble?”

Trouble “Well there I was in the midst of wagging my finger at yet another person who seemed to just want to make my life more complicated..my latest boyfriend who proved to be just like the last three …and all of a suddenI looked up and saw my mama standing there in front of me”

Group Leader“Why was this a problem”?

Trouble “Well she has been dead for ten years but I tell you when I looked up in that bathroom mirror and saw my mamas familiar weary face and angry brow and recognised that disappointed look in her eye, barely concealing those unshed tears…….I KNEW I was in big Trouble!
I stood there looking in the mirror and remembered all the times I had fleshed out arguments in my life.
How many times I found myself bickering with people cause they were so wrong and I was so right and I KNEW I needed to make them see my point of view.
After all the Trouble in me had a very strong calling to point out to others their failings and how to correct themself so they would be just like me.
Then I remembered how many times I would get to a peaceful place and it felt REALLLL uncomfortable so I would start looking around and find someone to make a bit of Trouble with or criticise someone near to me for letting me down or not acting how I thought they should be acting!

Group Leader…“Well Trouble..you have come to the right place and the first thing we would like to do, after the big group hug , is give you a new name…((((((((00000))))))So from now on we will all know you as:

“GrownUp!”We reckon you have had enough Trouble for one life time and with your new insight…cause you have finally seen that you have been creating this Drama in your life for too long now…you earn your Brand New name…

Grown Up…..(blinking modest tears of appreciation and realistion how lonely she had been for so long whilst she was Trouble) “Well thankyou SO much for that…I am amazed that I only had to come here to Dramaholics once to finally really get the message……that when I let go of Trouble…then I really truly am all Grown Up!…

The End

The BE~ginning……

“Men occasionally stumble across the Truth but most pick themself up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”.


Father Christmas has a few dramaaamaaagghs of his own…..

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