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“Sorry”…..and “Thankyou”…

Posted by carolom on January 31, 2008

The “Sorry” issue regarding the abuse of Human Rights in Australia against the Aboriginal nations since the invasion of traditional lands and subsequent occupation (”Colonisation”) is one of the most pressing issues in Australia today.


As the internet flooded with debate / support / opposition and a tsunami of ill informed opinions and the quick sand of racist stereotyping I was reminded of the words of my friend Katrina Power, a Nurrunga~Ngarindjerri~Kaurna woman who said “there hasn’t been first contact yet”, referring to how the original violence and oppression meant that true “contact” did not occur. Contact in the form of mutual respect, discussion, negotiation and partnership as should be expected when one lot of people arrive uninvited into the home of another.

So I decided to have a “Thankyou” Day in amongst the hoo ha and emotional politics of the announcement that the official Sorry will occur on February 13th 2008.

I was pleased that the ABC Opinions page featured my letter in its entirety.


Thank You Day

Australia Day is Invasion Day for some.

Well, I am going to declare “Thankyou Day” for my Aboriginal friends and colleagues.

• Thankyou for caring for the land for so many thousands of years and demonstrating the importance of living in harmony with nature’s laws

• Thankyou to the Elders who are the custodians of the Dreaming Stories, the ‘genesis’ of this great land that contain so much that 21st century Australia needs to know about balance, harmony and respect

• Thankyou to the Women in the centre who do the night patrol and who work tirelessly to put things right

• Thankyou to young Aboriginal Australians like Tania Major who are called from a very young age to serve community over the interests of the individual self

• Thankyou to all of the Bringing Them Home counsellors who spend their whole working life assisting the Stolen Generation to find their family and to deal with the deep grief of loss and trauma

• Thankyou to the organisers of the State Aboriginal Sports Carnival – a significant sporting event that received no mainstream media coverage in 2007, in spite of being a rich pool of emerging talent that the major leagues draw from

• Thankyou to the sisterhood shown by the members of the Aboriginal women’s group who have endured the loss of two, young members in recent times, reflecting the reality of the impact of Aboriginal people dying many years sooner than others

• Thankyou to all of the Aboriginal people I have met who demonstrate time and again resilience and tenacity in the face of systemic racism, many exiled by farming and mining interest from their home country and sacred places.

I’m very sorry that most non-Aboriginal people have had few personal connections and even fewer role models and teachers from the Aboriginal community and may never know the depth of knowledge, wisdom and spirituality that defines traditional Aboriginal ways


…….…and a very special Thankyou Nungala , a survivor and cultural warrior of the Stolen Generation who is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for family and community.

Thankyou sister for not only having the strength to heal but the courage to walk with others on their journey of grief, loss and recovery.Love You….. you inspirational Mimini~Goddess extraordinaire with fantastic hair!!


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The 13 Grandmothers Council

Posted by carolom on January 29, 2008

 From the 13 Grandmothers Site – Click here for more info)

On October 11, 2004, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from all over the world—the Arctic Circle, North, South and Central America, Africa, and Asia—arrived at Tibet House’s Menla Mountain Retreat amidst 340 acres of forests, fields and streams in upstate New York. Within a few days of convening, the grandmothers agreed to form a global alliance; to work together to serve both their common goals and their specific local concerns.

The first council gathering was a time of hope and inspiration.

The Grandmothers are both women of prayer and women of action. Their traditional ways link them with the forces of the earth. Their solidarity with one another creates a web to rebalance the injustices wrought from an imbalanced world; a world disconnected from the fundamental laws of nature and the original teachings based on a respect for all of life. 


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Spiderwoman Creating in the Night…

Posted by carolom on January 27, 2008

There are many stories about the Spider…Spiderwoman is recognised as “She who creates balance” and the careful weaving of the web shows her capacity for patience, process and rhythm.

Over the last two nights there have been three large, busy Spiders weaving webs near the herb garden…
Magnificent large webs that disappeared by the light of day, only to be re~created once the sun disappeared again…


I looked to see if I could find the Spiders by day but they were well hidden in the foliage from birds, marauding cats and hopeful humans.

I was able to capture this wonderful moment of the weaving of a beautiful Nighttime Web and have posted them in my blog especially to share Spiderwoman’s magic with Grandmother Red Spiderwoman of the 13 Grandmothers Council…

If you are interested in learning about the work that the Grandmothers Council are doing you can Click here……

In the second video you can almost get a sense of how large the web is…unfortunately torch light did not reveal the full glory of this magnificent Mandala…

Grandmother Spider Medicine

From the Animal totem / medicine web site……Click here

~Keywords for Spider Medicine~
Communication Creativity Divine Inspiration Illusion Balance Nurturing Instinct Mystery Wisdom Magic

“In the beginning, there was the dark purple light at
the dawn of being. Spider Woman spun a line to form
the east, west, north, and south. Breath entered man
at the time of the yellow light. At the time of the
red light, man proudly faced his creator.

Spider Woman used the clay of the earth, red, yellow,
white, and black, to create people. To each she attached
a thread of her web which came from the doorway at
the top of her head. This thread was the gift of
creative wisdom.
Three times she sent a great flood to
destroy those who had forgotten the gift of her thread.
Those who remembered floated to the new world and climbed
to safety through the Sipapu Pole the womb of Mother Earth.”

~Navajo Creation Story~


Many Native American tribes have Creation stories that include Grandmother Spider as the Creator who spun the ~Web of Physical Life.~ It is upon the glistening strands of this Web that all life is interconnected, with each creature being (two-legged, four legged, winged or creepy-crawly), Standing Person (tree), Stone Person, and all other forms of life, a vital and integral strand in this most beautiful and sacred Web.

To watch the Spider weave her web is to behold a beautiful artisan crafting a masterpiece of art.
The intricate yet interwoven strands are paradoxically complex yet simple, bespeaking of an innate understanding that each Individual fiber is crucial to the balance and completion of the Whole.

What is more stunning than to walk upon a Web unexpectedly as it glistens in the center of a primordial forest, or to see the threads of the same web after a spring shower, tiny raindrops of water caught in the web and glittering as though thousands of tiny diamonds have been left behind, scattered carelessly by the sun.

Such creativity is breathtaking to behold, a testament in miniature to the Creativity of the Great Spirit and the loving guidance of the Earth Mother.

For the two-legged beside whom Spider crawls, there will exist a depth of creativity that may manifest in any of a myriad of ways. Perhaps the talent is in writing prose that conveys depth of feeling and spirituality, or it may be the human counterpart is particularly skilled at creating beautiful and intricate jewelry that will often have an etheric quality to them, much like glimmering strands of a spider’s web.

Whatever channel this creativity flows through, it is a quality and gift that must be expressed and allowed the freedom to flow. If creativity is not acknowledged in the Spider individual, then a very necessary and integral part of their Life’s Purpose is being denied.

Such creativity is divinely inspired and a Gift that is given by the Great Mystery. The paradox in thisfor the Spider individual may be that they will deny an awareness of their own creativity for many years in deference to other areas of their lives which seem to call for attention. Often, the area that distracts the Spider soul most often is that of relationships as much like Grandmother Spider was forever aware of her Children, so the two-legged with this creature being as a Totem will tend to focus much of their attention on loved ones rather than nurturing and fulfilling their own needs. Yet if the Spider Soul does not give license to this creative spark, it will feel as though their life’s blood is slowly ebbing away or they are being “drained” of energy.

For the parent who has a young spider, all effort must be taken to encourage the child to develop their own individuality. Whatever form the Spider exhibits their proclivity for creative genius, that creativity ought to be enthusiastically encouraged, for this will be teaching the sensitive soul the importance of self-love and self-nurturing, while simultaneously gifting the World with the remarkable beauty these souls have come onto the Wheel to share.

As an adult, it is important that Spider Soul indulge in creativity.
If the Spider is one of your Primary Totems (Power, Theme or Mission), and you are not currently aware or recognizing of the fact that you possess creative talent, it is crucial to discover the buried talent and give it wings with which to fly. In so doing, the Soul is in greater alignment to the Purpose and Beauty of the individual Life Path.***


Another area in which Spider has been recognized as being a Creative Force, is in communication of all forms. The Senneca People believe that Spider created the first alphabet of the Two-Leggeds so that we could leave a written history of our travel, lessons learned and progress made on this walk around the Wheel of Life. Following is a recounting of the story behind the creation of that alphabet.

“Spider wove the web that brought humans
the first picture of the alphabet.
The letters were part of the angles of her web.

Deer asked Spider what she was weaving
and why all the lines looked like symbols.
Spider replied, “Why Deer, it is time for Earth’s children
to learn to make records of their progress in their Earthwalk.”

Deer answered Spider, “But they already have pictures
that show through symbols the stories of their experiences.”

“Yes” Spider said, “But Earth’s children are growing more complex,
and their future generations will need to know more.
The ones to come won’t remember how
to read the petroglyphs.”

When Spider is present as a Primary Totem, she will bring with her a gift of communication. Most often, this skill is conveyed via the written word, rather than orally delivered, as Spider Souls can be quite shy, though they are capable of weaving beautiful words in the form of poetry or fiction (think of a Spider spinning its web), that can leave the reader spellbound and enraptured.

If this talent is not obviously present, it has likely been repressed during early childhood. If this is the case, concentrated effort will need to be taken in resurrecting this suppressed talent, as part of what any Spider Soul is here to do, is to convey profound insight and wisdom via the written word. Again, this can be paradoxical, as often times the one beside whom Spider walks will be rather oblivious as to the true power of his/her words and ability to elicit strong emotions.

Parents and loved ones of Spider Souls should take great pains to encourage their child, spouse, or loved one, to explore writing. As sensual beings, the Spider individual will enjoy being given a special journal or book with textured paper, or a special pen with which they can jot down their thoughts, dreams, poetry and vivid plot scenarios.

Dreams are also an important area of the Spider’s life and they should pay special attention to their dreams. The Dreamweaver is a spider, and often it is through the slumbering hours and astral voyages that the Spider Soul will receive
his/her greatest messages and insights. Keeping a special dream journal beside the bed to quickly scribble details of especially vivid dreams prior to having them fade in the morning light, is supremely beneficial to both the spirit and creative spark of the one beside whom Spider crawls. If not a journal kept beside the bed,
then a tape recorder in which the dream can be quickly related as a recording, to be transcribed via handwritten or typed format later.


As the ~Master Weaver,~ Spider spins a web of stunning intricacy and profound beauty.
Such artistry is at the very core of many myths and legends that wind their way across every time and throughout nearly every culture, much like the glimmering strands of Spider’s Web.
In Native American tradition, the Dream Catcher is a representation of Spider’s Web. Upon the arrival of a new infant, a Dream Catcher is placed above the sleeping child, the threads of which are formed from sinew and fashioned in a beautiful flowering that can contain anywhere from five to ten individual “petals” with a small hole at its center. It is believed that the intricate pattern of the strands, attract bad dreams and energies to fall upon them. Once the negative dreams are upon the “web,” they struggle to break free and only further entangle themselves where they will be held until morning when the Sun’s rays will dissolve them. Good dreams and energy meanwhile, are allowed to slip through the center where they will travel along the beads and feathers to fall gently upon the slumbering baby below.

The two-legged beside whom Spider journeys, will possess a certain illusive and mysterious quality that is almost magical in its glamor. Indeed, Illusion in all its forms will be a key theme in the life of the Spider Soul.

Often, some of the most dazzling magicians share the Earthwalk with Spider as a Primary Totem with Spider assisting them in weaving a magic spell that enraptures a willing audience.
Likewise, Spider is frequently evident as a Totem in the lives of actors and actresses, poets, basket and blanket weavers and artists of many kinds whose glamor is part illusion, part reality.

When operating from its Lower Vibration, the two-legged is caught in the strands of the personality center wherein unresolved issues that have not been acknowledged and addressed will manifest in a variety of ways.
For some Spider individuals operating from this tangled center, lies, omissions and untruths will be spoken and woven with a complexity that is stunning to behold. Not only are these Spider types able to spin lies and half-truths, but they do so in such a skillful manner that others believe them.
Only once this tendency to weave tall tales is acknowledged in blatant self-honesty and addressed, may the Higher Vibrations be given life and the Spider individual steps free of the deceitful past into a new light of Conscious Awareness.

Yet for those Spider Souls operating from the higher vibration, the result is watching a master artisan at work.
These are the sensitive and nurturing souls that create a beautiful expression and vision that entices Others to reach for the best within themselves.
In this way, Spider and Two-legged merge in a mission of bringing beauty and enlightenment to the All.

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Tin~Bins and Groaning Fences

Posted by carolom on January 12, 2008

I live in an old suburb that is very close to the city so the inevitable buying up of the large old blocks to knock down the houses and build 2 or 3 units- much smaller, no-garden homes has been happening for some time.

I was looking around my neighbours gardens recently and came across some sites that will one day be relics of the past so I thought I’d record some of them here as the rise in concrete court years and color-bond fences takes the place of the wood, tin and foliage of old!

Old vines, fruit trees, gum trees, creepers and wooden fences that groan under natures plenty lose their life to the developers hands…


The old chook run that then became a potting  shed…old-potting-area.jpg

The tin~bin is already a museum piece in the suburbs! The “garbo” once had the body of an athlete sculpted by thousands of hours of running after the garbage truck and hoisting tin~bins up high.

Now we have big plastic wheeley bins emptied by trucks whose operators only  have to press the “load’ button .


Here is the  old fork~that~broke~in~the~middle~of~digging~the~soil and became a piece of garden art that endured thirty years of rain, drought and stray cat’s piddle!


We live in changing times…

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ScareCrows and Flowering Eucalypts…

Posted by carolom on January 3, 2008

Sal and I were out walking yesterday and discussing a project we are about to embark on.
We came upon a flowering Eucalypt (see below) and Sal drew on his background in botany to offer the analogy of the Flowering tree as a symbol for our creative ventures:
1. There needs to be a dynamic interaction
2. There are stages of development from the seeding to the bud forming to the Flowering…and along the way some of the buds may never Flower.
3. After the manifestation of the Flowers they will die off to give way to the new and ever changing cycle that is always influenced by the weather and inner / outer interplay.

I love the beautiful pink~red Flowers and the sunlight through the tree…it was a very ‘in tune with Nature’ aspect of our project conversation!


Then we came upon a sight I haven’t seen for a few years.
An urban ScareCrow! He is guarding a delicious Nectarine Tree that is only a few days away from fully ripe fruit…which of course the birds flying around the suburbs view as part of their daily smorgasboard!
A whole flock of Lorikeets and Galahs have been eating the Cootamundra wattles seeds in our front yard since late November and last week a huge family of Magpies discovered the dry pods on the ground and have been feasting on them since.
Love the fake-predator bird flying above the tree and oh~so~not~scary expression on ScareCrows face!


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