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Drama Detox Unit open for Business…

Posted by carolom on October 19, 2017


A Cautionary Tale Dedicated to the recovering Dramaholic in all of us….well many of us. This is a fictionally true transcript from Dramaholics Anonymous, held at a venue ~ and a venyou ~ nearby.


Trouble ~ “Hi my name is Trouble and I am a Dramaholic.

Person A ~ Hi Trouble”
Person B ~  “Welcome Trouble”
Person C ~ Just nods head slightly…doesn’t like to welcome Trouble anymore

Group Leader: “Welcome Trouble. It is so good you have decided to come along and we’d appreciate it if you would tell us a bit about yourself”

Trouble: “Well I was born into Trouble. My mama was a Drama Queen and my daddy was nowhere to be seen.
Mama modelled Drama to us kids very well.

She taught us to always pick the wrong kind of guy, make sure there was lots of chaos in our life before getting rid of him and then go out and find another one and get on with the whole dang thing again!. Now I look for trouble and draaama everywhere and in everything people say and do. And I sure am good at finding it!

Person A~ Praise the Lord I think we had the same mama
Person B~ Heavens above…I think I might be your mama
Person C~ silence….no longer even looks Trouble in the eye…

Group Leader:  “So what has made you decide to come to Dramaholics Anon and apply to stay in the Draaaama Detox Unit Trouble?”

Trouble:    “Well there I was in the midst of wagging my finger at yet another person who seemed to just want to make my life more complicated..my latest boyfriend who proved to be just like the last three …and all of a sudden I looked up and saw my mama standing there in front of me”

Group Leader:   “Why was this a problem”?

Trouble:   “Well she has been dead for ten years but I tell you when I looked up in that bathroom mirror and saw my mamas familiar weary face and angry brow and recognised that disappointed look in her eye, barely concealing those unshed tears…….I KNEW I was in big Trouble!
I stood there looking in the mirror and remembered all the times I had fleshed out arguments in my life.
How many times I found myself bickering with people cause they were so wrong and I was so right and I KNEW I needed to make them see my point of view. How many times  I tore peoples words apart so I could find the perfect one to be offended by…too many times to count over the years!

After all the Trouble in me had a very strong calling to point out to others their failings and how to correct their words and behaviors so they would be just like me.
Then I remembered how many times I would get to a peaceful place and it felt REALLLL uncomfortable so I would start looking around and find someone to make a bit of Trouble with or criticise someone near to me for letting me down or not acting how I thought they should be acting!

Group Leader:  “Well Trouble..you have come to the right place and the first thing we would like to do, after the big group hug , is give you a new name. So from now on we will all know you as:


”We reckon you have had enough Trouble for one life time and with your new insight, because you have finally seen that you have been creating this Drama in your life for too long now, you earn your Brand New name…

Grown Up~ formerly known as Trouble (blinking modest tears of appreciation and realistion how lonely she had been for so long whilst she was Trouble):    “Well thankyou SO much for that. I am amazed that I only had to come here to Dramaholics once to finally really get the message that when I let go of looking for and creating Trouble then I really truly am all Grown Up!…

Group Leader:   Well the realisation is just the first step Grown up, that old draaaama addiction will still have a hold at times but at least you now have an understanding of your role in these things…

The End.

…and The BEginning of Trouble beginning to finally realise that we usually find what we are looking for and the wisdom of making sure we are looking to make a positive difference in the world rather than add to the tsunami of drama, gossip, irrelevant ‘news’ and media-machinations currently consuming the planet and the consciousness of its inhabitants with its currents of draaaama….

“Men occasionally stumble across the Truth but most pick themself up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”.

“The Magical Child in Exile – Why Does the Creative Well Being Run Dry? ” is related to the “Drama Detox unit” and can be read by clicking on the dots here…………

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EVERYthing is Energy….

Posted by carolom on April 10, 2017

We live in an Electrical Universe.

What do you notice about the following sentence?

She was happy that her current circumstances had improved and continued to do so with increasing frequency.
She was now generating more income and even found people commenting that the manner in which she conducted her business affairs was very inspirational.
It seemed that her circumstances were now really moving in the direction she had decided on some time ago and she was even thinking about upping the amplitude somewhat and developing the business further than she had first envisioned
Only last week her close friend observed that many of the new strategies she had put in place, demonstrated a really enlightened approach to business and marketing.
There was an element of surprise on all of this…

 very similar Circuit’stances

All of these words are words that are used when speaking the language of both electricity and “electrical” verbs, adjectives and nouns.

They are words that relate to both the conduct of electricity and the conduct of human affairs.

The electrical activity of the brain can be tracked. People who conduct an exceptionally high voltage of electrical currents can experience a range of phenomena from epilepsy through to conducting brain activity that is often termed manic enduring thought currents that become rapid, discordant and often create havoc and heartache.
Manic and shamanic are two words closely related and both relate to energies that are not seen or felt by others.

The movie Powder dramatised what happened when someone become SO highly charged that, like with electrolysis, all body hair falls out and the person is quite literally a conductor of electricity. Because Powder conducted such high frequencies he was able to feel the feelings, thoughts and intentions of the world around him. There was no barrier between “you and me”.

It is interesting to note the following words:

Genius: Geni~In~Us

“A region of the Earths atmosphere (“atom=sphere”), extending from about 60 kilometres to approx 1,000 kilometres above the Earths surface, in which there is a high concentration of free electrons formed”.





Indigenous people of many  cultures understand the nature of the energetic universe that we are a part of and is a part of us. It is a world view that  differs vastly from the European way of conducting affairs.

A common link that many Indigenous cultures share, including  African, Aboriginal, Native American and Canadian, Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks, is that communion with nature is deeply woven into culture and spiritual practices.

It is a very different energetic relationship with time and space than in the European world view .

As is the relationship with the elements.  



The shaman, medicine men and women and people of high degree consciously work for the highest good of the community in the invisible space where the Spirit world, the energetic world and the co-creative world where mind and focused intent meet.

The human mind is a powerfully wired conductor of electricity and has a complex system of chemistry and neurological pathways ways that control the nervous system functions of thousands of bodily movements, actions and processes

The brain stem is a stalk of nerve fibres and nuclei that joins the spinal cord to the cerebellum and cerebrum and the brain stem centres automatically control activities like breathing, heartbeat, and digestion.

Neurons are nerve cells and neuro networks form the nervous system, the word “neurotic” pertains the “neuro” or nervous system.
A neurotic person is often anxious, uptight, obsessive and generally conducting their inner world in a way that does not bring peace of mind and happiness into their life.

Perhaps new’rows of thinking may be an answer to the old neuros that define fixed states and unchanging behaviors.Many people know that there is a vaster Universal Mind that many people contact with sporadically and unconsciously.
The universal mind may well be the 90% of our brain that Einstein stated remains unused.

We are both the conductor and the instrument, the melody and the lyrics, an instrument  in the orchestra and the ‘awechestration’ of our life.


I designed this Mandala to represent the Energy….

Thankyou to my friend Nungala for colouring in the black and white master copy.

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From Poverty to Prosperity in Bangladesh using Vision, Commitment and Action!

Posted by carolom on March 20, 2017

The journey from poverty to prosperity is both an individual and collective one, the opportunities and challenges often determined by the circumstances of our immediate surroundings, our  place of birth, gender, economic status,  family patterns etc

Politics, both locally and globally affect the lives of each and every individual on earth and unfortunately millions of people are living with subjugation and poverty as a direct result of the politics of a minority with a vested, greed oriented interest in land and social order.

One of the most powerful pieces of writing that I have ever read on the controversial subject of poverty in aid-reliant  countries is by Lynne Twist in her book The Soul of Money

Lynne is the former director of the The World Hunger Project and was involved in facilitating creative, new responses to poverty Bangladesh at a time when it was often referred to as the world’s ” begging bowl” for aid and relief.

The following story is about the changes and transformation  that can happen when people are shown how to Dream and create a new vision together.

It is a powerful reminder that poverty is a human-made state generated by minds often dominated by greed and thus can be eradicated by activating the power and capacities of the mind and vision and capacity to create that resides in each and every one of us, regardless of whether we are living in poverty or fortunate to be living a comfortable life, the formula for creating change is in each and every one of us.

I found an the excerpt of the Hunger Project story that I was looking for in the on line edition of Ode magazine:

“Decades of development work has made Bangladesh the world’s begging bowl; a land of desperation and dependence with no future. But even in the face of such misery one person can make a difference; without help from the outside.

A new dream and a new vision are bringing new life to the North of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is an Asian country of more than 130 million people on a landmass the size of Iowa. It once was a land abundant with tropical rain forests, a diversity of plants and animal species, and a bounty of natural resources. In the 1900s the land was denuded of its forests by foreign interest that came and went, and the land was ravaged by war and the results of poor land tenure polices. Absent the trees and vegetation that once had thrived, seasonal floods took an even greater toll on the land and the people.
Listed by the United Nations as the second poorest country in the world in the late 1970s, Bangladesh became the recipient of another kind of flood, a flood of aid, and within a short time had become almost completely dependent on aid from outside sources. Bangladesh began to have a global reputation as needy and helpless, a giant begging bowl of a nation, and within Bangladesh itself, the people came to see themselves that way, too. Bangladeshis had become convinced they were a hopeless, helpless people dependent on others for even minimal survival.

In what had become a common cycle of disintegration of villages and communities, the people in villages near the district of Sylhet were giving up, making plans to leave the region and look for subsistence work elsewhere, or send the men off to larger towns an cities to find work and send money home to support their indigent families.
Sylhet is in the northern hill region of Bangladesh, just high enough to escape the floods that submerge the surrounding lowlands periodically each year. The dry hills had surrendered long ago to an invasive jungle of prickly scrubby brush, a plant whose only fruit is poison berries. The plants all tangled together look like a massive briar patch-inaccessible, dangerous, and thick. An overgrown area had been deemed government land and was off-limits for development by local farmers. But the scrubby, poisonous plant that grew there kept spreading and invading the small plots of land that the villagers would farm, taking over the crops and poisoning the land.
For generations the villagers had scraped a meagre existence from the small plots of land the government had given them, but even that was becoming an impossible task. Young people had turned to begging on the roads and stealing. Crime was at an all-time high. So it came to be that the villagers had given up on their difficult, unproductive land and were ready tot take drastic action. Many were prepared to abandon the village and move their families elsewhere, or abandon hope for an intact family, and instead send the men elsewhere to find jobs.
The conversation among villagers was urgent and pragmatic. Where could they move or send the men that would allow them to grow enough or earn enough to provide for their families? There was also talk of asking for US financial aid to enable them to buy food and other goods without work at all.
They had given up.
They were tired and they were resigned.
They felt the answer must be somewhere else and with someone else.
They felt they just couldn’t make it on their own.

About this time, we launched The Hunger Project in Bangladesh. There were plenty of independent relief agencies in Bangladesh already doing heroic and inspiring work, but what seemed to be making sustainable improvements were the initiatives that came from the Bangladeshis themselves.
The now-famous Grameen Bank, created by Dr. Muhammed Yunus, is a micro-credit program providing small-business loans to hardworking, cash-poor women, and BRAC, a village development initiative created by Bangladeshi leader Faisal Abed, had created significant success where outsiders unfamiliar with the people had failed.
These successes and experiences in other regions had affirmed our conviction that the Bangladeshi people were the key to their own development and that outside aid was systematically and psychologically turning them into beggars instead of the authors of their own future.
As the first step in the process of forging an effective partnership, together we looked deeply into the Bangladeshi culture, their attitudes and beliefs about themselves, their resignation and hopelessness.
It became clear that after so long subsisting on aid, the people had lost touch with any sense of their own competence or any vision of their country as capable of success.
In our meetings together, the Bangladeshi leaders determined that the thing that was missing, which, if provided, would enable these people to become self-reliant and self-sufficient, was a vision of their own strengths and capabilities.

The Hunger Project committed, as a partner, to develop a program designed to enable the Bangladeshis to reconnect with a vision for themselves and their country, with an awareness of their available assets, and strategies to put their ideas into action. Out of that commitment and partnership came the Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop.
It called upon participants to engage in a series of group-discussion and visualisation exercises enabling them to imagine and envision a self-reliant, self-sufficient Bangladesh: the healthy, thriving Bangladesh they had fought for years ago in their struggle for independence.

In Bangladesh, because there are so many people, when you call any kind of a meeting, hundreds, even a thousand people can show up. People often gather in the village parks and squares. In Dhaka, the capital, there is a public park that holds easily a thousand people or more, and that is where we launched some of the early Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops. We publicised the meeting, and at the appointed time the park was packed with people. If you can picture it, this is no beautiful pastoral retreat, but a park with barely a blade of grass, packed with hundreds of these small, brown, beautiful people seated on the ground very close together, lots of babies and small children, people of all ages sitting attentively, tentatively, listening for whatever we could offer them that might be helpful.

The program opened with music, a few introductions and inspired words by community leaders, and some initial interactive exercises to bring the crowd’s energy and focus to the task at hand. Then we began the program, asking everybody to close their eyes and envision what a self-reliant, self-sufficient Bangladesh would look like:
What would it look like if Bangladesh were a country that was exporting its finest-quality goods?
What would it be like if Bangladesh were known for its art and music and poetry?
What if Bangladesh were a contributing member of the global community, instead of the big recipient, the big begging bowl receiving aid? What it would be like if Bangladeshi leadership, including Bangladeshi women, Bangladeshi men, and Bangladeshi young people, were a contribution to society?
What would that look like?

At first, people sat there very still, eyes closed, expressionless, shoulder to shoulder in the park.
A hush settled over the crowd, and the sea of faces remained still, eyes closed, in thought.
After a few minutes I noticed tears streaming down one man’s face and then another and another. People were still sitting with their eyes closed, but they were silently weeping. And then it was not just three or four, or ten or twenty faces with tears streaming down. In this crowd of more than a thousand, it was hundreds of weeping faces.

It was as if they had never in their lifetime even thought they could be self-reliant or self-sufficient or an contributing nation, that they had never imagined they could be a nation that made a difference for other nations, that they could be a nation that stood out, that had qualities that people admired, a unique role to play in the world community. It was a brave new thought.

When we completed this visioning meditation, and people shared with one another the visions they had seen for their village, their family, their school, their home, their business, their children, and their grandchildren, the vision became rich and real, palpable and exhilarating. A new future was born.
In the next section of the workshop the participants were invited to commit to their vision. They were asked not merely to envision, but to commit to being the people who would make that vision real. You could see them drop their anxiety and fear, letting go of their sense of lack and inadequacy, and step up to their own creation and commit to it. In that exercise you could see peoples posture and countenance change. People seemed to visibly strengthen. Their sense of resolve and determination was contagious, and the impossible seemed possible.
They finally broke into small groups to collaborate and design the actions they would take to fulfil their commitment to make their vision real. The actions were practical, local, doable, but in alignment with their new commitments and in service of their vision. People seemed to re-see themselves, their family, their village, and their country as able, resourceful, and potent -self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Soon these workshops were being repeated in gatherings all over, some in cities, others in villages, some just within families, and every Sunday for thousands in the square at Dhaka.
Now it happened that on a trip to Dhaka, one of the leaders of a village in Sylhet attended a Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop nearly by mistake. His name was Zilu. He was visiting his cousin in the city, and this cousin invited him to come along to the park to see what this workshop was all about. Zilu didn’t want to go. He wanted to talk to his cousin about moving his family from Sylhet in with his cousin, to share their home, so the family could leave their desolate village, hoping that Zilu could get work in the city and give them a chance for a new life. His cousin prevailed, however, and they attended the workshop together.

Zilu was completely captivated by the workshop experience, and his awakening to his own commitment to his village and the surrounding community. He stayed in Dhaka another three days and participated in a training to be a workshop leader himself. He then took the training and the vision back to Sylhet.
Back home, he called his six closest male friends together and delivered the workshop to them. With a shared vision now and unlimited commitment to develop the human and natural resources of their own region, the seven men came up with an idea and created an plan for a new agribusiness venture designed to bring the whole region out of poverty into self-reliance an ultimately into prosperity. They called it the Chowtee Project: A Bold Step for Self-Reliance.

I arrived in Sylhet just four months later, in April of 1994, with 17 travellers who were major donors to The Hunger Project. Zilu had invited us there to show us the progress he and his friends had made in the area to thank us for the contribution we were making to his country and his people.
He and his friends, whom we came to call the Magnificent Seven, told us the story of their region’s transformation and showed us the results. Zilu shared how he had returned from the workshop at Dhaka that December day inspired to look with new eyes at the resources he and his people had before them, and determined to develop a vision, a commitment and a plan of action. Once his six friends joined him in this commitment, their next step was to look at the resources they already had but had previously overlooked.
There, at the edge of town, was the fallow, hardscrabble government land covered with poison berry brambles.
The seven men met with government officials and got permission to clear seventeen acres of the tangled vegetation that had taken over their land. Then they went to the community for the money needed to buy equipment and supplies.
People drew from their meagre savings to support the initiative, and the men were able to collect the needed thousands of taka – then about US$750. Finally, they delivered their own version of the Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop to 600 people in the village of 18,000. Those 600 people got to work, building a road along the edge of the land and starting the clearing effort.

Impressed with their vision, clarity, and commitment, the government gave them a hundred acres more to develop. They trained the young people who had turned to begging and crime to cultivate and farm instead. They trained destitute women, many of them widows, to farm. In clearing the land, they were surprised to discover a previously unknown lake and small stream abundant with fish. The entire area was now under cultivation, providing food, fish, training, and employment for hundreds of people. All 18,000 people in the immediate area had benefited from this activity, and an area that had been wracked with poverty was now becoming self-sufficient and beginning to flourish. The crime rate had dropped by an astounding 70%.

We walked the fields with Zilu and the rest of the Magnificient Seven, and visited the fisheries and the training fields. We were overwhelmed by the people’s vitality, joy, and success.
I realised as I walked with them that they had accomplished this feat with almost no help from the outside. They had had what they needed all along-the land, the water, the intelligence, the muscle, and the capacity to put it all together-but had lost touch with those resources and capabilities in the climate of ‘Third World’ aid and the hopelessness and presumed incompetence that had come with it. Once they were inspired to see themselves differently, to see themselves as strong, creative, and capable, their commitment knew no limits. Success was inevitable.

Looking at the fields, once impenetrable jungle and brush, I thought about our own lives, and that which covers over the soil of our dreams, that which temporarily blocks our inner vision or capacity to see. In their world, it was the jungle and the confusing message of aid telling them that they were incomplete and needy and not able to make it on their own. They had bought into that, and as long as they did, they couldn’t see the resources in front of them. Once they had focused their attention on their own unlimited inner resources, the outer resources materialised, suddenly accessible. They could begin to see that what they needed had been there all along.

I never forgot the Magnificent Seven. When you are crushed by the victim mentality, as they were, your ability to dream and envision is crushed, too. It goes dead. When I find myself groping for what’s beyond my grasp, I hear their words in my head and know that if I can re-look from the inside out and access and appreciate what’s already there, what’s already available, then its power, utility, and grace will grow and prosper in the nourishment of my attention.

Lynne Twist author of The Soul of Money

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You are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station…

Posted by carolom on May 15, 2007

*Edited April 16th 2018

The following short essay was written by Ernest Holmes over 40 years ago…it is a timeless classic and a reminder that many of the seemingly new and original concepts and metaphors written by people like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra and many lesser known authors go way back in time.
In the 21st Century we are repackaging old Truths in new high-tech-formats at a level of accessibilty never seen before and that’s why so many of the authors are saying the same thing in the self development movement.

Wallace Wattles was writing about the very same things Ernest Holmes was saying, and Joseph Murphy, Catherine Ponder, Judge Thomas Troward, James Allen, Ralph Waldo Trine, Florence Schovill Shinn…on and on the list goes…. and many of these New Thought authors, including Ernest and Wallace can be read for free on line here:

Cornerstone Books

(Scroll half way down the page to the three column section and click on over two dozen authors all saying the same things in a wonderful variety of styles and stories….)

That invisible, unseen realm of Intuition and Energy is far better understood by many Indigenous cultures where intuition, Energy and connection have not been overlayed and covered by linear world of the man-made systems that are often the very opposite to our natural essence and Energetic core.


“You are a Spiritual Broadcasting station”
By Ernest Holmes

Image source:Crystal Links

“Did you ever stop to think that you are a Spiritual and mental broadcasting station and that messages are going out from you in all directions, even as you sleep-messages which have an influence on your environment and the people around you? And since everything moves in circles, the messages you broadcast will come back to you.

We are all broad casting stations whether we know it or not. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our faiths and fears tend to make an imprint in our environment.

We are also receiving sets but it does not follow that we must tune into every program being broadcast.

If a persons mind is filled with animosity and resentment people will feel it, whether or not he says a word.
This animosity arouses within others who have resentment and animosity a feeling like his own.

His thoughts tune into theirs and theirs immediately respond by flowing back into him. One accentuates the other.

On the other hand if we are surrounded by people who have resentment and animosity, but you have none, you will not tune in.
Their vibration, their airwaves bypass you and their antagonism does not arouse an equal antagonism in you because you are not broadcasting the same mental wavelength.

A person who confidently expects good things to happen, who expects everyone to like him and who expects to find happiness in life wherever she goes will not only be broadcasting these thoughts which will make other people happy, she will be receiving them in return.
Because she feels friendly, people will respond with friendliness.

We should decide to think the affirmative side of life or accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

In doing this we must make up our minds that we are not going to receive the criticism or the negative state or the animosity of anyone.

And let us not forget the importance of keeping our minds in a state of good-natured flexibility.
We have to be flexible and tolerant as well as positive and affirmative.

And even if someone throws a brick at us, we need not catch it.
It is far better just to step aside.
When we catch the bricks that are thrown at us it is generally for one purpose, to throw them back. And the first thing we know the air is full of bricks and what a mess that makes.
It will help if we decide to play the game of life in a happy way”.

Puts a whole new perspective on a Brainstorm….

Click here for more ‘visual puns’….

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The Greener Grass we are seeking….

Posted by carolom on April 29, 2007

“Sometimes the greener grass we are looking for is right there under our feet….we just haven’t been watering it very much lately!..

“Sometimes the greener grass we are looking for is right there under our feet….we just haven’t been watering it very much lately!……

I remember years ago I went to live in London from Oz and after the hype and hoo-haa of the journey and the preparation and the settling in, I was sitting in Hyde Park one day and to my great surprise and ‘oh-no’, I noticed that even though I had travelled across the world to much greener pastures and wider horizons….once I got there…..many of those same old feelings and the inner restless discontent I had left back in the dry old paddocks was STILL there…

Back then it had never occurred to me to water the dry grass back home and begin to weed and seed within…the greener pastures just seemed to have the answers I was looking for…..

Here is what I ended up doing eventually when I was finally, inescapebly faced with a patch of dry, hard grass-less ground under my feet….




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A Cup of the Outback and Travelling without baggage….

Posted by carolom on April 25, 2007

More and more as time goes by coincidence, serendipity and synchronicity appear in all manner of creative ways.

Today Marcy from Maui invited people to click on to a direct broadcast of the Dalai Lama on Maui.

What a thrill and a gift!! I was able to enjoy a full two hours of traditional music and welcome and a divine discourse from the Master of Compassion himself.. The wind spirits were dancing all around the stage …and in my back garden…and it was wonderful to be able to be there in cyber-form as the event was happening.

Thankyou sew much Marcy.

Throughout the two hours we popped into the discussion thread, kind of like the chat you have to the person next to you when you are experiencing something special….this was two of the posts:

I KNOW this is the power of Desire, of ASKING and Allowing!



It’s the little things that I love about the Mirrorcle of life…


After the broadcast was over I went into Sals studio to pick up his coffee mug for a refill…and was delighted to see a very interesting image in his coffee grains and stains:

Uluru!! sitting right there in the centre of the mug looking just like a coffee painting…the mug mirroring the images I had been talking about a half an hour before. The white ‘sky’ space around the coffee-grain Uluru is very similar to the shape of Australia.

One of our discussions in the Dalai Lama thread had been in response to the comment his Holiness made regarding the importance of traditional Indigenous Cultures retaining Identity.
Here in Oz, the image of Uluru is a powerful symbol of the Dreamtime, traditional Aboriginal land and ancient culture so I was tickled-Ochre to see how my observation of the coffee cup and responding with great feeling to the Indigenous culture commentary morphed into one gorgeous Mirrorcle yet again!!

But wait! There is more…..

There was also discussion and appreciation made over how, through the internet, we can be somewhere as it is happening and feel the vibrations as clearly as if we were there physically. So I guess it is not surprising that the latest radio program pod cast of “Bush Telegraph”, which I downloaded at random onto my I-pod for a post-Maui walk, was about 3,000 rural women from across the globe who are meeting in Africa for a world conference and how some of the Australian women who are not able to be there in person are attending via a sophisticated video-broadcast system that enables them to be seen and heard, to participate in planning sessions, deliver papers and network from their own homes in another country.

Having just returned from Maui and my front row seat with the Dalai Lama I was just SO right there with the woman from rural Victoria who was talking about their appreciation of the technology that is so state of the art it automatically swtiches between videos to who ever was talking or answering a question.

Coffee cups and sacred rocks, Cyber-conferencing and workshops…sigh….what an amazing time to be alive!

*You can see an image of Uluru in my blog here: ….What do The Secret and Uluru have in common?

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The controversy generated by Imus- hmm…same word as ‘I’m-Us’!

Posted by carolom on April 18, 2007

The Oprah Winfrey forums are bubbling and steaming with responses after the viewing of the show that came about as a result of the Imus comments…which I actually do not know the exact nature of other than they were inflammatory and divisive…and a catalyst which is the most valuable aspect of any overtly racist / derogatory controversies.

I run Art based self empowerment programs based on the Mandorla, that almond shape created when two circles meet.
The Mandorla reminds us that we are all One & as human beings we are intimately exchanging one another on the breath. Separation is merely an illusion created by the outer constructions of how we have developed societies & class /cultural divides.

Here on Soul School Earth we are evolving & maturing on an individual & collective level & there are many ways we get to get the Lessons and the B’Lessons.

The drive for connection & authenticity & the drive for power & control will always generate oppositional {{{currents}}} that determine our {{{current}}} circumstances.

The American Government long ago identifed itself to be the “Super Power” here on Earth & as the only true Super Power in the Universe is
LOVE, it is not surprising that America is currently taking a deeply introspective look at many of the values & beliefs & behaviours that have not only shaped the hearts & minds of past generations, but are the soul-food for the {{{current}} generation of children.

One day I just know that EVERYone will understand the message & power of the Mandorla click here.
The Mandorla is the place that is created where two circles cross over and where our circles do not meet, that is th eplace where we learn fomr one anothers story.

In the meantime as we continue our collective and individual journey of enlightenment, we are collectively like unruly adolescents, messing up our personal space (polluting Mother Earth), fighting one another (school yard bullying & violence), calling one another names, not clearing up our mess, blaming the OTHER person..

Energy can not be destroyed & the emotional energies of hatred & racism will always swell & expose the current module needing attention
& development in the soul School curriculum.

The wonderful thing is that for RACISM to shift to ‘CARISM’, we only
need to make a slight adjustment…..move the C…to “C” things a little differently.

LOVE is the answer

FORGIVENESS is the key

WISDOM is the doorway and

….The path we are ALL on is our collective recovery from “Who I AM~AMnesia” back to the place where we are all One.

So many of us are the “Magical Child in Exile’ and if you Click Here it will lead you to a story about what happened to to the Magical Child…black /white /male/ female…

This is all about us returning to Love.

Will it take a Miracle? yes!


Same letters, same word from a different view…..therefore we just need to RECLAIM LOVE and remember our Connection to one another… for the MIRACLEs…the Mirrorcles…to appear.

It is all unfolding exactly as it should here in the class rooms of Soul School Earth and we are moving into some very serious modules of wisdom, maturity and mastery as these ‘controversies’ unfold.

Lets get people CREATING together!

Let’s get Creative !! -Click here to see one way of sharing creatively inspiring time….

Let’s Draw and Draw in our New Vision…

I created these posters because sometimes we just need to picture it!

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New Age Road Rage- Law of attraction running amok

Posted by carolom on March 27, 2007

This semi fictional piece was written after spending a great deal of time travelling on the city and suburban roads in the mid-late 90’s at a time when technology was making a huge in road to our daily lives at the same time as the ‘self actualisation’ industry began to pop up with a never before seen choice of healing, feeling, growing modalities to suit every persons need….

New Age Road Rage

She was stationary at the traffic lights, a mobile phone pressed snuggly to her ear. At the precise moment that the emerald disc flashed permission to go forth her lap-top computer which was open and operational on the seat beside her, slid forward and fell to the floor.
She experienced two automatic responses. Dropping the phone into her lap she simultaneously obeyed the command to accelerate whilst retrieving the lap top from it’s upright position.

She leant forward as she accelerated. It caused her personal-organiser multi storage-glows-in-the-dark mobile phone to fly off her lap and land on her left foot. She wove dangerously close to the next lane of traffic, placing a bus full of children, a plumber in his van, two Japanese tourists in a rental car and three bowling ladies in an old FC Holden at serious risk
The children squealed:
“Watch out, watch out, it’s a drive by office. It’s a techno-terrorist. Aaaahhhh”
There were screams and pandemonium as twenty-two faces pressed at the windows with frightened intrigue.
The bus driver reacted with the conditioned response of someone who encounters drive-by’s every day. He downed his foot and sped past the life threatening mobile office whilst the children screamed out “ pull over pull over ”.
Some were seeing a drive-by office for the very first time!

The vehicular office was a buzz with dangerous activity as the heavy metal steering lock jiggled dangerously close to the lap-top computer which was still splayed open on the passenger side floor.

“Hmm…” she thought. “Perhaps I should pull over.”
Still running on the adrenaline and excitement of regaining control, she responded to the idea with trigger light enthusiasm, causing her to cut in front of the startled bowling ladies in the FC Holden whilst four other cars performed a synchronised brake dance.

All around expletives rose and fell like dominoes but she remained oblivious to the furore she had created.
She would never know that Thelma, the best bowler on the team had emitted the four-letter word when she was forced to take evasive action.
Her team-mates sat in shocked silence. The drive-by office had claimed more victims in its wake.
Thelma had lost innocence in her bowling buddies eyes. They would never have thought their esteemed team member could be so un-Christian under pressure. Thelma’s foul language was unforgiveable and marked a turning point in the bowling teams future.

With practised expertise the phone-wielding, office-driving terrorist came to a dramatic halt in a no standing zone.
Flicking the hazard lights on, she retrieved the mobile phone.
“Hello, are you still there?” she asked warmly.
The equally pleasant and very patient man on the other end of the phone had no idea that she had saved them from danger in their near miss mobile tragedy.
“Yes, yes I’m here.”
“Sorry about that little delay. I’ll just have a look in my diary.”
She lit up a cigarette as she spoke, careful not to click the lighter too close to the phone.

Discretion. Such an important aspect of projecting just the right image for her job and smoking had become so unpopular these days.
Such judgement people place on one another!

“Yes, I can fit you in on Tuesday the 12th.”

Reaching over, she turned herself sideways, readjusted the laptop and started to type. (She was very impressed that the near miss tragedy had not upset the function of the little computer).
“I’ll just get a few details from you.”
Around her the traffic bleated its protest. A horn blared and a van tooted to tell her she was blocking the traffic flow.
“Bloody drive-by office” one angry florist screamed. “Why don’t ya get a real office ya moron!”

She was oblivious to their indignation. Her hazard lights were on so surely they could see this was an emergency?
She took the enquirers name, age and date of birth. Noted he was a Virgo and made a mental note that he probably had issues with criticsm and excessinve neatness.

At 4:45 on a Wednesday afternoon she efficiently conducted a preliminary interview in the midst of the peak hour build up.
“Yes I’ll look forward to seeing you then. No you don’t need to bring your own pillow if you choose to do the weekend intensive.
All we ask you to bring is a positive attitude and an open mind! At New Rage Alternatives we believe that to change our life we need to change our thoughts. Grow with the flow and things will get better before you know.”

The eager caller agreed. He knew his brother had put him onto the right person to help him. It just felt so..so right!

“Okay, look forward to seeing you on the 12th”
He hung up the phone chanting a little mantra to himself:
“Changing your thinking can stop you from sinking…
Changing your thinking can stop you from sinking……hmmm……I hope I don’t have to share aroom with a slob that weekend
Changing your thinking can stop you from sinking”…

She clicked the compact little phone shut and looked in the rear view mirror.
In the far distance she saw the tell-tale shape of an on-coming patrol car and with practised skill she repositioned the lap top on the seat beside her as she pulled out into the traffic, cutting in front of an off duty pizza delivery driver.
Her decisive action caused him to slam on his brakes frightening the peaceful ruminations on last weekends camping trip right out of him, leaving him startled and defensive!

“Bloody idiot” he screamed. “You drive-by mobile moron”

She turned up the volume on her sense-surround stereo and the seductive calm of ocean waves mingled with the cigarette smoke and her lavender perfume.

“Careful buster!….your negative thoughts will end up attracting you an accident” she mumbled pleasantly as the waves rolled and tumbled around her.
She accelerated her drive-by office and headed North.

The pizza driver increased his speed and leant forward to read the words emblazoned on the back window of her lipstick red BMW.
New Rage Alternatives. Let US help YOU gain control.
“Bloody yuppy hippy” he yelled, scaring Bronson his great dane who was sitting illegally on the back seat of his employers car.

She saw his face in her rear view mirror. It was contorted and twisted with rage.
She shook her head sadly, tutting in sage like fashion.
“Oh if only he could realise that his attitude is creating his reality…that’s a dangerous amount of anger he is vibrating there”
She exhaled dramtically, releasing the unpleasant feeling he had unleashed into the smoke filled car.
“ahhh…thats better breathing in the positive….exhaling the negative”……

She drew the image of a glorious white-light bubble around her to deflect the waves of vitriol the outraged driver was projecting towards her.

By the time he over took her he was wearing a nasty sneer and experiencing violent thoughts so it was not surprising that further up the road a radar gun clocked him exceeding the limit by two hundred and fifty dollars.
She sailed past doing 61 peaceful kilometres and she sighed knowingly when she saw the leather clad policeman emerge from the bushes and flag the culprit down.
“That guy has got no idea how his thoughts just manifested that speeding fine. He would really benefit from our Believe not Decieve seminars…”

Her thoughtfulness was interrupted when the mobile phone began to chirp cheerily in her lap.
She twisted the wheel slightly causing her to swerve to the right as she fumbled for the tiny little answer button, veering over the white line once again…
Her erratic actions impacted the traffic with no forewarning, frightening the driver in the big black vehicle in the next lane.
He was heading back to the funeral parlor and the unexpected swerve by the car in the lane next to him caused him to brake suddenly, almost dislodging the empty coffin in the rear of the hearse.

He slammed his hand onto the centre of the wheel, hitting the horn with such force that the ensuing blast of noise would surely have awoken his cargo had it been earlier in the day.
He immediately took a deep breath, steaming the window as he exhaled….

“Oh well, idiots like that are good for business” was his first thought once his heart had stopped racing and his mind could think clearly again. He had recently finished reading the New York times best selling self help book ,Choose Your Reality by Isis Magique and he had been practicing turning negative experiences into positive ones since.

“That duck-brain driver just gave me the perfect opportunity to take charge of my internal state”.
He smiled with the satisfaction of knowing he had just taken control of his emotional response.
Ms Magique would be impressed with her enthusiastic student indeed!

The driver of the bright red BMW was oblivious to the smiling face of the hearse driver along side her as she brought the phone to her ear…. “Hello, New Rage Alternatives- changing your thinking can stop you from sinking…. How can I help you to help yourself?”.

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Law of Attraction instructional Music…”Time”…Magic!

Posted by carolom on February 20, 2007

The following link will take you to one of the most powerful ‘state altering’ pieces of Law of Attraction lyrical~instruction that I have ever come across.
Have others heard this magnificent piece before?

Read what the lyrics have to say about the Mind:

” A Mind that is in its natural state of order
is in harmony with the Universe,
and such a mind is timeless.
Your life is an expression of your Mind.
You are a creator of your own Universe”

This is a very significant piece of music and when I came across the free-mp3 on the net a couple of years ago, I was thrilled as I had only ever heard it played once late at night on a radio show.

It is best listened to with earphones on….(Angelfire does not allow direct links from blogs so you will need to copy and past the following URL)


~ The Theme from TIME ~

Stand before me on the Sign of Infinity all you of the Earth.
With the granting of the “Law of Provenation”
comes the application of change.
I will give you the key.
And with this knowledge, please realize,
comes the responsibility of sharing it.
I will show you the way (it’s very simple).

Throughout the Universe there is order.
In the movement of the planets…in nature…
and in the functioning of the human mind.
A mind that is in its natural state of order
is in harmony with the Universe,
and such a mind is timeless.
Your life is an expression of your mind.
You are a creator of your own Universe,
for as a human being you are “free to will”
whatever state of being you desire through the use of your thoughts and words.

There is great Power there.

It can be a blessing or a curse.

It’s entirely up to you, for the quality of your life
is brought about by the quality of your thinking.
Think about that.

Thoughts produce actions.
See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the fear
and all the other attitudes that cause you pain and discomfort.
Realize that the one thing you have absolute control over is your attitude.
See the effect that it has on those around you,
for each life is linked to all Life and your words carry with them chain reactions like a stone that has been thrown into a pond.
If your thinking is in order, your words will flow directly from the heart,
creating ripples of love.

If you truly want to change your world, my friends,
you must change your thinking.
Reason is your greatest tool.
It creates an atmosphere of understanding which leads to caring which is Love. Choose your words with care.
Go forth….with Love.

Our Thoughts water the Garden of our life and barren Thinking can never create a bounty of Love…

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Dad’s 70th Birthday….Sing Along with Ken…

Posted by carolom on February 11, 2007

Our Dad, Ken was gifted with a wonderful voice and in our growing years he was a popular singer at the local working mans club.
In his earlier life he had jet black curly hair and whilst Tom Jones still had his original nose, people often said he looked and sounded like Tom Jones…

Over the years Dad stopped singing except around the house…so I decided that for his 70th Birthday today, the 11th of February…. it woud be great to have a “Sing along with Ken” session….

We all loved hearing Dad sing when we were kids and have vivid memories of Mum and Dad dressed for their night at the Club, very much the hip-couple in their groovy outfits and matching good looks. Old Spice after shave and Taft Harispray and Hypnotique perfume hovered in the house long after they had left for their once a week time out and time together time with the other couples at the Club…

We are not a large family…so I made everyone a song-booklet to accompany the “Sing Along with Ken” compilation …

Dad was very surprised when he opened his present……
Mum was very pleased with the outcome of our Secret conversations with her list of Dads favourites…

It didn’t take long before we were all singing along to Moon river, I Walk the Line….and quite a few more that my niece and nephew had never heard of….

Sal, my beloved, came out with a baritone voice I had not heard before…
Sister Chris in the foreground almost got away with not having her photo taken…

And Sister Jacqui really put heart and Soul into her rendition of Moon River…

Sam…the much loved Samoyd~Border Collie decided he would join in with the singing and he did a very good job indeed even though he didn’t have his own song book!

In September our parents, Ken and Maureen celebrate 50 Golden Years of marriage……they met when they were 17 .

Tennessee Ernie Fords “Give me your word” was ‘their” song…
We sang it today of course….

It is a blessing that we are all fit and well …and can finally sing the same tune …together….

What a Magical day we had…and true to the teachings on the Law of Attraction, when we clearly state our desire with the feeling of Love and Joy and put ACTION to that desire…we will create the perfect situation every time!

That is Practical Magic in ACTION!

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