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From the Centre of My Being

Posted by carolom on December 2, 2006

I’m working on a handout for a workshop for people who work with clients whose life has been affected by crime.
I have been invited to do the training after one of the managers attended my workshop “Creativity in the Workplace”…
There was close to a hundred people making manadalas and creating butterflies (the symbol of transformation) together…

It was a delight to see much dormant creativity come alive as people were given permission to play and create in the work time space.

I have compiled two lists…one with words that create a sense of happiness, peace and well being and the other that contains the language of crime and suffering….I won’t type examples here because the resonance of the negative list is not welcome in my journal……
The list encourages the participants to look around in their work place and assess the day to environment that they spend so much of their life amongst……are there posters with images and words of pain, struggle and injustice all over the walls ? ……(there usually is in crisis related workplaces)….

Unfortunately most people don’t realise that they are subliminally reading and breathing in the same miasma and suffering of the circumstances they are seeking to change / support when they are in a highly charged, negative / suffering oriented atmosphere.

The learning outcome of the workshop is to raise awareness about the secondary impact of the criminal world they are dealing with on a daily basis, the language, the stories, the Thought time that goes into managing heavy-duty cases…and the long term stress factors when working day after day with pain and heartache.

…….And the difference that introducing creativity and inner-management practices to staff training and development can make for staff members well being as well as take client service delivery to a whole new level.

I use the example of a friend of mine who was working in foster care at the time, placing children out of horrendous situations on a daily basis.
He walked past a book on my kitchen shelf called: “Your Vitamin Profile”….
He turned to me and said:
“hmmm Your Victim profile….that sounds ike an interesting book”…..

It was all in the ‘V’ and the ‘M’..he sees the word Victim daily, writes about, engages with it, thinks about it and talks about it…..thus the world is a victim saturated place….

We get so coded and hypnotised by our workplace circumstances we begin to see the mirror of it in the world around us….”Life is a Mirrorcle”………which is a wonderful thing…..Unless all we are dealing with every day is stress, frustration, pain and limitation in case management /service delivery.

For people who work in crisis / crime environments it’s also important, when discussing Health and Well Being to be aware that if the little box-space we are working in is part of a larger building that has no open windows and thus recycles the air supply day in and day out through the airconditioning. then we are inhaling and exhaling the sighs and sorrows of the clients who come for support on a minute by minute basis.
Therefore environmental as well as internal energy management’ is critical for the long term well being and health of everyone contained within those closed and airless spaces.

Mandalas and creativity are a very powerful antedote for much of the stale and blocked energy that accumulates in the workplace.

I designed the following Mandala to represent re-connecting with the heart space:

From the Centre of My Being...flows a River of Love


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