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Breathtaking is the canvas when the Sky Gods illuminate the heavens on a warm summers night…

Posted by carolom on May 6, 2008

I recently drove a western suburbs beach area as the sun was setting.

The sunset was dramatic. Cloud spirits appeared, dazzling streams of light…a big glowing orb landing on the horizon as the sun set.

Truly growing older could not possibly mean failing eye sight
……I feel like I am seeing things better than ever before…and EVERYwhere!

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One of those ‘must get around to it’ projects…..I finally got around to it!

Posted by carolom on May 4, 2008

Some time last year Sal mentioned that as I had commandeered the best end of the couch, I had the table and the lamp and he would really like somewhere to rest his cuppa too!

So as per the no-such-thing-as-coincidence by coincidence the very next day I came across one of those craft-kit tables in a second hand store for less than a cup of tea and pkt of biscuits.

I painted it in a colour to match the very-comfy-new-couch-with-the-swing-out-recliner-at-each-end and never got past doing the first coat of the design….

What better way to spend easter than painting in my outdoor studio on the egg-shaped template, completing the process begun over a year ago….after all Easter is all about endings and beginnings…

Here is the table from half done to complete…

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Tandanya (Adelaide) is a beautiful City that sits on the traditional Aboriginal (Kaurna) Land…

Posted by carolom on May 4, 2008

Tandanya is the Kaurna Aboriginal name for the Adelaide city area and was for many, many thousands of years, a place for special ceremonies connected with Red Kangaroo Dreaming. Adelaide is built on Kaurna (pronounced Garn-na) land.
Source -Tandanya Web Page

The older I get the more I am able to appreciate the simple things in life…like living in a city that has a river flowing through its center…and many black swans, pelicans, ducks, galahs, cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets swimming, flying and nesting along the river banks…

i took some photos today as we walked a few kilometers from Bonython Park into Elder Park (cappaccino break)…and back again. (Just realised I can’t spell cappaccino properly!)

Beautiful day out in the city that recently endured over 2 weeks of 100oF + wether, months of no rain…but is now green and moist again, true to the elemental cycle of a City in the desert.

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They say that eventually we begin to act like the people we spend most of the time with…

Posted by carolom on May 4, 2008

Is this true or does it just relate to the animal kingdom I wonder?

These two Pelicans give food for thought……we met them whilst enjoying a walk along the river that winds through this beautiful city we live in….

The other day my partner and I set out to go for a walk and I noticed we were……Dressed the same!!
Too weird…kahki trousers, light, long sleeved top, black sleeveless jacket over the top.

Quick wardrobe change!!!…….

Snooze Snooze

Yawn yawn

Stand stand

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Tin~Bins and Groaning Fences

Posted by carolom on January 12, 2008

I live in an old suburb that is very close to the city so the inevitable buying up of the large old blocks to knock down the houses and build 2 or 3 units- much smaller, no-garden homes has been happening for some time.

I was looking around my neighbours gardens recently and came across some sites that will one day be relics of the past so I thought I’d record some of them here as the rise in concrete court years and color-bond fences takes the place of the wood, tin and foliage of old!

Old vines, fruit trees, gum trees, creepers and wooden fences that groan under natures plenty lose their life to the developers hands…


The old chook run that then became a potting  shed…old-potting-area.jpg

The tin~bin is already a museum piece in the suburbs! The “garbo” once had the body of an athlete sculpted by thousands of hours of running after the garbage truck and hoisting tin~bins up high.

Now we have big plastic wheeley bins emptied by trucks whose operators only  have to press the “load’ button .


Here is the  old fork~that~broke~in~the~middle~of~digging~the~soil and became a piece of garden art that endured thirty years of rain, drought and stray cat’s piddle!


We live in changing times…

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A Bush Picnic for Boxing Day…

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2007

We decided to spend Boxing Day in the hills around Adelaide and went to Para Wirra (a word made up from two Aborginal [Kaurna]  words meaning ‘water’ and ‘forest’). 

We encountered an Emu, a Kangaroo (look closely in the photo for the ‘roo who was watching us from the bushes)…a Duck who had me eating out of her hand…a big Lizard Rock…

With yummy~delicacies picnic of  Christmas left overs and a thermos of tea and coffee..Sal and I spent the day breathing the Eucalyptus air of the Australian bush.

I was in London a few years ago for the ice~Christmas and would not trade the ‘traditional Christmas’ climate when we can enjoy salads, stone fruits, sea food and crisp cool wine for Christmas down~under!…

This is  the Lizard Rock Story:

Sal in the ‘mouth’ of the Lizard… 

Kangaroo keeping an eye on us from behind the bushes…kangaroo.jpg  

Very Big Emu casually strolling across the car park on the way to the bushes on the other side…

Gorgeous and not-scared-of-humans Duck joined us for lunch…

 Duck was so cool and relaxed that she even took to jumping off the ground to reach the bread I held up for her!

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Farewell Beloved Apricot Tree…

Posted by carolom on December 15, 2007

Christmas down under is defined by sun, stone fruits, sand and summer…

In the garden of the now-vacant house next door a wonderful 60 year old Apricot Tree, planted just after the war, has produced magnificent organic, juicy fruit for the ten years I have lived here..Sal has made many pots of jam and apricot deserts (all women should have a man who has his own set of cookbooks!) …and the abundance of rich, chemical free fruit has been something I look forward to from September onwards once the leaves have returned and the tiny fruit buds begin to erupt all over the Tree in late winter.

Unfortunately the Apricot Tree has been slowly dying….a branch here and another branch there…it seemed that this would be the last crop and I watched as the remaining branches became heavier and heavier with the summer bounty.Just when the fruit was about two weeks away from ripening…CRASH!!…down came the branches, too heavy for the old dried trunk to support.You can see how it looks here… 


 Well in a true demonstration of Mother Natures resilience and in spite of the split where the branch meets the trunk, the limb has stayed alive, the leaves still green and shiny and even though the fruit is on the ground it is still ripening. Tonight we gathered two big buckets with more to come over the next few days.Sal made that yummy desert, ‘Kafootie’ (not sure how to spell it…it is an apricot and creamy-egg pancake type mix, cooked in the oven and served with cream).I have great sentiment and appreciation for this dying fruit tree, it featured in our first short film and has weathered many storms, including unruly tenants who neglected to prune and a dry winter with less water than years passed.I gave the Apricot Tree a heart felt hug this afternoon and when I stepped back over my side of the fence…something caught my eye!  This is what it was: 


A tiny little new Apricot Tree (and another a few feet away), sprouting unexpectedly in my garden, birthed by the big old Mother Apricot tree leaving a reminder that death is indeed a new beginning and the passing of anyone or anything is simply a ripple in the Ocean where we are all interconnected at the deepest level…I will miss this wonderful old Tree creaking alongside my fence line and producing tiny golden “suns” like clockwork in late December…

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Mandalas in my Garden…and a ‘Mandrake’?!

Posted by carolom on October 7, 2007

Sal and I spent the afternoon in the garden.
Whilst Sal put in some more summer vegies I took some images of Natures Mandalas…bushes and shrubs flowering around the garden…..

You can see the three-dimensional glorious red Bottle Brush flower…a cylindrical Mandala that is in magnificent bloom right across the plains here in Adelaide.
The pumpkin Mandala that appeared at the end of a winding plant-trail, quite some way from where the seedlings were planted.
Then there is the golden orange calandula and delicate purple flowers…There is a tiny green lemon that will blossom to a bright yellow ball over the next few weeks and alittle orange ball that was once a Rose… Magic!

I love the pink flowers with the 5 mauve dots in the centre of the Mandala flower…it reminds me of a turtle.

….And right there at the end of the photos there is an old spinach root that looks like the Mandrake plant which is designated mystical powers by sciptwriters and Magicians across the world!….;-)

Can you see the face on the Spinach root, the wild hair and expressive arm?……I sure can…..

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Magpies Singing in the Spring…

Posted by carolom on September 24, 2007

It is Spring and my front garden was blooming Magpies today…. a family of 10 or so are out there singing and scratching for Cootamundra Wattle Seeds.

This gorgeous little guy was one of the main singers in the group and he allowed me to get quite close to him…and that was when I noticed he did not have a tail!

Have a listen to his song…and how he lets us know that just cause a part is missing, doesn’t mean you can no longer sing or fly…

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The Healing Power of Nature, Releasing Old Patterns & the ART of Change…

Posted by carolom on September 20, 2007


‘Mother Nature is in our Nature as we travel through the seasons and cycles of Life’….

 Growing & Learning, Creating New Habits & Developing Positive New Patterns

is Governed by  Seasons & Cycles. Just like Nature

I have just completed a series of Art based empowerment workshops for three community groups involving Women across the health, homeless and domestic violence sectors. Recognising what holds us back and creating new Stories based on new insights…

Some the participants are members of the Stolen Generation – survivors of the government policy of stealing Aboriginal children from their mothers and incarcerating them in institutions as part of the ‘White Australia” policy. Many people continue to be affected by the high numbers of deaths, suicides and grief in the Community as a direct result of this intergenerational trauma.

How to find peace of mind, create beauty and reclaim the right to a fulfilling life are the every day challenges that many of the Women face. Their strength and tenacity is astounding and the impact of the opportunity to create art and share stories through creativity affirms the importance of ART as a tool for change…

Here are two of the pieces created from my series of black and white templates…I coloured two as samplers and the other is by the Goddess M from an Aboriginal Women’s group. A survivor of the removal from her family and community when she was just a little girl, M gave freely of her art and permission to share it here before her untimely passing.

M recorded made a short film of her Story before she passed, a loving gift to her children and grandchildren and a testament to her resilience and tenacity in the face of such deep grief and loss. We miss her.

Not everyone learns best by reading books – many people fall between the gap in western education and do not read or write with ease…so it is important that their learning and their healing needs be approached in a Creative manner.

For some, regardless of their literacy levels, embracing the opportunity to learn by creating, using colour and Vision on paper is the beginning of reclaiming and renewing their long-long relationship with the Creative, free flowing Self…

Creativity, colouring in the Mandala~Affirmation sheets engages on a visual and kinesthetic level- many Women tell me they actually hear more of the personal devleopment information when they are able to colour in , than if they have to sit still and look to the front of the room. I hear this time and time again and have seen many a young social worker student have an ‘ah ha’ moment when she sees how powerful the process is and realises how little information and training is given around the power and importance of Creativity in the social work training curriculum.

Art based development is far more culturally relevant to Aboriginal people, an oral tradition culture where art and symbology are the rich language of education and connection. People across all cultures enjoy the relaxation and ‘mind massage’ that the rhythmic, creative process invokes and often say it is a relief from ‘thinking thinking thinking” all the time…

I see dozens of my black and white template Art pieces coloured and painted and have never seen two that look the same… such is the unique individuality of each of the Women engaging with the tools of the Art of Change.

“I Now Release the Patterns that no Longer Serve Me”

This particular Affirmation requires a “Warning…this statement is not to be taken lightly” because women find that when they engage with the ‘letting go’ process, things do indeed begin to change…and that can create uncertainty and an unexpected shift in old structures, from the known to the unknown which means having to let go of fixed patterns and outdated ways of relating to others…

.When we release an old pattern, a new space is created for the possibility of new, healthy patterns to replace the old ones…

“I embrace the Healing Power of Nature to replenish my Body, Mind and Spirit”…

This Mandala recognises how vitally important it is to spend time in Nature and to embrace the natural elements for replenishing the Spirit

and breathing air that is free from the heavy sighs and toxic fumes of the city streets…

“I am at Home with Peace and Prosperity”

I designed this affirmation-poster specifically for Women who are living with the impact of poverty and the chaos of family violence and low self-identity. Simply being open to the possibility of a peaceful and prosperous life, even if it seems so far away and difficult to imagine, is the very first step to being ‘at home’ with the blessings and good fortune that should be the everyday reality for all of us…..


World Peace really does Beng “At home”…. Begin Within….

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