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The Winter of content…

Posted by carolom on June 22, 2008

It was raining yesterday afternoon and after the months of drought and over 10 days where the temperature reached 100oF a few months ago, the winter rains and green-sheen everywhere are very welcome in this desert state.

I was sitting under the back verandah with the two semi-homeless garden cats, Gabrielle- [Gabi] and her daughter Shima. You can see how gorgeous they are:

The garden was humming with rain drops and birds and leaves blowing down from the Cedar Trees
late autumn fall:

…and I remembered back to when I first moved in here and all I could see was a barren, dry patch of soil…

…..and how this piece of Mother Earths blank canvas taught me more about process, time, holding a vision, weeding and seeding, than I could ever have imagined when I first moved here during a trials-and-tribulations winter of discontent….

In our ‘outcomes’ driven, western society I learnt that the answers we are seeking about sustainable change and growth are to be found in Mother Nature’s process of Time, cycles and seasons….

……and how wonderful it is to create a room with out walls and a fireplace whose only chimney is the sky….

Adelaide in South Australia is traditionally named ‘Tandanya’ , home of the Red Kangaroo.

Living and growing and learning and sharing on traditional Aboriginal Land, Kaurna Country has its own special strand of environmental magic and possibility….As my good buddy Nungala reminds me:

“It can happen so much better and so much faster if you acknowledge the Ancestors and remember the Dreaming”…..


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Peace, Prosperity, Passion and Power~of~Love for 2008

Posted by carolom on December 25, 2007

May all your Dreams Come True…Christmas 2007


Mum and Dad…50 years married and still laughing and playing together…

Our beautiful twins…my Niece and Nephew..Ben and Louise…born in 1989 bringing infinite Love into our Family…

Louise and Aunty Carol

Ben and Aunty Carol

My lovely sister Chris and her gorgeous partner Greg..

Ben and Grandma fought over the Kris Kringle Bubble Maker…Ben overpowered Grandma with his youthful zest but Grandma put up a good fight!

And my gorgeous old, beautiful cat Yamatji (Yami) found a piece of discarded wrapping paper and settled down for a looong nap -as cats do! 15 years old, blind in one eye, Yami moved from the gold-wrapping long enough to munch on prawn scraps and ham-skin before returning to his crinkly-gold cushion where he remains as we speak!    

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It’s official!…. Gratitude and thankfulness are good therapy…

Posted by carolom on November 22, 2007

Sometimes people are so outraged by and indignant towards what is going on in the world around them, that is all they think, talk, write and IMAGINE about, flooding their body constantly with the stress chemicals of outrage, indignation and despair…aging quickly whilst saging very slowly… I subscribe to the belief that our inner world, physically and metaphysically is created by the quality and content of our Thoughts and that the most powerful feelings for the personal and collective expansion of love, healing, influence and connection are the ones that empower the mind, body and Spirit. Anger, resentment, outrage…they disempower our capacity to remain peaceful and effective in this complex and psychologically challenging world of the 21st century…

I came across the following article on the web and couldn’t agree more!

Being grateful brings emotional, physical benefits, experts find

Florence Low / flow@sacbee.com

Angie Lee-Ow, who is battling lung cancer, looks over the wedding pictures of her daughter Kristina Rios, right, at Rios’ Elk Grove home last Thursday. “It is cliche-ish, but truly, when you have cancer, you look at every day as a gift,” Lee-Ow said.

UC Davis psychologist Robert A. Emmons says that even when the odds are against you, having gratitude can bring many emotional – and physical – benefits. Gratitude, he said, is not something to be kept tucked away until the holiday season.

“What we have learned is that gratitude generates positive outcomes,” said Emmons, who has written extensively about gratitude.

Angie Lee-Ow might be angry. The advanced lung cancer she has is failing to respond to yet another type of chemotherapy.

For Lee-Ow, a 56-year-old retired pharmacist who has been undergoing cancer treatment for 2 1/2 years, every moment is steeped in gratitude, the sentiment that Cicero called, “not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

“It is cliche-ish, but truly, when you have cancer, you look at every day as a gift,” she said. “I try to spend as little time in the negative as possible.”

That means enjoying retirement, helping others who have lung cancer, spending as much time with her husband and daughters as possible, and looking forward to the birth of her first grandchild.

So grateful is Lee-Ow that she spearheaded an appreciation lunch last week for all the lung cancer doctors at UC Davis Medical Center who try to cure people like her.

“Viewing life as full of opportunities and gifts – and even challenges – can make us more resistant to stress,” said Emmons.

In one of his studies, he examined the role of gratitude in adults with neuromuscular diseases. He found that when people reflected on the things in life for which they are grateful, rather than on complaints, their outlook and disposition improved, as did their overall satisfaction with their lives.

Although the science of gratitude is a relatively new field, and definitive links between the practice of being grateful and health boosts such as lower blood pressure or cholesterol have not been demonstrated, believers abound.

“There is an association between gratitude and health,” said Jennifer Sadugor, owner of The Yoga Solution studio in Sacramento. “When we are grateful, we can relax, and be in a better space than when we’re resentful, angry and bitter, and I think those emotions have a negative effect on our body.”

Sadugor said she practices gratitude every night when she climbs into bed. This week, she said, she is grateful for the care her 9-year-old dog is getting for a collapsing trachea; for her 90-year-old mother who is coming for Thanksgiving; for her home, her job and for her own good health.

Emmons said grateful people may view their own bodies as a gift, and therefore work harder to keep them healthy. Practicing gratitude in general seems to promote a healthy lifestyle, he said.

In one study, Emmons found that people who kept journals detailing the things for which they were grateful actually spent 1 1/2 hours more per week exercising than those who didn’t track their gratitude.

These subjects also reported longer and better quality sleep, an indicator of overall health.

“These people tend to report higher levels of positive emotions, things like enthusiasm, feeling more vital, more alive and more alert,” he said. “These (feelings) indicate a person is positively engaged in their lives and with their environment.”

Emmons and others who study or practice gratitude recognize that many obstacles can stand in the way of the emotion, particularly in more technologically advanced societies in which competitiveness, individualism and a sense of victimization can be pervasive.

Prayer and other traditions including meditation and yoga, according to Mary Paffard, a Ukiah-based yoga instructor who runs workshops focusing on gratitude, can undermine stress and anxiety and provide emotional balance to those pervasive negative thoughts.

She’s noticed that students who use gratitude in yoga are calmer, their breath softer. She’s also noticed that practicing gratitude produces generosity.

“We use the body as a metaphor for the rest of the world,” she said. “If I can be grateful for what I have here, that automatically will extend out. When people let go of pushing the uncomfortable away, they are more likely to take on and understand other people’s suffering.”

In taking on other people’s suffering, Rose Parr, too, lives and breathes gratitude. Parr is a hospice volunteer for the UC Davis Medical Center, who spends several hours each week with patients who are terminally ill and their families.

Parr, 57 and in good health, gets nourished each day with the gratitude of the people, often steeped in grief over the imminent loss of a loved one. Last week, she called 77 people receiving hospice services, asking if they could use a pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner delivered to their home.

So far, 53 have answered yes. “You can hear it in their voices, these are people who really need the help,” she said. “They are so grateful. … They are overwhelmed.”

One woman said she didn’t know what she was going to do about the holiday this year, telling Parr, “I was so depressed, and you call, and make it all better.”

That, Parr said, “is what this is all about.”


I am very grateful for our ‘room without walls’ and the evenings spent under the stars….

I am very grateful for our ‘room without walls’ and the evenings spent under the stars….

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Oxfam ‘Fancy Stitch’ exhibition- African Women affected by HIV / Aids…

Posted by carolom on November 17, 2007

I went to an exhibition of the Fancy Stitch project yesterday, an Oxfam funded initiative “inspiring women in rural South Africa to learn new skills and generate an income with a needle and thread.”

The exhibition show cased textiles embroidered by women living with and affected by HIV and AIDs.You can view the project website here:
Fancy Stitch Info

The following photographs are a sample of the beautiful work that the women are creating and some of their stories.
Their work featured many images of hospitals and depicts the huge impact of HIV /AIDs death and loss in their every day life.
There was a scene of “Bride by Force”, the tapestry capturing the distress of forced marriage.
I was very moved by the exhibition and the work of the Women whose lives are so much harder than for many of us living in the western world…yet the art, beauty and color and creative expression, solidarity and community far surpasses many of the ways of the Western world.
Impoverished economically and denied access to health, education and welfare, the work of these courageous Women demonstrated the richness of Spirit and tenacity that transcends many of the burdens cast upon them…

Buselaphi Shongwe:

The words on her picture read:

The talented life of Buselaphi had been cut short by the AIDS pandemic that ravaged our area.
Buselaphi came from Ndumu, a place an hours drive by bus from Ingwavuma.She started the Ndumu group of embroidery artists just before her untimely death.
Her work depicts the rural lifestyle of fetching water, firewood and it’s a woman’s world keeping all things in place around the homestead. 
Her death came unexpectedly and it is a sad loss to the Fancy Stitch group. Buselaphi had six children who had all died.
She is remembered by her friends as somebody who was not easily angered and always smiling and laughing.
Buselaphi was 27 years old when she died in May 2005. 


Philile Mathenjwa
I am 35 years old. I ended my education in standard 8. I fell in love with a man. It was very good for 13 years. In 1997 he lost his job. We started to feel misery and a shortage of food.
It was a big family.My sister and brother-in-law started to be a bad influence to my husband and whenever he got a temporary job he did not support me any more.He sometimes never came back home.Whenever I confronted him with a problem he told me to go back to my family.
His family decided to chase me away.I have five children. I did not want to go back home with my children so I built myself my own house.Fortunately I managed to build one room and we stayed with my children.
I got a temporary job at the hospital and things started to be better. It was a pity when I lost it.

Sewing and Fancy Stitch helps me a lot in times of loneliness. It brings a smile on my face. I am now helping to make the building clean and enjoy it because people treat me well and I am still sewing my beautiful quilts.

Even when people don’t want me I don’t worry because I get all the love I need from Fancy Stitch.

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The Power of Gratitude…

Posted by carolom on September 11, 2007

I ran a session today for a group of Women who have had many obstacles and challenges in life. Violence, abuse, racism…the list is extensive.
Our discussion was about the power of Gratitude and how activating appreciation for simply being alive can begin to move one up the emotional scale from depression and despair to love and connection…
“I’m here…i woke up this morning…and for a long time I didn’t want to be” was the reflection of one of the Women.

There is a never ending list of injustices in the world and it is those who are able to find a peaceful place within who can make a huge difference with their small circle and thus the wider one of the global community…

The rise in mental health issues reveals that many people are stuck in the never ending cycle of anguish and depression so spending time in the company of wounded goddesses who are making a difference in their life , brought to mind the “Gratitude Dance”….

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In Memory of the Big River Gums

Posted by carolom on March 16, 2007

Many years ago I worked in a beautiful old homestead that had been renovated to become a shelter for homeless teenagers…The House was set in several acres on land that was adjacent to a river and lushly populated with the magnificent Big River Gums that have huge green lungs for breathing the air clean along busy Waterloo Corner Road…..
This kind of setting was often the traditional gathering place in less complex times when the Land was still in the hands and hearts of the rightful custodians.

This is The House…

I left The House in the early 90’s and over the years it has undergone several incarnations…always remaining a place of service and community.
A few years ago I heard that ‘they cut down the Big River Gums’ and I decided I did not want to go back there to see the land bare of those magnificent trees that I loved for so many years…at night time I would hear them breathe in the wind, in the mornings their branches full of birds would wake up the residents with the calls of magpies and galahs and rainbow lorikeets…sometimes you could smell the euclayptus in the air and many a restless teenager found quiet time sitting under the huge branches that covered the front of the grounds.

I was in the region today and after many years of habitually ignoring the old road where The House is based…I decided to go back to the place that holds so many fond memories and images of Big Trees watching over the shelters everyday life…
I pulled into the property and realised that the tree culling had not been as extensive as I had envisioned…there is definitely a gaping gap in the area closest to The House but many of the trees on the peripheral remain…like this one….

I strolled around the property and was taken aback when I came upon the felled- bodies of the Big River Gums laying in a greying pile by the old olive grove….
It felt like I had come upon an elephants grave yard where the large bones were discarded to the elements and my sadness over the loss of these magnificent, story-laden Big River Gums was felt at a place hundreds of years back in time…

This is what I came across….

I sat for awhile and remembered the seasons and wind storms, the thunder and rains and long hot desert summers that these magnificent trees had grown through together. I remembered how I used to park my old volkswagon under the largest tree…ignoring the ‘careful of falling branches’ speak in favour or the shade and sense of always-protected-never-harmed by the Big Trees…
I wondered about the dozens of birds nests that appeared every spring and the possums habitat that disappeared in an instant…I wondered where all those restless teenagers are almost 20 years later….

Although I have never known the stories of the local Aboriginal people, I felt sure that the land by the river would have been a part of the life of the traditional owners because even amongst the car fumes and roads and buildings and traffic, the land retains a special vibration that is palpable.

As I sat reflecting on time and loss and death and rebirth and happy times and sad times, I noticed one of the remaining Trees watching me….listening to my thoughts and sharing in my loss….I felt the presence of the big River Gum, alive and vibrant, surrounded by the amputated trunks on the ground.

So clear was the presence of the Spirit of the Tree that his heavy brow, thick lips and bearded face can be clearly seen at the base of the trunk on the right hand side…

Can you see what I saw? …look at his big heavy brow and beard touching the ground as he wathces over the bodies of the “Standing People” now fallen to the ground…

I always talked to those Big River Gums ….they were a part of my life for such a long time…and today I heard them speak back to me as I sat there at the graveside of some very dear old friends…….

Sometimes it is good to go back to places we swore we would never visit again because even amongst the sadness and memories there is beauty to be found if our eyes are open……

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Law of Attraction instructional Music…”Time”…Magic!

Posted by carolom on February 20, 2007

The following link will take you to one of the most powerful ‘state altering’ pieces of Law of Attraction lyrical~instruction that I have ever come across.
Have others heard this magnificent piece before?

Read what the lyrics have to say about the Mind:

” A Mind that is in its natural state of order
is in harmony with the Universe,
and such a mind is timeless.
Your life is an expression of your Mind.
You are a creator of your own Universe”

This is a very significant piece of music and when I came across the free-mp3 on the net a couple of years ago, I was thrilled as I had only ever heard it played once late at night on a radio show.

It is best listened to with earphones on….(Angelfire does not allow direct links from blogs so you will need to copy and past the following URL)


~ The Theme from TIME ~

Stand before me on the Sign of Infinity all you of the Earth.
With the granting of the “Law of Provenation”
comes the application of change.
I will give you the key.
And with this knowledge, please realize,
comes the responsibility of sharing it.
I will show you the way (it’s very simple).

Throughout the Universe there is order.
In the movement of the planets…in nature…
and in the functioning of the human mind.
A mind that is in its natural state of order
is in harmony with the Universe,
and such a mind is timeless.
Your life is an expression of your mind.
You are a creator of your own Universe,
for as a human being you are “free to will”
whatever state of being you desire through the use of your thoughts and words.

There is great Power there.

It can be a blessing or a curse.

It’s entirely up to you, for the quality of your life
is brought about by the quality of your thinking.
Think about that.

Thoughts produce actions.
See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the fear
and all the other attitudes that cause you pain and discomfort.
Realize that the one thing you have absolute control over is your attitude.
See the effect that it has on those around you,
for each life is linked to all Life and your words carry with them chain reactions like a stone that has been thrown into a pond.
If your thinking is in order, your words will flow directly from the heart,
creating ripples of love.

If you truly want to change your world, my friends,
you must change your thinking.
Reason is your greatest tool.
It creates an atmosphere of understanding which leads to caring which is Love. Choose your words with care.
Go forth….with Love.

Our Thoughts water the Garden of our life and barren Thinking can never create a bounty of Love…

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The ART of ACTION in Creative AttrACTION…

Posted by carolom on February 17, 2007

Thinking about what we sew and what we reap as a result of what we Think, Say……and do…

As within Sew without…

I have been sharing some of the Art work we are creating as part of our Art of Change ~ Empowerment group and I took a few photos of the visual Art~record book that I am keeping through out our year long, once a month group.
I am very grateful to my good friend Deanna (Nungala) for partnering in this process and bringing her unique Magic! to the Vision.
I believe that part of the ACTION in AttrACTION is about getting Creative and the Vision board is just a small part of how we can CREATE our own personal ‘sacred objects’ as a fun, engaging and highly charged Magnet of Intent in the manifestation process.

How long is it since you allowed yourself to play with pencils, textas, scissors, cardboard drawing and IMAGINATION
These 2 images represent our first weeks discussion and “Heart of Gold- Heart of Goals” exercise.

The image signifies that we create our ‘pot of Gold’ by clearly stating our Intent and bringing passion, vision, imagination and ACTION into our life…

We looked at how much our body ‘wears’ the impact of not only stress…but the ‘language of stress”…things like “it’s a pain in the neck’….’she makes me sick to my stomach’…on and on the list goes.

In order to learn how to develop our ‘attraction  skills…..it is important to treat our Self  with great Respect and care.
In the second image little ‘Suzy’ went from being a Magical Child with big dreams and imaginings at 5 years old …to a 30-something woman now living an anxious, fearful life….What made her that way?……Check out the dozens of limiting beliefs and negative projections that she inherited through out her growing years….

You can read more about “The Magical Child in Exile” here:

The story of how we lose the natural state of our Childhood Magic…and that it is never too late to find it again….

We created a “Money DOES grow on Trees” PropseriTree in order to become comfortable with the sight and feel and presence of Money, as part of the raising the expectation~vibrations when moving from poverty to Prosperity Consciousness….

This week our ART of the piece was the “Your Word is Your Wand” and “We are all Magnets” ….created with the Intent to heighten our awareness of the nature of Energy, Vibration and Intention..
This is the blank copy that I created whilst sitting under the most magnificent Gum-tree full of wonderful Spirits (more on that in the next blog)……you can also see a couple of the works in progress …

Here are some the the Artist~Creators with their “You Word is your Wand” pieces….
Wonderful Women who are beginning to share some amazing insights and ‘ah~ha!!’ moments as we study concepts such as  “If it is to be it is up to me” principles for creating peace, health, prosperity  and happiness in order to transcend the issues of marginalsiation facing Aboriginal Australia.

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Dad’s 70th Birthday….Sing Along with Ken…

Posted by carolom on February 11, 2007

Our Dad, Ken was gifted with a wonderful voice and in our growing years he was a popular singer at the local working mans club.
In his earlier life he had jet black curly hair and whilst Tom Jones still had his original nose, people often said he looked and sounded like Tom Jones…

Over the years Dad stopped singing except around the house…so I decided that for his 70th Birthday today, the 11th of February…. it woud be great to have a “Sing along with Ken” session….

We all loved hearing Dad sing when we were kids and have vivid memories of Mum and Dad dressed for their night at the Club, very much the hip-couple in their groovy outfits and matching good looks. Old Spice after shave and Taft Harispray and Hypnotique perfume hovered in the house long after they had left for their once a week time out and time together time with the other couples at the Club…

We are not a large family…so I made everyone a song-booklet to accompany the “Sing Along with Ken” compilation …

Dad was very surprised when he opened his present……
Mum was very pleased with the outcome of our Secret conversations with her list of Dads favourites…

It didn’t take long before we were all singing along to Moon river, I Walk the Line….and quite a few more that my niece and nephew had never heard of….

Sal, my beloved, came out with a baritone voice I had not heard before…
Sister Chris in the foreground almost got away with not having her photo taken…

And Sister Jacqui really put heart and Soul into her rendition of Moon River…

Sam…the much loved Samoyd~Border Collie decided he would join in with the singing and he did a very good job indeed even though he didn’t have his own song book!

In September our parents, Ken and Maureen celebrate 50 Golden Years of marriage……they met when they were 17 .

Tennessee Ernie Fords “Give me your word” was ‘their” song…
We sang it today of course….

It is a blessing that we are all fit and well …and can finally sing the same tune …together….

What a Magical day we had…and true to the teachings on the Law of Attraction, when we clearly state our desire with the feeling of Love and Joy and put ACTION to that desire…we will create the perfect situation every time!

That is Practical Magic in ACTION!

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When things just simply do not fit anymore…

Posted by carolom on February 11, 2007

Purrl is a beautiful little Black cat who, like ALL black cats is a very good manifester.
She is able to stare at the back of my head and make me turn around and read her Thoughts of “Feed me…Now!”
She can awaken people in the night when the Moon is full and she just has to go out and do Cat Things at 3 a.m.

Purrl is such a good manifester that she turned up at my home out of the blue in the arms of a long-ago partner who insisted she strayed into his workplace to be with me!

Purrl, for all of her skilled ways with both Mind Mastery and the Law of Psychic-Control has not learnt one of the fundamental lessons of Mastering the Law of Attraction….

You can clearly see this area-needing-development by the following photo:

You can learn a bit more about how very similar we are here: “She is not ugly…she’s scared….”

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