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The Beam of a Lighthouse…

Posted by carolom on June 22, 2010

In our ART of Change group we colour posters that give visual form, shape and colour to the topic we are discussing. This week  it was Moving on From the Past and Living Freely in the Present.

“The Beam of A Lighthouse is not Affected by the Howling Wind and Rain” is a quote I came across many years ago.

I made this poster after a member of an earlier group told us:

I was doing really well giving up smoking, didn’t have a single puff for a week..but then family turned up on my door and I was back chain smoking again.They always do this t me”….

It is easy to blame others for our inner stress and turmoil especially when we are immersed in a family web of destructive behaviour and toxic patterns but  blaming  him/ her/ them /the organistation etc etc whilst pointing the finger outwardly &  focusing on where they are at fault and flawed –  and how they are responsible for ‘making me feel bad /uptight etc  – takes up time and energy that could be spent cultivating our Inner Lighthouse and learning how to step out of the predictable Pattern and into a new, positive inner world…of our own making…


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It’s official….’ProsperArty’ has been named, signed and sealed!

Posted by carolom on December 3, 2008

Last year I began the process to trademark the name “ProsperArty”…a name I created to define my ART of Change tools and programs.

ProsperArty = Experiencing Prosperity by using the mediums of Art / Creativity.

Prosperity as I define it, is  to develop, grow  and flourish in what ever areas we value and consider to be  important…ProsperArty is a personal journey on a Universal theme that recognises the balance and harmony of nature and the creative state.

I had an afternoon tea with some of the Women I have worked with in the past, currently work with or have projects emerging throughout 2009…

It was a wonderful afternoon with some great food… unfortunately in  the images below  my ProsperArty guests are absent, as we were too busy nattering and chattering in our talking circle and eating and laughing to remember to take photos.

However I did capture the food!…and the flowers…and a few other things from the day…beginning with the Zebra that pulled up out the front just as we were getting under way…a noisy Zebra that came to trim trees and chomp branches! Before long we were noisier than the tree munching Zebra of course!



Sal made chocolate mousse that I decorated with mint and twelve white chocolate buttons…representing the Clock..because “It’s Time” for ProsperArty……



Sa’s gorgeous daughter Gemma made lime and lemon tart…I made peanut crunchie biscuits and apricot with white chocolate and almond balls…What a high calorie, yummy launch!



I chose the Celtic triple spiral theme (Triskele)  for the ProsperArty gift …we had a lot of fun threading them onto elastic to create a pendant. The 7 purple dots represent the 7 Sisters…that cluster of stars that has birthed  mythology and Dreaming stories right across the planet.. There were 7 Women present at the time, more guests  arrived later …

My recent trip to Matariki bay- bay of the 7 Sisters in Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a significant part of the essence of  ProsperArty…



I liked how the river stone-shaped  pendants looked in their circle before sharing them around. (Made with air drying das clay, painted with acrylics and sealed with high gloss varnish. I drew the design with permanet marker)



My Trademark Certification…ProsperArty…



Pilawuk made a gift of the most breath taking silk wall hanging based on some of my ProsperArty designs…if you look closely you can see the Warrior Woman image in the centre..and on the sides forming “Yesterday, today and tomorrow”…a theme from my invitation…      

Magic!!…thank you Pilawuk…Silk Queen Goddess!


Here is a side view…aren’t the colours just deliciously  ProsperArteous?!



Thankyou to my former colleagues Cathy, Desi and the Malvern Place team for the flowers and words of great encouragement and good will…


A lovely afternoon with a group of Women who live and breathe the essence of ProsperArty’s highest hopes and dreams…..

Let the Magic begin!


“ProsperArty” was dreamt and created on traditional Aboriginal Land and I acknowledge the Kaurna people as the custodians of this part of the country and recognise the authority  of the  Dreamtime as holding the key to many of the challenges we are facing in Australia today.

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Ingalalla Falls south of Adelaide- A beautiful place on a wet and windy day…

Posted by carolom on July 21, 2008

My buddy Deanna and I were both a bit tired, a bit low on joi-de-vivre… we know that this kind of too-much-of-the-city tiredness needs very specific treatment!

It requires packing the picnic basket, spending hours amongst Nature with a cup of tea in china mugs, accompanied by a piece of apple-crumble cheesecake from the Yankalilla bakery…. taking time out of the city away from the mobile phones waves and relentless traffic….noise traffic, mobile phone traffic, people traffic and the news, news, news…

Nothing else will remedy what only Nature offers the weary 21st Century gals!….(;-)

Here is where we went…and if you look really closely you can see the Spirits of Nature all around…

Ingalalla Falls…nestled in between hilly country that is green and clean and lush….

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“I AM at Home with Peace and Prosperity”

Posted by carolom on July 4, 2008

This was the theme for our empowerment art work this week…to become comfortable with Peace and Prosperity when there has been a history of chaos and poverty….

I am ever amazed at the completely individual and unique creations that emerge from the same black and white template……..

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The Winter of content…

Posted by carolom on June 22, 2008

It was raining yesterday afternoon and after the months of drought and over 10 days where the temperature reached 100oF a few months ago, the winter rains and green-sheen everywhere are very welcome in this desert state.

I was sitting under the back verandah with the two semi-homeless garden cats, Gabrielle- [Gabi] and her daughter Shima. You can see how gorgeous they are:

The garden was humming with rain drops and birds and leaves blowing down from the Cedar Trees
late autumn fall:

…and I remembered back to when I first moved in here and all I could see was a barren, dry patch of soil…

…..and how this piece of Mother Earths blank canvas taught me more about process, time, holding a vision, weeding and seeding, than I could ever have imagined when I first moved here during a trials-and-tribulations winter of discontent….

In our ‘outcomes’ driven, western society I learnt that the answers we are seeking about sustainable change and growth are to be found in Mother Nature’s process of Time, cycles and seasons….

……and how wonderful it is to create a room with out walls and a fireplace whose only chimney is the sky….

Adelaide in South Australia is traditionally named ‘Tandanya’ , home of the Red Kangaroo.

Living and growing and learning and sharing on traditional Aboriginal Land, Kaurna Country has its own special strand of environmental magic and possibility….As my good buddy Nungala reminds me:

“It can happen so much better and so much faster if you acknowledge the Ancestors and remember the Dreaming”…..

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Posted by carolom on May 9, 2008

I made this Empowerment Mandala for our discussion on “Boundaries” in the women’s group…..

Each participant has a black and white copy as a way of ‘kick starting creativity and the use of symbols as an alternative to talk, talk, talk therapy……

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Remember ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’ and all of those other books?

Posted by carolom on April 19, 2008

For those of us over 50….

Remember how the book stores once had very few Self Empowerment / alternate thinking  books? How Jonathon Livingstone Seagull inspired us to fly beyond the flock and then I’m Okay- Your Okay came out. I was a teenager then and didn’t really understand it but carried it around for months like an affirmation of somewhere I would be one day!

Then there was the Primal Scream by Arthur Janov who told us that we had every unshed tear and soul wound trapped in our body and the sale in beanbags quadrupled as therapists across the globe created little spots   for people totanguish-out their pain.

One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest  let us all know that really, madness was quite okay and it was the drugs and Nurse Ratchetts of the world who were messing things up.

And then Shakti Gawain brought the Science of Mind / New Thought teachings out of their niche and presented them in a much more contemporary, relevant format. We were so ready for her book! I know I sure was. Creative Visualisation was the key to making dreams come true and for many of us was a pivotal, turning point moment when we found her book or perhaps, as it seemed, it found us!!

Some of of us then did months / years of Women who love too much...”How to recognise a commitmentphobic man before he breaks your heart“. Letters from Women who love too much and Ten Stupid Things Women do to Mess up their Life and STILL let another bad boy in because he was such an irresitable pattern to break.

Our bookshelves and the dusty boxes in the shed are an archival record of the Journey and it continues ever onward .

Later on Paulo Coehlo let us know that the Alchemist did not have to travel anywhere if only he had looked within. In the Celestine Prophecy we were shown how control draaamas and Energy snatching is a way of life amongst the still-sleeping-humans.

At this time Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay were beginning to fill the shelves of what one book store assistant referred to as the “heebeejee section” where many of my friends were now spending much of our time. I did not come across Dr Jean Houston’s writings until much later although she is one of the Grand elders of human capacities training.

Not to forget the maverick Richard Bandler who challenged pain oriented psychotherapy with something he called NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming – where changing thought patterns and internal states became as easy as the title of his book – Using Your Brain for a Change

Then there was the high energy interpreter of the change-movement, inspired by Bandlers work as Anthony Robbins bounced across the stage, altering states and appearing with Leeza Gibbons for years on the 2 am infomercials a smany of us took on the challenge of walking across his fire pits chanting “cool moss, cool moss”..

We have laid with tissues next to our Gratitude journals. We have loyally committed to ‘doing what it takes’- sometimes falling asleep with crumpled notes to the Universe and a pile of ‘must read books’ next to our  beds.

We have bought exercise books for our one-person Soul class exercises and meditation tapes back when there were no cds/ dvds/ and mp3’s…

For some the Bible has been a consistent presence and  as we have seen with the Biblical wars across the net, it is a book not without polarising capacities

Then we expanded to reading blogs, downloading pods and vods and Skyping and Cellphone texting on and on and on the learning and growing and communicating expands…

Phew! Aren’t we a wonderful group of Soul School Earth students and aren’t we all blessed that the fruits of our fellow travellers and Soul School class mates becomes the nourishment and ponderings for our own journey…that still has infinitity to go.

Some days I browse in the second hand books stores and come across “I’m okay , You’re okay” or a dusty copy of “My Mother Myself” and turn the page of the old fashioned cover with a deep sense of nostalgia and gratitiude that in this dawning of the Age of Aquarius- the Age of Enlightement – we are free to CHOOSE our Soul food and each year produces more and more nourishment and food for thought. And Yes, the astrology, psychic phenomena, astral travelling, tribal wisdom, aura reading, Silva mind development, Healing empowerment books should also get a mention in the Archive.

Some more name I have forgotten.

John Bradshaw, the dyanamic son of an alcoholic Father showing us how the sickness of the parent is visited upon the child.

I did not read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance or Fire in the Belly and Iron John but the caring sharing guys who were a part of my life and fellow shelter workers would head off to their mens weekends with Sam Keen and Robert Bly ‘mens business’ books tucked in their back packs…

I also forgot to mention one book that impacted my priveleged white-girl world enormously when I was just 13 – Black Like Me, the diary of a person who changed the color of their skin and shared the reality of racism they experienced having never known it before, in order to make us white-folk really think about the set up we had created and of course Jane Elliotts Blue Eyes, I bought the book, recorded the Oprah Shows and passed on the information whnever and where ever I could.

And how could I forget Rolling Thunder Doug Boyds acocunt of the life of the amazing medicine man Shaman who lived in the world of quantum phyiscs, time travel and communiion with Nature.

I flew out of my childhood under Jonathon Livingston Seagulls wide wings.

Sigh….it was a time of greater silence in the world when the skies were empty of microwares, sattellites, cell phones and the zillion megawatts of electricity that fils the airwaves in these early days of the 21st century…

I feel a little nostalgic for my Frankincense , Patchouli and beads and ….oh…hang on………that’s right..I am still wearing them.

What were the books that shaped your travels and have you bequeathed your library to a fitting new home once your travels in this body have passed?

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ScareCrows and Flowering Eucalypts…

Posted by carolom on January 3, 2008

Sal and I were out walking yesterday and discussing a project we are about to embark on.
We came upon a flowering Eucalypt (see below) and Sal drew on his background in botany to offer the analogy of the Flowering tree as a symbol for our creative ventures:
1. There needs to be a dynamic interaction
2. There are stages of development from the seeding to the bud forming to the Flowering…and along the way some of the buds may never Flower.
3. After the manifestation of the Flowers they will die off to give way to the new and ever changing cycle that is always influenced by the weather and inner / outer interplay.

I love the beautiful pink~red Flowers and the sunlight through the tree…it was a very ‘in tune with Nature’ aspect of our project conversation!


Then we came upon a sight I haven’t seen for a few years.
An urban ScareCrow! He is guarding a delicious Nectarine Tree that is only a few days away from fully ripe fruit…which of course the birds flying around the suburbs view as part of their daily smorgasboard!
A whole flock of Lorikeets and Galahs have been eating the Cootamundra wattles seeds in our front yard since late November and last week a huge family of Magpies discovered the dry pods on the ground and have been feasting on them since.
Love the fake-predator bird flying above the tree and oh~so~not~scary expression on ScareCrows face!


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Growing the Future…Spring is in the Earth and Air…

Posted by carolom on September 23, 2007

Spring is in the air and I spent the weekend in a small island community running a workshop called “Growing The Future”…

The theme of the workshop was moving forward by developing the Imagination, dreaming bigger dreams and letting go of the anchors of the past.

Each participant has her own terra cotta pot along with the Mandala and Affirmation colouring in sheets. On the first day we painted the undercoat and background of the pots and the following day everyone created a design that symoblised her personal Vision for the things that will begin to grow in her life as a result of forming a clear vision and reclaiming her capacity to Create…

We then sprinkled seeds of many different flowers into the soil and at the end of the workshop everyone took home her Growing the Future potplant which will begin to seed and sprout and push forth new growth……… so long as it is watered and given sunlight, warmth, care and attention of course…

Here are some of the images from the two days and many thanks to the Women of the Island community who gave me permission to share their creations with others…

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The Power of Gratitude…

Posted by carolom on September 11, 2007

I ran a session today for a group of Women who have had many obstacles and challenges in life. Violence, abuse, racism…the list is extensive.
Our discussion was about the power of Gratitude and how activating appreciation for simply being alive can begin to move one up the emotional scale from depression and despair to love and connection…
“I’m here…i woke up this morning…and for a long time I didn’t want to be” was the reflection of one of the Women.

There is a never ending list of injustices in the world and it is those who are able to find a peaceful place within who can make a huge difference with their small circle and thus the wider one of the global community…

The rise in mental health issues reveals that many people are stuck in the never ending cycle of anguish and depression so spending time in the company of wounded goddesses who are making a difference in their life , brought to mind the “Gratitude Dance”….

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