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Yami and Purrl fighting for Gold!

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2007

In my Christmas Day blog I posted an image of my Boy~Cat~Yami and his new found pleasure of laying on the discarded gold-paper wrapping.
Click here to see him..

Purrl, the ragamuffin little Girl~ Cat has been watching with interest every time he moves because the paper is very crinkley and captures the light at certain angles.
Purrl is not much older than a kitten and Yami has 15 years on her…so she is definitely not the alpha~Girl she would like to be in their cat~pack of two.

Yami left the lounge room earlier and Purrl took the opportunity to pounce on to his golden~throne…

I knew that as soon as Yami returned to the room and saw Purrly in his spot, there would be one of those psychic dramas that only cats can do….lots of staring with ears flat and furrowed fur~brow and tail flashing…and as soon as I leave the room Yami would pounce her and evict her from his spot.

Purrl was purring way too much for me to be able to evict her, so I acted quickly and put out a new throne for Yam…

He came in shortly after and surveyed the couch…jumped onto the new Gold cushion and lay there staring at Purrly anyway, tail flashing and furrowed brow!
I think he realised it was not his original cushion because there were no crinkly bits on there…and it was at the wrong end of the couch!

People who live with two strong willed felines will understand the politcats of this post!


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Purrl creates new feline fashion…

Posted by carolom on November 8, 2007

I came home today and Purrl~the~wonder~Girl cat was peering at me in what looked to be a body suit for burns victims.

Seems she had spent the morning enlarging a small hole in the shade cloth to Purrly size and spent the rest of the day asleep with her head through the hole…

Love the part where the hole is a bit too small for her head so she has a half Siamese look…..;-)

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