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Has our Evolution kept pace with Digital Technology?

Posted by carolom on March 17, 2021

I sometimes wonder how equipped we are on an evolutionary level, to process the rapid stream of emotions and stories that come through social media.

In the continuum of time it was only a few seconds ago that we had pen friends we would wait a fortnight to hear from, view photographs that would take a few days to process at the photo store and the only times you would reconnect with someone from your past would be if you accidentally bumped into them at the supermarket.

If we weren’t within hearing range of the landline telephone we were out of range to engaging with the external world.

It’s like Digital technology has collectively microwaved us from the very slow oven to rapid burn and now, in the space of a few seconds and minutes, we scroll through newsfeed and experience:

*compassion for the loss someone is experiencing over the death of a loved one

*outrage over political machinations

*despair for the elderly locked in a nursing home during Covid

*nostalgia when a friend post an old photo of you all at school

*wave of planned activism and another wave of out rage for the state of the rape culture in Australia

*an anguished thug in the solar plexus when we inadvertently view a scene of animal abuse or a war zone

*laughter over a ridiculous meme

*more sentiment as Facebook throws up a memory of someone who is no longer with us

Now I’m thinking it is not wise to eat my yoghurt and muesli whilst reading a newsfeed because I’m pretty sure that rapid fire of emotions and sentiment might be curdling my yoghurt and messing with my how-I-proccess–the-world-regulatory system.

Image source- Google Images

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