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Partnering with Mother Nature

Posted by carolom on January 10, 2019

I have two partners in life.

My husband and co-creative business partner-good friend David.

And Mother Nature who is as reliable a partner as anyone could wish for.

8 days ago I planted the Seeds of Intention.
Sunflowers that were placed Mindfully in little pods, watered, given sun and attention and voila! 8 days later 12 little seedlings have burst forth with another dozen on the way.




We are women living and evolving in a world men have ruled over, designed and largely created.

Sharp lines, cement boxes, white walls and show-me-the-evidence-thinking.

As with all generalisations this is not always true,  however I am far more at home with the stars as my ceiling, round lines instead of sharp ones and fresh air not recycled electrical air.

Partnering with Mother Nature recognises that the homes our brothers have designed and built have few round lines and circles…

Unless you go to some of the African countries of course and marvel at the Ndebele houses, many of us are living in square boxes upon a round Mother Earth…




*Source Google Images


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