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He had a Vision & he knew he alone would have to make his leap into the Unknown…

Posted by carolom on May 6, 2012

This is a Story about a little cat with a Big Dream.

He knew there was more to life than the single beam he was walking on. So he walked forth with determination!

Alas at the end of his walk he came to a great canyon and he knew he had to make a decision…

If he did not cross over, he would forever remain on the shed most travelled…

So, like all catalysts of change who had travelled before him he leapt forth, keeping his eyes on the destination, ignoring the cold cruel concrete canyon below him.

Focus. Vision. Courage. These were the things that propelled him forth.

He landed safely, a little shaken but nevertheless happy that he had crossed the seemingly impossible divide.

Alas, once he reached his destination all was not what it seemed.

It was in fact a dead end. A flat expanse surrounded not by trees and balls of wool and fields of possibilities…

There was instead a thick concrete wall that prevented him galloping over the next shed shaped hill!

He was disappointed.       He miaow miaow miaowed in sorrow.

And his miaows attracted the attention of a young woman who was doing some traveling of her own.

Of course she offered to help him.

And at first he reached out to accept the help that she offered him.

But then, like Simba who has remembered something the Lion King  had whispered to him….

…he stepped back from her outstretched hands, determined to make this unexpected leap on his own, just like the first one.

It had given him assurance to know a stranger has offered to help him but he knew he had to refuse her good hearted offer.

“Please., let me help you ” she implored, her own hands now stretched open wide like a human trampoline, ready to break his fall.

“Please leave” he said “Go now…I must do this alone”.

So she left, a bit relieved truth be known as it had started raining and she had answered his miaw miaow miaow without her slippers on.

When she left he took a big breath and leapt forth…

He landed safely.

This had been a big adventure.

A day of taking risks, of contemplation and following Dreams.

A day rich in the kindness of strangers, the audacity to leap beyond the known.

And perhaps most importantly it had been a day when he realised that one cat /persons rubbish bin is anothers Victory.

Such is the nature of the ambiguity of Success….

That night he fell into a deep deep sleep, exhausted after the roller coaster of exhilarating possibilities and devastating disappointments.

And in his Dreams, he was back up on that beam, King of His Destiny. A little furry guy with the world at his paws.

His name is Junipurr. He asked me to share his story so that others may also  have the courage to follow  their dreams, to accept the kindness of strangers

….and to know when you must do what needs to be done without a safety net to catch you…


4 Responses to “He had a Vision & he knew he alone would have to make his leap into the Unknown…”

  1. Mary Russell said

    Wonderful story! It was so cute how you took such an everyday act and transformed it into a very wise tale on the order of a legendary feat. It rang with mystery and mystical possibilities. The hero was as wonderful as in any fairytale I have read.

  2. Aunty Irene said

    Wow! Carol that is a very beautiful story about this amazing Junipurr,he taught many humans about what lessons there is in life if we could all be Junipurrs we would be able to cope with life a lot easier. the determination, and the trust knowing there was some one that took the time to care about him, and willing to help , and to know what could have happend if he fell. But in his mind he knew he had to do it. he had to prove to himself.that he was powerful and his spirit was strong,for this was only one lesson ,there would be many more ,and then they would get easier. he took the risk and it worked out well.

  3. Such a gorgeous story and really relevant to so many people I know. Thanks Carol.

  4. Heather Johnson said

    Mr Junipurr – you certainly get my heart a pumping!! Your adventures and ‘tales’ of wisdom shall be forever chronicled in the records of ‘The tree of life’… for those who would be free – should they but find the courage to SEE!! ..

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