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A letter to the Goddess…

Posted by carolom on March 20, 2012

Dear Goddess within all things…
Just a quick note to apologise for the exclusion you continue to experience here on earth by the absence of She and Her in a world where God is He and Him and she and her have little letters and the Goddess is barely mentioned.

I understand the  historical references to the Divine as Male, Man , Father and Son and that they originated in a different time to the exclusion Woman, Mother and Daughter and that it continues across Religions today.

However please be assured there are many of us who are aware of the importance of recognising the Feminine Divine and are actively naming the of gender unbalanced worship in order to reintroduce the presence of the Goddess.

We recognise Women play predominantly invisible or subservient and secondary roles in the Stories  used as the curriculum for Spiritual Development class across many religious groups and we look forward to all that is in store as the Mother-Daughter, Mother Nature consciousness is reclaimed, restored and reignited.


Your SiStars and Daughters, Mothers and Grandmothers and Aunties everywhere


One Response to “A letter to the Goddess…”

  1. I came here from Oprah.com after reading your comment on – “what do you know for sure “. Your answer was so inspirational for me. You said that without a creative outlet we might turn into some weird person….so, true ! It got me thinking and I began to see my own power of creativity in a new light.

    Do visit my blog, if you feel like.
    Have a nice day !

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