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Artists from the Tanami Desert share their amazing skills, beauty and knowledge through the Stories of each Painting……

Posted by carolom on November 3, 2010

It was a small launch at La Caz Creole Cafe  / Restaurant @ 61 Semaphore Road.

The sun was shining and the Cafe was brimming with good food, great art and the Artists themselves – a great privilege for all of us who were there!


It was great to see people purchasing the Art work, one piece in particular is  a traditional  story that the Artist Andrea shared with me in great detail. Thank you Andrea and for allowing me to take a photo before it was taken down and rolled up to be taken to  the police-car by the officer who  came along with some of his colleagues. He was thrilled with his purchase and both were very happy with the transaction.

I was especially interested in the central object with the white feathering . Andrea told me that is a ceremonial stick with Cockatoo feathers. She laughed when I asked if that was a Turtle just below the central circles  (so would you if you know how far their Country is from the sea) …



You can see there is a huge variety of canvases…each one with its own Story and amazing blend of colours, brush strokes and traditional forms…


The unique style of blending traditional dot work so skillfully with the large ‘comma’ shaped stroke takes such skill and precision. The colours on this one invokes of all of the elements. Yuendumu country is Desert country and the Artist how us that there is fare more to the Desert Country than the rest of us could ever  know…


The variety of Art for sale is extraordinary and as pieces are sold, new pieces will be put up on the walls…so make a few visits.

If you are an over seas person who is interested in Aboriginal Art, get in touch with the Yuendumu representatives and discuss the possibility of an on line purchase. All money goes directly to the Artists.



It would be wonderful if this positive, amazingly talented group of Artists receive wide spread recognition  for their highly skilled work and vast knowledge of their Country and the Stories that  few people over seas  – and in this country –  are familiar with…


As I mentioned at the start of this story, I was very surprised that these highly skilled canvases are for sale at such  an outrageously reasonable price  and I’d like to suggest if you do purchase a piece, you consider the on-going support of the Yuendumu Artists and invest in their work as it becomes available…



This piece was also sold almost before it was hung, the gold paint blending in with traditional colours made this piece glow!

The person who purchased this rich piece could  have their heating bills reduced I’m sure!….


So if you have the opportunity, get along to la Caz Creole Cafe @ 61 Semaphore Road. Have a coffee and immerse yourself in the fantastic work of the Artists who belong to the oldest living culture in the world and are so generously sharing their magnificent work with the people of Adelaide…and beyond.

5 Responses to “Artists from the Tanami Desert share their amazing skills, beauty and knowledge through the Stories of each Painting……”

  1. angelina said

    Beautiful! If I could I would be there getting myself a picture for my bedroom.

  2. Delightful post. I wasn’t sure where Yuendumu was until I saw the photo of the mother and child then I recognized the Aborigines of Australia. I checked the area out on the internet and found it is about 300 miles from Alice Springs, one of my favorite places. What fun to learn about these interesting people and their beautiful art.

  3. delvene said

    Here is a link to some of the artists whose paintings are available at La Caz…Alma and her sister Wendy:


  4. Winny (Harris) Lugten said

    Oprah is in Australia and I hope she stops to visit you.
    I know she somehow is very connected to what you are doing with the people and art of the Aborigines.
    My love to all,
    especially to you,
    dear Carol.
    God bless,

  5. delvene said

    This Sunday – 19 december 2010 is the last day at La Caz Creole…what a great response from our community in supporting this project…thanks to everyone who has dropped by to have a look, had a coffee and talked to the owners of La Caz – Anna and Kevin…about these wonderful pieces…. it’s not the last you’ll see of this artwork…UniSa’s Bob Hawke Centre will be hosting these artworks from the end of January 2011. Send you through an invite….thanks for being at our gathering on Saturday evening Carol and Dave…and I love my straddelaide gift…thank you Carol xx

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