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Our Frangipani Tree. The Transient Nature of the Beauty of the Youthful State

Posted by carolom on January 28, 2010

In September the tiny buds of leaves are beginning to show through the bare Frangipani branches and by November the leaves are back and the magnificent flowering has begun.
Our Summer evenings are filled with the scent of Frangipani as the tree in the front garden erupts into a display of perfumed Mandala~Flowers.

I took this first photo after spraying Frangipani at the end of a hot summers day in January…as odd as that seems to the northern hemisphere readers….

………but if you scroll down, you will see how quickly this magnificent beauty passes back to the Earth from which it came…

The metaphor to how preoccupied much of the world is with “anti aging’…yet how inevitable the life cycle is for us all….It’s in our Mother Nature…

The passage of time shown as Frangipani moves through her seasons and cycles….

Returning to the ground from her glorious, perfumed heights…falling back to Earth to become the nourishment for the soil for next seasons new Frangipanis…There is great Beauty in all her stages of life…

3 Responses to “Our Frangipani Tree. The Transient Nature of the Beauty of the Youthful State”

  1. Cecelia said

    What nature teaches us about the natural process of time is that change is the only thing that is constant. Life is a cycle of death and rebirth.

  2. The beauty of nature is in it’s consistency…she is always there… she is our teacher… we have so much to learn from the simple gentle way life comes and goes….

  3. Angelina said

    Hi Carol,

    A beautiful illustration of the circle of life depicting rebirth and beauty. The lesson here is also how fleeting and delicate life is.


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