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Obama wins Peace Prize the day scientists bomb the Moon?

Posted by carolom on October 10, 2009

We have so far to go on our ever evolving journey of maturing in consciousness and recognsing it is not our right to pillage and plunder nature on Earth or across cosmos. To grow up and evolve beyond the the man-made belief that humans have dominion over the kingdoms…

See Huffington Post article here

On the day that Barrack Obama wins the highest recognition for his contribution to world peace, scientists, under his presidency used a directed missile to bomb the surface of the Moon.

I really like Obama and I fully appreciate what Walt Whitman once said “I am large, I can embrace paradox”. However when does paradox cross the line to expose a contradiction of Peace on the one hand and the violent imposition of bombing for water exploration on the other?

Whereas many Indigenous Brothers and Sisters recognise and honour the elements and the forces of nature, paying respect to the Moon as Grandmother who watches over us and determines the tides and waters, a group of American scientists decided that they wanted to know if the Moon has water so they bombed her with a missile.

After piercing the Moon with the a flag of American ownership during the 60’s, the scientists have returned 40 years later with a MISSILE?!

As if we have not made a big enough mess here on Earth, these weapons of wide spread destruction and dominionation are now being sent out in the same manner of invasion into ‘unexplored’ (read ‘unexploited’) places that created such wide spread trauma across so many nations on Earth and we are still collectively recovering from. Violence as intrusion called ‘exploration’ and ‘research’ to justify the actions.

To land somewhere and assume ownership and the right to intrude into the natural eco-system with a missile-bomb that is specifically designed to rip open the surface of the Moon is a clear indicator that the lessons have not yet been learnt as Mother Earth reels under the environmental pillaging that defined the post-industrial revolution world .


3 Responses to “Obama wins Peace Prize the day scientists bomb the Moon?”

  1. Angelina said

    Hi again Carol,

    I wrote a 160 challenged based on this blog. It was difficult to write something using only 160 characters including spaces because this issue is so large.

  2. Karin said

    Dear Carol,

    Thank you for having a voice, for the words, for writing them down so clearly and beautifully.

    love Karin

  3. New Friend said

    The last paragraph sums up most of the political world. Not just the US. It’s terrifying that so many people thing they can defy the odds let alone define what is not theirs to define. Mans job ends at naming things. Owning them is not part of the big picture that God intended.

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