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Spirit Festival on Kaurna country (Adelaide) 2008

Posted by carolom on December 14, 2008

The photos say it all…Proud young Black Australians dancing in the Spirit of New Dreams, celebrating the Old Ways…as the healing and restoration unfolds…..

Family, song , dance, connection, Culture and open spaces without walls….















3 Responses to “Spirit Festival on Kaurna country (Adelaide) 2008”

  1. Angelina said

    What a wonderful day for this festival, everyone looks so happy. The dancers look absolutely fantastic!

  2. Tony B said

    Yeh that was a Wicked Festival, it was realy a spiritual Day for all the adelaide fullas, But most of all i enjoyd it the most coz my Brutha Zennith Boys First time ive ever heard of them N they sound off the chain Yay yay Well imma be out A-town Repz!

  3. Cecelia said

    Wow, beautiful! I love all of these photos and that everyone is proudly celebrating their culture and heritage!

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