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Cultural exploitation and the white-washing of traditional practices and tools…

Posted by carolom on August 31, 2008

I saw the following image in the entrance  of a major clothing store a couple of weeks ago.

Pale, thin expressionless mannequins dressed in clothing that is supposed to be Native American, surrounded by Dreamcatchers and ‘teepees’…

The scene caught my eye because it captured so well the normalising of the exploitation of Indigenous / First Nations cultures, so rich in art, craft, mythology, spirituality, law, culture and history but seen only for the commercial profits that can be generated by selling as a gimmick something that has no connection to the Culture what-so-ever…

Tall, thin white-women dressed as how Native Americans are interpreted through European eyes is guaranteed a “no sale’ for this blogger!


One Response to “Cultural exploitation and the white-washing of traditional practices and tools…”

  1. Cecelia said

    Oh gosh! I can’t stand cultural appropriation. It is so freaking annoying. When you actually tell people who are doing it why they have a hard time understanding. As if annihilation, genocide, the reservation system and boarding schools was not enough. Cultural appropriation is just another way to take without respect and honor.

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