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Ingalalla Falls south of Adelaide- A beautiful place on a wet and windy day…

Posted by carolom on July 21, 2008

My buddy Deanna and I were both a bit tired, a bit low on joi-de-vivre… we know that this kind of too-much-of-the-city tiredness needs very specific treatment!

It requires packing the picnic basket, spending hours amongst Nature with a cup of tea in china mugs, accompanied by a piece of apple-crumble cheesecake from the Yankalilla bakery…. taking time out of the city away from the mobile phones waves and relentless traffic….noise traffic, mobile phone traffic, people traffic and the news, news, news…

Nothing else will remedy what only Nature offers the weary 21st Century gals!….(;-)

Here is where we went…and if you look really closely you can see the Spirits of Nature all around…

Ingalalla Falls…nestled in between hilly country that is green and clean and lush….


4 Responses to “Ingalalla Falls south of Adelaide- A beautiful place on a wet and windy day…”

  1. Angelina said

    You know exactly what you needed, and for sure you got it in that most exquisite spot. Not only were you in nature, but next to waterfall which has the purest of energy, ultimately offering the vital energy you required.

    Knowing our bodies and spirits, and knowing the beauty of nature are mutually enlightening and empowering.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Truly makes me appreciate the infinitude of the private man or woman. O, to find privacy in a world whose modernity has crowded out teh beauty of flora and fauna… priceless!

  3. Annie from Fremantle said

    Oh wow what a peaceful place. Lovely to go there and recharge your batteries! Thanks for linking me. xx

  4. Cecelia said

    Very beautiful!

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