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They say that eventually we begin to act like the people we spend most of the time with…

Posted by carolom on May 4, 2008

Is this true or does it just relate to the animal kingdom I wonder?

These two Pelicans give food for thought……we met them whilst enjoying a walk along the river that winds through this beautiful city we live in….

The other day my partner and I set out to go for a walk and I noticed we were……Dressed the same!!
Too weird…kahki trousers, light, long sleeved top, black sleeveless jacket over the top.

Quick wardrobe change!!!…….

Snooze Snooze

Yawn yawn

Stand stand


3 Responses to “They say that eventually we begin to act like the people we spend most of the time with…”

  1. tibchar12 said

    I too am an Adelaide girl, I was born and bred in Ferryden Park South Australia. I am very proud to be a South Australian and love our city very much. I feel very sad to see the changes that have changed our city. It is devastating to see the changes along the River Murray, and the loss of tribal grounds down the Coorong, I spent many great times picnicing down there as a child with my family. That is why I had trouble writing about a bowl of fruit when so many of the fruits of life have changed around us.

  2. carolom said

    We sure do live in a beautiful city Tibchar.
    I am very familiar with The Parks….my dad was on the construction site way back in the 70’s and I have run a number of programs based in at the Parks over the last few years and was the outreach worker for a few properties in the area back when I worked for a housing support agency.

    Biiiig changes happening there as we speak hey?

    The Coorong and Ngarrindjeri culture are an important part of the Spiritual ecology of this state and as the place where the Murray meets the sea, there is much significance both environmentally and mythologically in that part of this land.

    Thanks for calling by my blog

  3. tibchar12 said

    Back again, actually forgot to say I actually went to high school when the parks was called angle park girls tech.

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