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Tin~Bins and Groaning Fences

Posted by carolom on January 12, 2008

I live in an old suburb that is very close to the city so the inevitable buying up of the large old blocks to knock down the houses and build 2 or 3 units- much smaller, no-garden homes has been happening for some time.

I was looking around my neighbours gardens recently and came across some sites that will one day be relics of the past so I thought I’d record some of them here as the rise in concrete court years and color-bond fences takes the place of the wood, tin and foliage of old!

Old vines, fruit trees, gum trees, creepers and wooden fences that groan under natures plenty lose their life to the developers hands…


The old chook run that then became a potting  shed…old-potting-area.jpg

The tin~bin is already a museum piece in the suburbs! The “garbo” once had the body of an athlete sculpted by thousands of hours of running after the garbage truck and hoisting tin~bins up high.

Now we have big plastic wheeley bins emptied by trucks whose operators only  have to press the “load’ button .


Here is the  old fork~that~broke~in~the~middle~of~digging~the~soil and became a piece of garden art that endured thirty years of rain, drought and stray cat’s piddle!


We live in changing times…


One Response to “Tin~Bins and Groaning Fences”

  1. fant walk said

    Ha ha, love this, I found a rusty old weeding fork, I jabbed it in one of my garden beds as a decoration, it looks quite good too.

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