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ScareCrows and Flowering Eucalypts…

Posted by carolom on January 3, 2008

Sal and I were out walking yesterday and discussing a project we are about to embark on.
We came upon a flowering Eucalypt (see below) and Sal drew on his background in botany to offer the analogy of the Flowering tree as a symbol for our creative ventures:
1. There needs to be a dynamic interaction
2. There are stages of development from the seeding to the bud forming to the Flowering…and along the way some of the buds may never Flower.
3. After the manifestation of the Flowers they will die off to give way to the new and ever changing cycle that is always influenced by the weather and inner / outer interplay.

I love the beautiful pink~red Flowers and the sunlight through the tree…it was a very ‘in tune with Nature’ aspect of our project conversation!


Then we came upon a sight I haven’t seen for a few years.
An urban ScareCrow! He is guarding a delicious Nectarine Tree that is only a few days away from fully ripe fruit…which of course the birds flying around the suburbs view as part of their daily smorgasboard!
A whole flock of Lorikeets and Galahs have been eating the Cootamundra wattles seeds in our front yard since late November and last week a huge family of Magpies discovered the dry pods on the ground and have been feasting on them since.
Love the fake-predator bird flying above the tree and oh~so~not~scary expression on ScareCrows face!



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