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A Bush Picnic for Boxing Day…

Posted by carolom on December 26, 2007

We decided to spend Boxing Day in the hills around Adelaide and went to Para Wirra (a word made up from two Aborginal [Kaurna]  words meaning ‘water’ and ‘forest’). 

We encountered an Emu, a Kangaroo (look closely in the photo for the ‘roo who was watching us from the bushes)…a Duck who had me eating out of her hand…a big Lizard Rock…

With yummy~delicacies picnic of  Christmas left overs and a thermos of tea and coffee..Sal and I spent the day breathing the Eucalyptus air of the Australian bush.

I was in London a few years ago for the ice~Christmas and would not trade the ‘traditional Christmas’ climate when we can enjoy salads, stone fruits, sea food and crisp cool wine for Christmas down~under!…

This is  the Lizard Rock Story:

Sal in the ‘mouth’ of the Lizard… 

Kangaroo keeping an eye on us from behind the bushes…kangaroo.jpg  

Very Big Emu casually strolling across the car park on the way to the bushes on the other side…

Gorgeous and not-scared-of-humans Duck joined us for lunch…

 Duck was so cool and relaxed that she even took to jumping off the ground to reach the bread I held up for her!


3 Responses to “A Bush Picnic for Boxing Day…”

  1. Can you explain to us Americans what Boxing Day is. My brother was talking about it yesterday on Christmas. He saw it on his calender but didn’t know what it was. We all laughed and said maybe it is the day they get rid of all the Christmas boxes that the presents were in. Happy Holidays to you.

  2. carolom said

    Good question Christa….here is what Wikipedia says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day

    It is a public holiday and a day when many people enjoy spending time with loved ones without the hoo-haa and raa-raa of Christmas day!….;-)

  3. Breda said

    And in other parts of the world (ie Ireland) it is referred to as St Stephens Day… Still can’t bring myself to call it boxing day!!! 🙂

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