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Peace, Prosperity, Passion and Power~of~Love for 2008

Posted by carolom on December 25, 2007

May all your Dreams Come True…Christmas 2007


Mum and Dad…50 years married and still laughing and playing together…

Our beautiful twins…my Niece and Nephew..Ben and Louise…born in 1989 bringing infinite Love into our Family…

Louise and Aunty Carol

Ben and Aunty Carol

My lovely sister Chris and her gorgeous partner Greg..

Ben and Grandma fought over the Kris Kringle Bubble Maker…Ben overpowered Grandma with his youthful zest but Grandma put up a good fight!

And my gorgeous old, beautiful cat Yamatji (Yami) found a piece of discarded wrapping paper and settled down for a looong nap -as cats do! 15 years old, blind in one eye, Yami moved from the gold-wrapping long enough to munch on prawn scraps and ham-skin before returning to his crinkly-gold cushion where he remains as we speak!    


One Response to “Peace, Prosperity, Passion and Power~of~Love for 2008”

  1. Annie from Fremantle said

    Wishing you the best for 2008!!!
    Lovely pics!
    Annie and boys xxx

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