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Farewell Beloved Apricot Tree…

Posted by carolom on December 15, 2007

Christmas down under is defined by sun, stone fruits, sand and summer…

In the garden of the now-vacant house next door a wonderful 60 year old Apricot Tree, planted just after the war, has produced magnificent organic, juicy fruit for the ten years I have lived here..Sal has made many pots of jam and apricot deserts (all women should have a man who has his own set of cookbooks!) …and the abundance of rich, chemical free fruit has been something I look forward to from September onwards once the leaves have returned and the tiny fruit buds begin to erupt all over the Tree in late winter.

Unfortunately the Apricot Tree has been slowly dying….a branch here and another branch there…it seemed that this would be the last crop and I watched as the remaining branches became heavier and heavier with the summer bounty.Just when the fruit was about two weeks away from ripening…CRASH!!…down came the branches, too heavy for the old dried trunk to support.You can see how it looks here… 


 Well in a true demonstration of Mother Natures resilience and in spite of the split where the branch meets the trunk, the limb has stayed alive, the leaves still green and shiny and even though the fruit is on the ground it is still ripening. Tonight we gathered two big buckets with more to come over the next few days.Sal made that yummy desert, ‘Kafootie’ (not sure how to spell it…it is an apricot and creamy-egg pancake type mix, cooked in the oven and served with cream).I have great sentiment and appreciation for this dying fruit tree, it featured in our first short film and has weathered many storms, including unruly tenants who neglected to prune and a dry winter with less water than years passed.I gave the Apricot Tree a heart felt hug this afternoon and when I stepped back over my side of the fence…something caught my eye!  This is what it was: 


A tiny little new Apricot Tree (and another a few feet away), sprouting unexpectedly in my garden, birthed by the big old Mother Apricot tree leaving a reminder that death is indeed a new beginning and the passing of anyone or anything is simply a ripple in the Ocean where we are all interconnected at the deepest level…I will miss this wonderful old Tree creaking alongside my fence line and producing tiny golden “suns” like clockwork in late December…


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