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‘Always Remembered’. Honouring the Women and Children and Pets who have died…

Posted by carolom on November 4, 2007

Earlier this year I was invited to facilitate The ART Of Change  program “Always Remembered”.

A group of Women who had each experienced trauma and violence wanted to create art work that honors the lives of the Women and Children and pets who have lost their life in domestic violence and to inspire other Women to claim their power to leave an abusive relationship.

We created black and white Mandala posters for coloring in as a meditation and relaxation tool for Women living in shelters and emergency accommodation and book marks and badges from the posters.

Last Friday was the annual Reclaim the Night march and our project was launched after the march.

The Women who participated in this amazing project experienced a significant culmination of their own Journey and will now be taking the message of “Always Remembered” and the power of art for healing and empowerment, back to some of the shelters where their journey began.

My life long friend Janet was killed by her husband in 2001, he then killed himself and Janet’s story and the memorial art I created in the week after her death inspired me to share in the message of the importance of breaking away from destructive, toxic relationships and reclaiming our right to be safe, loved and respected at all times…

Here are some of the images from the project.

You can see in the end photo the array of Empowerment Badges that the group created….because of the public format of posting these images, I have respected the anonymity of the group members but if you use your imagination you can see the beaming smiles and energy of solodarity and purpose amongst our “Always Remembered” empowerment artists….

Sacred Art.


One Response to “‘Always Remembered’. Honouring the Women and Children and Pets who have died…”

  1. Greg Scott said

    We are interested in exhibiting some of your artwork at Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC.

    During the month of April we celebrate Non-Violence Against Children and Women.

    Please give me a call or email me.

    Greg Scott

    Arts Program Specialist

    New Horizons

    Children’s National Medical Center

    111 Michigan Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20010-2970

    202-476-3225 / 202-476-2408


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