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Mandalas in my Garden…and a ‘Mandrake’?!

Posted by carolom on October 7, 2007

Sal and I spent the afternoon in the garden.
Whilst Sal put in some more summer vegies I took some images of Natures Mandalas…bushes and shrubs flowering around the garden…..

You can see the three-dimensional glorious red Bottle Brush flower…a cylindrical Mandala that is in magnificent bloom right across the plains here in Adelaide.
The pumpkin Mandala that appeared at the end of a winding plant-trail, quite some way from where the seedlings were planted.
Then there is the golden orange calandula and delicate purple flowers…There is a tiny green lemon that will blossom to a bright yellow ball over the next few weeks and alittle orange ball that was once a Rose… Magic!

I love the pink flowers with the 5 mauve dots in the centre of the Mandala flower…it reminds me of a turtle.

….And right there at the end of the photos there is an old spinach root that looks like the Mandrake plant which is designated mystical powers by sciptwriters and Magicians across the world!….;-)

Can you see the face on the Spinach root, the wild hair and expressive arm?……I sure can…..


One Response to “Mandalas in my Garden…and a ‘Mandrake’?!”

  1. Wonders of the garden. I like your photographs as well as the idea of Mandalas here. To paraphase a John Muir comment about wilderness, going out in the garden is going in.


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