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Growing the Future…Spring is in the Earth and Air…

Posted by carolom on September 23, 2007

Spring is in the air and I spent the weekend in a small island community running a workshop called “Growing The Future”…

The theme of the workshop was moving forward by developing the Imagination, dreaming bigger dreams and letting go of the anchors of the past.

Each participant has her own terra cotta pot along with the Mandala and Affirmation colouring in sheets. On the first day we painted the undercoat and background of the pots and the following day everyone created a design that symoblised her personal Vision for the things that will begin to grow in her life as a result of forming a clear vision and reclaiming her capacity to Create…

We then sprinkled seeds of many different flowers into the soil and at the end of the workshop everyone took home her Growing the Future potplant which will begin to seed and sprout and push forth new growth……… so long as it is watered and given sunlight, warmth, care and attention of course…

Here are some of the images from the two days and many thanks to the Women of the Island community who gave me permission to share their creations with others…


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