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50 years of Marriage ~ Congratulations to my Parents

Posted by carolom on September 16, 2007

Our family celebrated the marriage of my parents 50 years ago.

I created a Mandala-table of our shared histories:

They listened attentively whilst we read them a light hearted 50 Years of Marriage Decree…

….and we presented Mum with her tiara, her wishing cloak and magic wand….

Dad received his viking hat and golden sword…

…they waltzed to Their Song- the 1957 hit… “Give me your Word”…and their embrace took us all back in time…
When Dad sang the words in his beautiful voice that everyone agrees is equal to Tom Jones…we blinked tears of gorgeousness and sentiment and clapped when Mum swept her velvet cloak over his head and kissed him …

When they blew out the candles on the chocolate Heart and Circle cakes that Sal made, our family cheered…because we know how Blessed we all are to be a part of such love….


One Response to “50 years of Marriage ~ Congratulations to my Parents”

  1. Lynne said

    What a wonderful time you all had! Gorgeous photos of a family so connected… your Mandala says it all! Loved it! Sending my congrats to your parents on reaching their 50th Anniversary and both still looking so well, full of fun and obviously in love! With Love xx

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