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It’s Show Time!

Posted by carolom on September 9, 2007

Once a year the Show comes to town and a few acres of land on the edge of the city is transformed into the carnival atmosphere that we all remember from our childhood.

I took my camera along yesterday to capture some of the “people Mandalas”…the show rides that people clamber aboard for the sole purpose of being thrilled and adrenalined to a whole new state!

This is the Chaos experience….looked like a bit of a metaphoride as the couple in the second shot immerse in the vuluptuous cacophony of chaos all around them……

This is the ride where people are rotated individually within a big gyration…lots of fun and laughter…and interesting how taking the shot from a completely different angle shows another side to the ride….
It’s all about perception!

This is one of the best People Mandalas at the show…I just love the artwork and creativity that has evolved on the show rides over the years…


One Response to “It’s Show Time!”

  1. Carol, Great posts never go out of style or lose their relevancy. Beautiful images, and metaphors! Seeing the people connected to a shared central perspective, which directs and influences their own perspective, as well as energies, and yet their respective experiences remain uniquely their own. It’s the mandala and metaphor of life itself.

    Best wishes,


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