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Fathers Day 2007

Posted by carolom on September 5, 2007

All Dad really wanted was to play….so he went to his wig and fluffy slippers collection and here’s how the Fathers Day lunch turned out.

Even Sam and Mulda, the much loved, Samoyed and Retriever cousin dogs wagged their little tails off wearing wigs and big feet.
They jostled for the wig and we had to restrain them with biscuits as they lunged into the wig collection with gusto.

I am ever gratetful that laughter and silly play was one of the core ingredients of our childhood and as Mum and Dad prepare to celebrate 50 years of marriage later this month, I am so appreciative that they are still here, still together and above all , have their health and sense of humour in abundance….

Ken and Maureen…my Ma and Pa…

Grandad and Ben and Louise- our much loved twins and only grandchildren…

Their Mum and Dad, my Sister Jacqui and her husband Wayne…I think….

Sams feet are bigger than his belly!

Mulda has hair like Grandad now….

Sam has a new wig to go with his big new feet…

Then he spotted an enemy in the camp:

And he decided to go in for the kill…unaware that it was his Mum under there…

We had to leave by 4 pm because as soon as the sun goes down Dad turns into a Were-Gorillawolf…

Does Sal think my Family is a bit strange…


One Response to “Fathers Day 2007”

  1. gardino said

    “50 years of marriage!!!” Whuuuaaaaa….what a long journey…congrats for your parent… 🙂

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