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Posted by carolom on August 27, 2007

I try not to make appointments for Mondays as that is the day I have allocated as my time to spend the day in my studio and catch up on correspondence, workshop planning and, my favourite….to watch the Oprah show.

Over Christmas I was given the Oprah Winfrey Anniversary Collection- Highlights of 20 years of her shows.
It was a bit like spending time in a three day Angel-intensive workshop!…the editors chose well and the commentary by Oprah with personal insights and why-things-were-done-this way and thier impact on her development was very enlightening.

Service, contribution, making a difference, breaking patterns, creating new ones, laughter, vision, magic..these are some of the giftings in the gift of the Collection.

For ten years I was able to use video-recordings of the Oprah show in the groups I ran for homeless mothers with children .
I have seen first hand the power of her personal vision to bring about change and a new vision to the lives of young Women who have forgotten the magic after leading lives of trauma and dispossession.

And of course Oprah has a strong team to carry the vision with her…she is certainly not where she is because she got there on her own…

M~iracles ………..Mirrorcles!

Todays Oprah show was about the power of Forgiveness…. a gay man who was beaten by a white supremicist 20 years ago ends up working at the Museum of tolerance and finds himself side by side with his attacker, who has undergone a transformation of beliefs……he not only forgave his attacker and the exceptionally brutal beating…but they have become friends…
Here is their myspace site:
End Hate Now.

There was also a Jewish woman who lost her whole family in the concentration camps. She meets with the daughter of the man who enslaved her and killed all of her family and takes a journey back to the camp where it happened…reminding everyone that we have choices and we can choose to forgive….

I don’t get to go to workshops very often and my “Wise Older Woman” Molly passed on 7 years ago, therefore much of my work is self generated without the benefit of a like-minded creative team…..

So Mondays-with-Oprah are the equivalent to an afternoon in Soul School…..


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