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Sista Act….

Posted by carolom on July 12, 2007

This locally written and produced play tells some of the stories of the Aboriginal Women who have been activists and role models for change here in South Australia for the past 70 years.

I was thrilled that Sista Act is featured in NAIDOC week as I had seen it during Reconciliation week in May and was able to go a second time with my mother, sister and niece. Mum was aghast by some of the things she learnt and is now just a bit more aware of the price that Aboriginal people have paid- and ocntinue to pay- since the European invasion of their land in 1788.

Australian settlement was founded upon apartheid and the enslavement of Aboriginal people who were classified with the fauna and flora until 1967 when the Referndum for the Vote for Aborigines saw over 90% of the country say Yes! to the vote for amending the atrocious laws that did not recognise Aboriginal people in their own land.

At the end of the play one of the audience , an Elder who was featured on the roll call of achievers stood up and through tears and with heart felt passion, called for this play to be funded to travel the country so that manymore people can hear this story and share in teh music and history and song and laughter that make up this brilliant production.

Here is the flyer for the show:


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