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Damper Campers

Posted by carolom on June 22, 2007

I have just returned from four days away on the magnificent remote west-coast line of South Australia where we held an art~creativity camp for a group of wonderful women….

Women who really know how to cook camp food like no other!

Here is the resident damper-baker extraordinnaire baking the 2 huge loaves that fed over 30 people….this would have to be one of the yummiest Mandalas ever made!

If you have never had camp fire-baked fresh bread with butter and home made soup, you have definitely missed out on the magical experience of eating home baked bread moulded by hands that create something uniquely delicious from wheat and water….

The out door oven had its photo taken so that when the women get back to their community, the men can make a damper oven for them too!…..

Next camp we decided we would have ‘pamper sessions’ in the program, using bush medicines and massage….that will make us Pamper Damper Campers!…..;-)


4 Responses to “Damper Campers”

  1. Annie said

    Wow that’s some damper Yam!

    I remember how well the damper tasted in 1986 when I had indigenous people living across the road from me. They used to use some milk powder!

    The softest yummiest damper I ever had. Magic with butter (not margarine) and vegemite.. oh and of course some lovely stew!

  2. relbelle said

    Hi Yamatji,
    Mum used to make damper for us on the odd day we ran out of bread for school lunches, they were magic……not as big as that though!

  3. Detlef said

    What a gorgeous lady, earth spirits I get around her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is part of them. Very protected.
    By the way, the dampers are great.
    Regards Detlef

  4. Grace said

    Wow…what a beautiful woman and the bread looks so yummy!! 🙂 How wonderful it is to live in such a place where you have the opportunity to interact with such luscious cultures and environments. Thank you for sharing!

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