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A Warriors Mind is like a Spear….

Posted by carolom on June 5, 2007

We ran a group for young men at risk today. The art activity was based on the theme:

“A Warriors mind is like a Spear.
Sharp and

I created a Mandala with the Spear as the central theme for the boys to colour in during the program and one of the Youthworkers said that when the Men in his family travelled to the city, people did not want to employ them because they were Aboriginal.They met with racism and opression in 1960’s Australia and once their sense of purpose and worth began to be affected, drinking and the pub replaced work and respsonsibiity.
He said:
“Their spear became short and blunt and it wasn’t a strong weapon anymore”

What a powerful metaphor for what happens to a mind that becomes infected by the attitudes and stereotypings of others.
I will attach an image of the Mandala when one is coloured in – (the image below is from a separate source).

Next week we are going to look at “Mental Poise and Mental Poisons”…if these young Warriors walking-wrong-track embrace the concept about the power of the Mind at the age they are at, then they can reclaim who they were always meant to be…….after all “Reclaim” is just the word Miracle in anagrom disguise…

And the Boomerang reminds us that we get back what we put out…what goes round comes round….
Click here to see the source of above Image


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