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‘Don’t tell me that we are higher than the Animals’….

Posted by carolom on May 4, 2007

The Mother cows mooed and moaned when the ‘poddy’ calves were taken away, I understood that they were experiencing grief and heartache equal to that which humans experience.


When I see Mother Koala snoozing in the tree and clutch her baby as he stirs in his sleep
Don’t tell me that we are higher than the animals!
And when the Big Red Kangaroo rises to his full height and
blinks with long lashed eyes that survey each member of his tribe
Don’t tell me that we are higher than the Animals!

When the Dingo puppies frolic and roll and tumble
Whilst their Mother eyes me suspiciously and
nudges them back to their home made cave
Don’t tell me that we are higher than the Animals!

And don’t use terms like Pig in a way that intends to offend
Because I have witnessed their cleanly ways and
delighted in the way they roll and
grunt in ecstasy in the company of their own kin

And don’t say you fat cow in an insulting way when I have seen
a Mother Cow calling out to her calf whilst running behind the farmers ute
as he took her Baby away.
I saw the pain and the fear and the grief in the Mother and Babies eyes
Until she was left standing.    Staring
as the ute disappeared down a dusty track
Her baby calling out to her in terror
and She responded with a deep and mournful cry

When I see the Red-Bellied black snake glide protectively over her young
I know that her nurturing is as equally important as our own.
Because she is serpent do we assume that she is
cold blooded and without feeling?

When I see Bilyara the Wedge Tail Eagle stand flightless
with shattered wing
Is his pain any less than yours or mine?
And that he will never ever again be King of the Sky
Doesn’t that pierce his heart and make his Soul cry?

Don’t tell me that we fly higher than the Animals!

When the Pelicans waddle and their fluffy off-spring follow
Is their day any less important than yours or mine?
When Rocky the Poodle (in his hand knitted winter coat)
runs circles around his owner, yapping with delight
Is his Love inferior to yours or mine?
Indeed His Love propels him to perform a dance of delight
Never taking his eyes from the elderly woman he adores.

When Minerva my Cat sends me a soundless image
that tells me she is being held hostage by Libby the Dog
Isn’t Her imagery more powerful than mine?

When I see a flock of sparrows gather around one of their babies
who has been skittled by a car
Is their chittering and nudging and fluttering and flittering
any less significant than a death to you or I?

When I see a Chimpanzee interned in a cramped cage in Bangkok
being subjected to the inane mimicry of tourists who prod him and call him names
Am I imagining the dull sheen of tears that long ago sealed over his eyes?

Don’t tell me that we are higher evolved than the Primates!

When Alice Walker speaks of Christmas as a time of the ritual killing
of sappling trees and the bludgeoning of Turkeys,
slaughtering of Lambs and
butchering of Pigs…
A time of gluttony and gorging and greed
Is she wrong?
Are we truly deserving of the Sacred task we have
to Honour Mother Earth and ALL Her Children
Those who fly, walk, swim, crawl and climb!

Don’t tell me! Don’t try to convince me
That we are higher than the Animals!


10 Responses to “‘Don’t tell me that we are higher than the Animals’….”

  1. Lenny Lomach said

    thelight in me shines out to bless this earth and all earth’s creatures including humans.

  2. Ron Respress said

    Those are absolutely beautiful words you have written!
    Your words echo how I feel…
    I wish I had written that wonderful tribute to Earth’s creatures.

  3. Super photographs. Super poem, beautifully written. And I quite agree and do not understand those who don’t, those who don’t see the bear and the eagle and the red-shouldered hawk and the whales as equals.


  4. carolom said

    Thankyou Lenny, Ron and Malcolm…you might find this clip on you tube a real heartwarmer…
    Animals who are doing their very best to speak human to their Beloveds…..

  5. Michaela said

    Carol, I just found your wordpress blog via PI. I’ve never written a blog comment before but your beautiful poem totally resonated with me – touching words! I’m as sensitive as you are to the suffering of animals but for me it’s still a challenge, not a gift. How did you manage to become “more at peace with the outrageous injustices” as you described it?

    Michaela (Germany)

  6. carolom said

    Thankyou for your feedback and question Michaela. To answer your question would take a while as it is a journey still unfolding but the most signficant thing is that over time I developed emotional muscle that enabled me to detach from the relentlessness of the emotions the more I became grounded in a philosophy that embraces the suffering as a transitory state of a much bigger journey of that particular animal /person…

    For me it has been about learning how to accomodate the feelings, because they never go away and can arise when least expected given the graphic and immediate nature of the media.

    I focus on not resisting the injustices with outrage, but when those feelings arise, to visualise the emotional-energy transforming to love and compassion..breathing deeply to ground yourself….surrounding the person /animal with love and healing and then breathing away the discord, knowing that there is a much bigger story within that bigger journey.
    I know that if I get locked into the sadness and outrage of this moment in time, I am not going to be effective -least of all for myself as excessive-compassion can throw us off centre and into grief and sadness and weaken our mental and physical health…….

    “Ask and ye shall receive” Michaela…..If you are asking for emotional resilience when you are so affected by what you see and feel for the suffering of animal cruelty, you will be able to develop beyond the overwhelming state of challenge and grief.

  7. Ginny said

    Your words resonated with me too. I love animlas and I to would feel like my heart was breaking at many of the things you mentioned. My first word was dog ( we had no dog then )…And animals have been a very important part of my whole long life. I do not feel complete unless I am surrounded by them.

  8. carolom said

    Ginny that double edge sword of the deep love and connection we experience with the Animal kingdom accompanied by tears and heartache for the cruelty and battery-farm treatment of them is a Sword that we can learn to wield in a way that will enable us to be a part of the strengthening and healing for those millions that live a short and painful life under the custodianship of the Human kingdom who are so disconnected from the impact on those who are unable to speak or free themselves from cramped cages and iron bars.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ginny

  9. What a beautiful poem. I have felt for years that if it wasn’t for animals, I am not sure that I would believe in God. I know that animals are on a higher plane than humans. I am a vegetarian because I love all animals not just some of them. I raise alpacas in the USA mainly because I just love them and in the states they are not eaten. I can’t count the number of times though that people ask me if you can eat them. It is nice to see that other people care for animals even if your in another continent.

  10. Carol – so beautiful – so true. You have the kind of sensitivity that the world needs –
    that humanity needs. God bless, Mike Schwager

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