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The Artists Way…

Posted by carolom on April 29, 2007

I am a graduate and advocate of Julia Camerons process called “The Artists Way”.

It is a twelve week creative recovery process and for the 84 days and beyond – takes you into a very personal place of Creative healing, recognition, recovery and empowerment. A self inventory and reclaiming of some ofthe inner gifts and talents we may  have lost touch with.

The Artists Way takes you  on a 12 week, deeply intimate journey with the Self….this process changes lives and I have been the Artists way buddy for several people over the years, all who have had life changing results as a result of recovering their Creative Self, especially if they complete the process as many people begin but aren’t yet ready to commit to completing the full journey.

For graduates, the journey of the Artists Way releases many of the myths and monsters, limiting habits and old patterns around Creativity in order to craft  the kind of  life they seek, rather than the one they have been living.

PROCESS is a very key word in the Artists Way Journey as the wonderful giftings of the quantum leap often leave some areas once blocked and stuck now open and full of possibilities but without the HOW factor…

The Artists Way is in book form, you study and creatively evolve at home…if you do the course with a friend it is a great way to meet weekly and share the processes from week 1 -12

Each week has a Creative Recovery theme…the word “Reclaim” would work as well in the context of how the course unfolds…

Weeks 1 – 12 are:
Recovering a sense of Safety
Recovering a sense of Identity
Recovering a sense of Power
Recovering a sense of Integrity
Recovering a sense of Possibility
Recovering a sense of Abundance
Recovering a sense of Connection
Recivering a sense of Strength
Recovering a sense of Compassion
Recovering a sense of Self protection
Recovering a sense of Autonomy
Recovering a sense of Faith

Here are some Amazon reviews for The Artists Way…it is not for everyone but many attest to it being the process that changed their life!
Click Here…


7 Responses to “The Artists Way…”

  1. TAB Studio said

    I have this on tape from the library and it was the greatest help to me and my husband. We listened and will again check it out as soon as it is available. Good schnoogins.

  2. I have never tried “The Artists Way” because–in writing–I am comfortable with the angels and daemons sitting with me at my desk. I see the intent of it, though, and like the way you have summarized it here. Sooner or later, I may open that book. Until then, I’m going to dance with the anima I brought.


  3. Crowmanic said

    Just thought I’d say something… I knew Carol at the time she “did” the Artists Way… and I acknowledge that I admired and respected her commitment and discipline at the time (though she may not have known how much so) … and as far as I recall, the process involved did make a difference for her…. a big difference… there are few these days that are willing, let alone enabled, to commit to “learning” or “spiritual” disciplines and regularity, and complete … at that time Carol was and did… and I was impressed.

  4. Yes-what a book, forces you to face yourself, regardless, day after day!

  5. Kristine said

    This book was gifted to me 1995 by a costume designer that I had been working for through a “welfare reform” program after she had seen my illustrations. Two years later I was in college studying set and costume designs and fell in love with theatre. Today I am working illustrating children’s books…yet to be published. Someday I intend to travel to Australia. Perhaps we will meet. The political abuse, neglect of Aboriginal, so much like the Indigenous American Indian and African American here in the US. So much to take in. So much to do.

  6. Wow. No matter how many years you spend studying the law of attraction (I’ve been doing that since before it was collectively refered to as the Law of Attraction), you have never seen it all.

    I must admit I had never heard of Julia Camerons process called “The Artists way”. Thanks for introducing me to this material. I just checked on Amazon and see that there are several materials on this (workbook, etc)

    Peace be with you,
    John Derrick

  7. […] I am a graduate and advocate of Julia Camerons process called "The Artists Way". It is a twelve week "creative recovery" process and for the 84 days and beyond – takes you into a very personal place of Creative healing, recognition, recovery and empowerment…. The information about the role we play in creating our own reality often brings about a very instant and rapid quantum leap in Awareness and some people find that their emotional patterns, … Read More […]

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