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This is a real photo..with REAL Men!!

Posted by carolom on April 14, 2007

Once a month I go to a country town to run a workshop and part of the enjoyment of the trip is staying in an on site cabin in a tourist park by the river. As I left to go to the group yesterday a never-before-scene strolled past me.

4 men pushing 4 strollers (one of them a two-cherub chariot) brimming with babies with two or three toddlers on bikes in front of them.

This took ‘2 men and a baby ” to a whole new level!

Back in the park were four wives enjoying non-Mum time whilst their Ideal Husbands headed off to town for a morning of strolling with strollers and no doubt receiving the applause and woo-hoo’s of other women who, like me, let them know they just made my day!!

I just had to get photographic evidence of this unusual event that shows what became of those much sought after S.N.A.G.S. of the 90’s…

Those spiritual new age guys became the fruits of the mens-liberation movement that went largely unnoticed until recent times….

These guys have a top view of Involved in Fatherhood and still manage to still have a great bottom view too….;)


15 Responses to “This is a real photo..with REAL Men!!”

  1. Jenni said

    That is Fabulous!
    Makes you wonder where the mommies are šŸ™‚

  2. carolom said

    My guess is they were back at the tourist park by the swimming pool, sipping wine and chatting about V8 cars and the football…:D

    Viva la breaking out of deisgnated roles….

  3. jusete said

    mentira, no es sierto, jabladora

  4. Women chat about cars? Wow…I say “header” and my wife gives me a blank stare or some kind of obligatory smile and a “hm, that’s cool honey”.

    Right on.

    Yah, I’m definitely one of those daddies…I love my kids, love getting out of the dang house and walking around with them. Got an 11 year old girl and 10 month old boy. I used to love holding him and walking around, but he’s too heafty now. Kills my back…

    …but it is very refreshing to see men involved like this, it is so rare. I wish this was more prevalent rather than the Tom Cat mentality that so many have, i.e. make a baby and split…let Uncle Sam feed ’em.

    mark jr.

  5. kimmerz said

    That is just the funniest thing!

  6. That photo gives me hope.

    A lot of hope.

    Thanks. Enjoyed your site.

  7. mothemum said

    I, and a lot of my friends think that it’s kind of sexy to see dads taking on the role!

  8. This blog posting is categorized as Humor. Actually, I don’t get the funny thing here…

  9. I work from my home office and keep my kids (all toddlers) with me all day. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  10. Every dad need to contact with his child. When I am “strolling” with my little daughter, it’s a luck to see even one man with a stroller.

  11. em said


    It has always been the realm of the truly strong, confident male who can “afford” to be a nurturer.

    My Father teamed up and helped my Mother and that was 60 plus years ago. He was the best Dad and a very macho, intellectual, creative, sensitive guy.

    My Husband took over every role caring for our child 27 plus years ago — without being asked and when asked.

    “Great” guys have always been there, and they deserve to be recognized and lauded. Then, maybe when the “rats” don’t get attention from women, they will see we WANT to know if they have a softer side, and if not, maybe they will learn.

    Best to all — Em

    PS Come visit my blog http://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com
    “Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)
    Come for Prevention or to Share.

  12. lightcontrast said

    Awesome post. I’m a young adult, but I’ve been thinking lately, dads should spend time with their kids. My dad was very much work-oriented, even at home.He spent some time with me, but he left most of the job of child-rearing to my mom. There’s a mindset that only mothers can nurture kids best, but kids need both parents.

  13. What day of the week was this? weekday, I say unemployed, week end, you may be on the right path. Speeking from a father who has taken part in every part of my childrens growth, from diapers too walks in the park, this is not an oddity. I’m better off for it and so are my children. Our children are worth it! By the way I have always worked two jobs and my wife has worked as well.

  14. mrdarcy77 said

    I wish I was married and I had children so I could be pushing them in a stroller

  15. Livette said

    Nice blog!

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