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Archive for April 14th, 2007

This is a real photo..with REAL Men!!

Posted by carolom on April 14, 2007

Once a month I go to a country town to run a workshop and part of the enjoyment of the trip is staying in an on site cabin in a tourist park by the river. As I left to go to the group yesterday a never-before-scene strolled past me.

4 men pushing 4 strollers (one of them a two-cherub chariot) brimming with babies with two or three toddlers on bikes in front of them.

This took ‘2 men and a baby ” to a whole new level!

Back in the park were four wives enjoying non-Mum time whilst their Ideal Husbands headed off to town for a morning of strolling with strollers and no doubt receiving the applause and woo-hoo’s of other women who, like me, let them know they just made my day!!

I just had to get photographic evidence of this unusual event that shows what became of those much sought after S.N.A.G.S. of the 90’s…

Those spiritual new age guys became the fruits of the mens-liberation movement that went largely unnoticed until recent times….

These guys have a top view of Involved in Fatherhood and still manage to still have a great bottom view too….;)

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