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A New Batch of Warrior Women…Strong Mind and Peaceful Heart

Posted by carolom on April 7, 2007

Each week in my ART of Change ~ Law of AttrACTION program we make a piece of Art /Craft the embodies that weeks discussion…

As an artist and life coach I place a great deal of importance on the visual /auditory AND kinestic process of learning – Seeing, Hearing and Doing- CREATING …the way we learnt as young children in a visually rich, imaginative and engaging environment works for adults in ways that sitting passively with a white board and speaker does not engage with all of the preferred learning styles….

e.g. When looking at the “Poverty to Prosperity Consciousness” week we make a ProsperiTree:
Click here to view…

When embarking on the journey to call on the “Warrior Woman Within” we create her as we discuss who She is…
They are made from a basic black and white template…

These are some of the new flock of Warrior Women that were birthed in a domestic violence outreach group that I had the privilege of facilitating over 5 weeks….

The headress symbolises the importance of developing Strong Thoughts forms and controlled Thinking
The Heart is the importance of connecting with Feelings but not solely driven by emotional responses to the world
And the wings demonstrate that when we are centred and balanced and understand the Power we have to create our Reality….we can fly like \never before…..

My wonderfully-creative Mother even made a couple of Warrior Women of her own…they now travel to workshops with me and inspire others with their creative gorgeousness….
You can see her with them here…….

4 Responses to “A New Batch of Warrior Women…Strong Mind and Peaceful Heart”

  1. multimedia = multisenses. Nice approach. Reminds me of the difference between learning a language in a classroom where the teacher conjugates verbs and learning it via emersion. We need to immerse ourselves into our journeys rather than just reading about them and thinking about them intellectually.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful images Carol. They are inspiring.
    We are running a social artistry workshop in Broome, Western Australia in May and would love to do this work/play too so any chance of getting some tips on the materials and techniques? Some warrior women are on canvas are they? And some look as if they are free standing/three dimensional. Such beauty and power!
    Love Patricia

  3. kay ward said

    What a wonderful, creative and powerful website and project. The inspired artistic pieces that have come from this project are truely magnificient. I facilitate an eight week personal development course for women in DV in Mandurah WA and would love to use some of the concepts in my program. Is this permissable.

  4. Angela Horbach said

    My colleague/fellow Women Warrior, Kay Ward passed on your website. The idea and images of the Woman Warrior is such an inspiring truism of Women.I work with Women who display this everyday.They have faced trauma through domestic violence and are survivors who are moving on to reclaim themselves and create a world of peace for their family. Thank you for generously sharing these wonderfully creations and hopefully we can share them with many women warriors that cross our path. Wishing Peace & Strength to all – Angela

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