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Statue Comes to Life!!

Posted by carolom on April 2, 2007

I was given a cute little statue of three groovy cats a few years ago and it has sat on top of my fridge ever since.

As you can see the calico, marmalade and black and white cats are all set for a day in the sun.

Well something very strange happened last year when two little kittens appeared in my back yard…brother and sister they were remarkably similar to two of the Fridge Cats.
Well as they say in the stories…By and by…within a month a THIRD cat appeared, abandoned by the chaotic family who moved out without him……a black and white cat…who I called Billy (after William Shakespeare – Billy purred like a poet).

I was able to find him a home because fluffy purring Shakespearean cats are in high demand during non-kitten season…
The other two, Gabrielle and Raphael – Gabi and Ralphy….come and go in the yard.

As you can see by their photos….my statue came to life with amazing replication!….. and true to the Law of Attraction my warm feelings for cats combined with my statue that imprinted the images in my subconscious mind every time I opened the fridge…resulted in my statue coming to life with in a meeowsy-furry-purry way!

One Response to “Statue Comes to Life!!”

  1. relbelle said

    very cute!!!!


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