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Einstein Chuckling

Posted by carolom on March 30, 2007

I LOVE Einstein…I love that he was left handed, had a deeply Spiritual insight, a wild head of electrical current hair, that he was a profound Thinker AND had a great sense of humour and humanity.

A Piscean, he truly was a big Fish in the Ocean of life…

I came across this clip on the net where Einstein is about to read something but there is too much noise going on, so someone (off camera) calls for “Quiet” and there was something about the moment that made Einstein chuckle before launching into his reading.
It is a brief chuckle but the light and delight sparkles in his eyes…Magic!

It’s just delightful to see this captured moment in a day of the life of this great explorer of the Mind.

2 Responses to “Einstein Chuckling”

  1. Among the old, falling-apart, well-used books on my shelf is the paperback version of Einstein’s “Ideas and Opinions.” I, too, am a great admirer of this man. I see the magical twinkle in his eyes very easily in this video. Great!

  2. And of course you would know some of Al’s famous quotes and witticisms well, gems like:
    “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
    “God does not play dice with the Universe”
    “The power of the mind dwarfs all man could create using it”

    Truly a great man…that makes ME smile!

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