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Jean Houston talks about her work

Posted by carolom on March 24, 2007

Jean Houston is one of the highly skilled Elders of the human capacities training movement.
Author of over 20 books, student of Margaret Mead, friend of Joseph Campbell and former trainer of Hillary Clinton, Jeans Mystery School and Social Artistry intensives are a powerful, high energy experience of art, creativity, Mind capacities development, dance, quantum physics, song and Energy empowerment….

In this video Jean discusses her work and her views on importance and significance of the times we are living in…


4 Responses to “Jean Houston talks about her work”

  1. Gemma said

    I’m trying to get in contact with any sort of social artistry group/community/people in Australia. I stumbled on your blog!
    Please email me if you can-
    Warmest regards,

  2. Kristine said

    I am so fulfilled at this moment. As an artist, still a fledgling in many ways, due to fear…what she described is so very much how I feel when I am creating. And this helps me with my reality…a need now met. Onward and outward, the wings ruffle. The sky is within my reach. Breaching the blue…
    I dance in my heart.

  3. We just noted that you’re linking back to our segment from PeaceMakers News Report interview with Jean Houston. Thanks for doing that.

  4. mcclaren3 said

    A great figure in our world and a pioneer in the Human Potentials Movement. Dr. Houston calls herself a “midwife of souls” and that is a supreme understatement. The Search for the Beloved and A Passion for the Possible, just two books from her prodigious writings, are roadmaps for the future. Love her!

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