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Archive for March 17th, 2007

We ALL have a Big Story in a small Suitcase….

Posted by carolom on March 17, 2007

I love the internet and the amazing connections, stories, access to information and food-for-Thought that flies serendipitously throughout cyber space but…….Computers and the internet can NEVER replace….

A suitcase?….not JUST a suitcase…….

….a life time of stories and journals and memories that began with my first note book in 1979 when I was travelling around Australia in a caravan with my gorgeous old english sheep dog Shamus……..years of joy and laughter and lessons and b’lessons… and the angst-filled times that seemed they would never pass (they always do)….all crammed into the suitcase that is covered in dust and old memories….Thoughts dreamt in ink from the days when cyber travels and connections seeemed like a science fiction dream.

……We are living the Dream…

It is my Intention to write my Big Story…the story we all have to tell……the story found not only in our books and photograph albums but the Story that can be found in who we are Becoming….for we never really “Become’…change and new challenges, broader Dreams and larger canvases ensure that our Story is one of Becoming and will always be filled with many chapters not yet known….My suitcase has traveled through the times of teenage turmoil and homelessness that lead to working in homelessness for 20 years….the caravan trip that lasted for 4 years and the people I met along the way….the murder of my life long friend and the birth of our families beloved twins……

….my beloved teacher Molly- click here- and the years we spent in psychic /spiritual development and healing………the end of a relationship that I thought would never end and the journey back to happiness…..the Mystery School event where I met my true beloved…and the stories of the people who have passed through my life, leaving beautiful memories and photographs and videos….to todays story of the blessing of being able to provide …

Art based Empowerment training using creativity for change….

Perhaps you might like to think about writing your Big Story too?

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